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This is my 3rd 2kg tub of Double Rich Chocolate (used it while doing The Insanity workout and still am with my new routine) and have learnt a few things over the past year:1) It tastes awesome with milk and for me better than restaurant milkshakes (with water it's not that bad) - personally I use 150ml of semi-skimmed milk for during the day and mix with water post workout.2) A shaker is a must!!! - I've left mine at work on multiple occasions and even though it says on the tub it's "instantized" and can be spoon stirred it doesn't taste the same without one when mixing it with milk, it won't be that lumpy but it definitely won't be as smooth. I ended up using a whisk because I was desperate!3)If you've tried this flavor before and found it wasn't sweet enough for your taste try the "Milk Chocolate" / "Extreme Milk Chocolate" (same thing on Amazon) which is a bit sweeter, these are the only two flavors that I've tried and found the Extreme Milk Chocolate a bit too sweet for my liking and also had black/dark bits at the bottom of my shake that don't taste nice (not sure if it's meant to be like that or if I got a dodgy tub)4) If you don't care about taste know that this product offers a great quality protein (Whey Isolates - one of the quickest absorbing proteins) for post-workouts for the price you pay, the only thing better is Hydrolysate/hydrolyzed protein shakes but these are more expensive.5) This is NOT a meal replacement shake (only 113 calories per serving, low fat and low carbs/sugars - if you only lived on 3 of these per day you'd probably starve to death), it's ideally for post-workout or to have as a protein top up when you can't meet your daily protein goals with the normal foods that you eat and it also works as a good between meal snack that will keep your hunger at bay for a few hours/keep your metabolism upOne last tip that I forgot to mention that I only found out recently to save some money, if you're buying this item and it's "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon" don't forget to buy it using "Subscribe & Save" which will knock 5% off the total price whether you want the next delivery or not. If you don't really want to subscribe because you only want it once just set it to 6 months and remember to cancel the subscription (all done online with a few clicks) before 6 months have passed as you only get charged by Amazon once the product has shipped.Also the price when I first bought this from Amazon back in September 2013 was £42.81 (maybe it was on some special promotion) but it has now jumped to £49.75 in only 6 months!!! Hopefully this price increase doesn't continue to happen since I plan on buying this for the rest of the year!
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About three weeks ago I purchased the strawberry flavour of this protein supplement and I have been very pleased with the product so far. This was my first ever protein supplement I have ever bought, and after three weeks I have noticed a large difference in my workouts. I had originally been going to the gym for a year, without supplements, without specified diet plans. I finally came to my senses and decided that workouts alone were not enough, as I was finding difficulty in progressing through weights in the gym.After using this product and just having one scoop a day after each workout, I have noticed that my muscle pain the next day has been greatly reduced, and I feel much more 'restored'in my following workouts. I have also progressed up in weight within this time quite easily, and it was a surprise to me that the heavier weights actually felt fine and not too much of a push at all. I had always been skeptical about whether or not protein supplements really worked, or whether they are just a scam for money. However, I have been pleasantly surprised that they do work nicely.The strawberry flavour tastes great after the first day. The first one I had tasted cringing, but all the shakes I've had since taste good and you get used to it. Drinking it with milk improves taste hugely, but I believe milk should be used for slow digestion as opposed to water for quick entry into the blood stream. The price is quite good for this product too, Maximuscle do their protein shake at around £27+ whereas this product is £23-£27 at the time of writing this review. Although I also believe Maximuscle have more supplements added to their shake, whereas this product is a more 'simplified' supplement. The only cons I would have with the product is the differing prices between different flavours (Choc being ~£23 and Strawberry being ~£25). The tub is also only about half full when you open it, and so you are given the illusion that you're getting a lot of powder, but you actually don't notice until you open it that a lot of the tub is just empty space. So far the product has been fantastic, but I shall have to try some different supplement brands in the future.
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This was the first protein I'd purchased, and I wasn't sure what to expect. For context, I'm new to fitness and have little experience when it comes to weight loss, muscle toning/ building etc. I'm a 30 year-old sedentary worker, sat at a desk all day. 5'11", and when I started using the protein I weighted around 190 pounds.While using this protein, I worked out for 1 hour after work (either HIIT or strength) 5 days a week, and had a balanced diet focused on macro counting. I was able to reduce my body fat percentage from ~27% to ~25% within a month, and also losing ~10 pounds in the process.For this review, I will look at 3 things: Taste, Texture, and Nutrition.Taste: The Banana Cream flavour whey protein is fine.It has a very slight chemical aftertaste which concerned me at first, though after trying a few other protein blends I can assure you this is mild in comparison to other brands. It has a similar aftertaste to banana flavour sweets, as opposed to an actual banana. But it's pleasant enough, once you know what to expect.Texture: Mixed with the recommended ratio of powder to water, the texture is a little thin. For best results, I found using milk instead of water gave it a thicker texture, much more like a standard milkshake. It also takes additions well, without too much additional thickening. I found a couple of ice cubes, a standard banana (100g - 130g), 15g - 20g natural peanut butter and the standard ratio of milk blended to make a very tasty post workout shake.Nutrition: In terms of macros, I'm finding the good quality brands more or less offer the same in terms of P:C:F ratio. ON was good, though. So met every expectation in that regard.Summary:A decent protein blend with a good enough taste to keep me using it. Well worth purchasing, has given me good results in terms of fat loss and muscle recovery, and I'm pleased with it overall.
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So I am not a super gym freak but I wanted to get healthier over all, so I opted for some additional supplements to help me on my journey. One of these supplements was Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% WHEY (Extreme Milk Chocolate) I was not only relying on this for my protein intake, real food was also consumed. So I would have 3 meals and 3 shakes a day. After about a week are so I did lose some weight and gain some muscle. It wasn’t a massive improvement but a good start in my eyes. Since then, due to injury, I have not been back to gym but I do still take this supplement occasionally in the week as a quick meal. I like the taste and the nice thing for me is that the protein mixes well in both water and milk.Packaging:Well packaged,comes in a tub. I have seen other in the reviews saying that the seal had been broken when trying to open it. I have bought at least 6 tubs in the last 12 months and never had this happened to me.Product: The flavour I ordered is extreme milk chocolate, I really like the taste and it mixes well. I have used it with water, almond milk and 2% milk all mixed well and tasted great. I find that its not really down to the powders not mixing proper but some people don't use good quality mixers.Pros:*Tastes great*Mixes well*Free scoop in every tub*Good quality protein*Versatile for what you need it for*Packaged wellCons:I haven't had any as of yet. I still have a tub in the kitchen, that I now just use with my meal replacements.Conclusion:If you are looking for a good trusted brand this is a good choice in my opinion. I have used other protein brands in the past but this was the right one for me and I will continue using it. I would definitely recommend this product, whether you are going to gym, playing sports, or just wanting to add additional protein boost to your diet.
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[UPDATE]06/07/2017The tamper seal is now sealed lol.But still there is horrible glitter on the plastic wrapper covering the lid to unscrew it, it gets all over your fingers and makes a mess.To my surprise there was no plastic measuring cup o_o, I had to go look in the recycle bin for my old protein barrel to get my cup back, luckily hadn't gotten rid of it yet, wow. Fyi it is 70 ml of powder (one scoop per drink).[update] Okay so the scoop was buried about 5cm under the powder, it is not transparent though, i prefer the transparent one so you can see if there are air gaps in the scoop so you know to get more to make it a full scoop ...now you cant see that.The strawberry flavour is still good so I dont really want to bring the rating down to 3 stars.Just be prepared for the glittery bs and you'll now need to get your own measuring cup, apart from that its some good powder.Use milk and drink twice a day as part of your diet.-----------------------------------------------2015:As a lot of people have said already, this comes with the tamper seal not sealed !The seal just looks like it had never been stuck down rather than something corrosive or someone opened it before, that and the powder looked clean so I did not return it.Saying that, it does come with a wrapper around the lid so you would have to have cut that off first. Talking about the lid wrapper, it has glitter on it or something nasty that sticks to your fingers, note to maker: please do not put that glittery stuff on the wrapper.It's a shame it has a major flaw with the seal because the actual flavour is really good !I put 190 ml of water and 20 ml of milk and it just tastes like a Nesquik strawberry milkshake :PI think it is normal as it is the same with another product I tried, it comes 3/4 full.
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I started taking protein supplements a year ago alongside a simple strength and cardio fitness program I was following to lose weight. During that time I think I've gone through about 3-4 different brands of protein powder of varying flavours and quantities.First of all while I mostly agree with the sentiment that this is a supplement as opposed to a bowl of Nesquik or a chocolate bar and so taste shouldn't be as much of a concern, if you're going to be consuming the product on a daily basis it might as well be tasty, and this brand 100% ticks that box. My one minor complaint with it it that it doesn't taste like any kind of peanut butter I've ever had - it's more of a candied chocolate flavour,comparable to a Mini-Egg or a smartie or something. I use whey powder to bulk out my morning oats and some powders don't mix well, but this seems to do just as well warm as it does cold. It is a fair bit sweeter than expected but nothing unpleasant. If you're desperate for some peanut butter protein powder like I was, this isn't necessarily going to sate that unholy need.Being fairly new to the world of supplements but extremely well-versed in the stomach punishing risks you take buying cheaper makes, I am thoroughly impressed with the complete set of proteins and BCAAs a serving of Gold Standard contains. It blends effortlessly too, mixing completely into water in a few firm shakes. As mentioned before it's a great addition to other foods or smoothies, great way to hit your surplus by mixing with porridge oats. It's easy on the stomach too, without any of the bloating or heavy feeling whey protein can sometimes leave you with.I will definitely be sticking with Optimum Nutrition from this point onwards. Does everything it needs to, decent price point, true quality.
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This product is really great value for money.This particular brand is a well established, and a well recommended product. I have heard and seen a lot of good reviews on this product, i can't even recall anything bad said!I was first interested in this as once a week i was working out with a few friends who were were using this product and it gave them good results, (they were working out nearly everyday, just to point out)They never had bad things to say about it, and still don't!. Now i gained more free time i decided i was going to work out a lot more, and i decided to give this product a go based on their recomendations.Taste: I had purchased the Chocolate mint flavor, and in my personal opinion,it tastes just like those 'after eights' chocolates. (I complement my why powder with milk, preferably semi-skimmed, or green label as some people know it)I will update this review as i use it more and more, as I've had it less than 24 hours!I want to give the seller a high review as well, the delivery time was outstanding! and also for the cost, you cant beat this service!I would like to point out that you should preferably try the smaller 'sample packs' if you are new to this product, as i have tried this whey before i had purchased i had found that i disliked the vanilla and strawberry flavors. Everyone has a different taste, But as i have already stated, if you like After Eights chocolates, then the choc-mint is the flavor for you!Highly Recommended product and seller!!
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Great prdocut, also has BCAAs so that's pretty good. I mixed this chocolate peanut butter shake with a USN strawberry flavoured shake which has creatine in it. I did this right after I tried a scoop of my freshly unboxed ON peanut butter shake. The results were amazing on both tests. I highly recommend this shake if you like chocolate and want a smooth yet noticeable flavour. Although I haven't tried many brands, this shake is my favourite right now. This is my pre bed shake, I will make it part of my daily routine before I go bed to see whether it will help tricking my brain into a solid sleeping patern. Another reason is that this shake contains BCAAs and when you sleep your muscle repairs,so I am convinced that if I drink it before bed it will catalyse the already boosted process of muscle repair during night time. In other words, muscle repairs faster during night time as you're fully relaxed so it would be better to consume BCAAs for better muscle repair right before bed rather than any other time. Which is why I think that my other USN strawberry flavoured shake will be my post work shake. I don't work out but these shakes taste amazing and they do help your bodies health and growth if you are doing physical activity for a long period of time.It tastes great, every nutrient that is in this has science behind it. You should do your own research, it's very interesting and beneficial.
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Having running out of whey the cheap old 2kg tub I bought from the local gym, I decided to opt for the ON brand after multiple recommendations for it on fitness forums. At first glance I found it to be very expensive for what it really is - I mean it's just a by-product of the cheese-making process.I bit the bullet and paid for it anyway, and after it came in the post I tried it with milk as a post workout shake and it was REALLY delicious; the strawberry flavour was quite rich and sweet and reminded me somewhat of something that I would order at a milkshake bar/restaurant/whatever. Pretty nice as far as taste is concerned.Notable this shake is Aspartame-free and gets its sweetness through the addition of Sucralose instead (which is objectively less harmful to the body and significantly more appealing than E-coli poop).The powder can be mixed easily with water or milk and I'd recommend blending it because this stuff tends to get quite lumpy when moisture is added. But this stuff is great for a post-workout protein boost and blends well with other ingredients like rolled oats and peanuts for example.I've made great gains with this product alongside other protein sources but I'm positive that the absorption rate and sheer protein content of this powder beats everything else that I've tried before.In summary: Great taste, good quality whey that's a little on the expensive side.
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I have been using whey for about 2 years now, and it has helped with my training and seen some very good gains. I usually buy whey from halland & barret or York from argos, as these are reasonably priced brands. But the prices have gone up, so I had a look on Amazon for a new brand. Optimum were voted best brand in 2010, so Ithought Id try them. I Have a few pros and cons:Pros:cheapgood brandgood protein per serving: 23g protein to 120kcal.low fat25 servings a tupCons:I opted for the milk chocolate, seen as I have had strawberry for the past 5 months, I have tried just chocolate in the past too, I found these tasted ok. The milk chocolate tastes abit sweet, dont get me wrong it is really nice,but its abit sweet and sickly. I drink it with water, so it would be even sweeter with milk :L.Buying protein shakes is really good as I need 200g protein a day and foe 23g servings it works out at only 65p, compared to £1.20 for some tuna.Also I have tried the Maximuscle brands in the past, and for the extra money they are, they arent worth it, to be honest this brand is very good, the only thing I can fault is its abit sweet, but Ill try normal chocolate in the future, or maybe mint chocolate :D Oh and a quick word of advice banana tastes horrible so dont try that, it was impossible to drink I chucked it in the end.I hope this has helped with any descion making.
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I bought this product after buying the Optimum Nutrition Strawberry flavor which was awful in water and after doing some research I heard that the double chocolate was by far the best tasting product and I would have to agree.I mix this with a small amount of water, no more than half a glass (200ml) or a bit more if I use two scoops. It makes a nice thick creamy shake that tastes just like a chocolate milkshake without the milk. Its packed full of protein (23.9g) and has no added sugar (max 1g of carbs per 30g scoop) in comparison to the strawberry flavor and therefore no difference in Carbohydrate content (in case you're on a low carb diet).I have been using this product for 2 weeks as a weight loss and toning program where I cut out carbs and replace it with as much protein as possible.This is a perfect shake to take with you to work if you do not have time for lunch and keeps you going for hours. I feel very full after drinking one and certainly gives you the boost you need.Depending on how often you will use it this should last you a while, however as I am using 3 servings a day I have purchased the 4.4kg version.If you're looking to drink this with water then definitely buy the Double Chocolate flavor. It dissolves very quickly in water leaving no lumps, I just use a fork to give it a few whisks and its ready to drink. Would definitely recommend.
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Was delivered to me 10 minutes ago and I came straight here to write a review. I was that impressed XDConsistency - In powder form (prior to mixing with water/milk) is literally the same as icing sugar, or powdered sugar depending which side of the atlantic you are on.Smell - Whilst inside the container the smell is nowhere near as overpowering as previous ON products that I have triedMixability - After I mixed with 18 oz of semi-skimmed milk there was not a single lump, granule, it was thick (not to thick), smooth and best of all there was no clump of bits at the bottom of my flask. After trying ON's Casein product this is a breath of fresh air as I couldnt stand the graininess of casein itwas similar to injesting pond water.Taste - Now this is where the French Vanilla Creme comes into its own. The only way I can describe it is that you imagine mixing a very high quality custard with milk. It is truley amazing.Overall I would say this is the best protein Iv ever had based on mixability and taste. It even beats ON's cookies and cream based on these factors particularly mixability as the cookies and cream has weird black specks in it which I susspect are supposed to be cookie peices but in fact tasted like burnt chocolate mixed with ground pepper (its still reletivly nice though haha)10/10 from me :)
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Will everyone stop leaving reviews on this product, quoting they'd give it 4 or 5 stars because 'it tastes nice'......excellent, you don't mind drinking it because it's a nice flavour. the product isn't a drink like nesquick or drinking chocolate that he manufacturer would not sell if it didn't taste nice.This is meant to be an addition to your daily diet, before and/or after training hard. whether it be lifting weights or a hard endurance session. the benefits of drinking it are to aid muscle tissue damage recovery and overall recovery time.If you are serious about training hard, the taste of your shake shouldn't matter. it shouldn't be something you look forward to drinking because its strawberry flavour.it should be be part of your daily nutrition whatever the taste.Rant over.The product itself, I find to work very well. it's not going to bulk you up or add massive gains unless used along side other products, i.e weight gainers or bulk up powders. but it does speed up the recovery process. I have a shake within 15 mins of finishing training and one before bed. this allows me to train hard and recover enough to train as hard the next day.When you are training to compete in an IronMan, this is the kind of stuff you want. you have to be training 1-3 times a day, sometimes 4-5 days in a row.
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I ordered this product after reading some unsettling reviews (regarding genuineness of the product and the apparent breaching of the safety seal).After receiving the product I first checked the holographic seal to see if was intact. The holographic seal upon careful inspection revealed no sign of tampering or compromise.Next, I opened the cap and checked for any compromises in the inner seal between the packaging and product. This inspection revealed no signs of tampering or compromise.I will happily say this product is 100% genuine and is not tampered with in anyway before delivery to the customer. This is not the first time that I have ordered this product from this source and it has given me remarkable results in terms of recovery and growth.In terms of flavour,I would give the Extreme Milk Chocolate Flavour a score of (3.5/5), and Double Milk Chocolate a score of (2.0/5). Sub-par compared to some of the other flavours of supplements out there...But I suppose a taste is better than getting cancer with all these untested sweeteners out there.Overall, it's a high quality product that does its job well. Special props to the quality of Glutamine...I can say that this product allows me to go all the whey (that was terrible)...I wish my girlfriend did. Uh yeah. That's all.
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Here is all you need to know to see if you got an authentic product:I have been reading and doing a bunch of research on this; here is what I've found. Note: I ordered from Amazon UK, which shows as sold and dispatched by Amazon.1 - The UK and US tubs are different.In the UK: the neck band is black and gold. The bottom of the tubs have a slight indentation. The batch code, expiry date are on the next in yellow/greenish writing on the tubs, and in the front of the bag if you get a bagged one. And finally the vacuumed seal is white, and should obviously be attached on pretty well all around the tub.In the US: the neck band is gold hologram seal. The bottom of the tub has a heat mould going across the whole base.The batch codes are written in white (or blue). There is no sealed top, but there is a cardboard head which usually gets stuck to the cap when you take it off.2 - The authentication site. The confusion comes because ON puts a web address on the seal of the tubs, which sends everyone to the US version. I've put the images of what each version is meant to look like in this review.3 - Taste of the Double rich chocolate. I like the taste! I also love the taste of BSN Syntha 6 - if you've tried that & like it, I think you will like this one too.Hope that helps!
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