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I bought this to replace another WhisperLite International that had served me very well for nearly 30 years. It's a great cooker - boils fast and works reliably. It burns white gas (whatever that is), petrol or paraffin, giving flexibility when travelling. The new version is better in some respects. It seems to pre-heat the fuel more effectively and therefore lights more reliably. The pressed steel legs are also an improvement over the bent wire of the previous model.I find the valve more difficult - the knurled knob of the earlier one is replaced by a folding twisting lever which is a little more difficult to control. Not that there is a huge degree of control with the WhisperLite - while you can pressurise the bottle a little less and not open the valve fully, there's relatively little ability to turn down the heat, so you can't really simmer anything very effectively. Cooking bacon for example tends to be a fairly fast and furious exercise, and I always end up holding the pan a couple of inches above the burner in order to avoid singeing the breakfast. But this is a minor and expected issue - overall it's a good burner. It's difficult to avoid getting sooty fingers when using it - if you want clean you should try gas. But in my view the ready availability of fuel and the reliability outweigh the downsides. The similar WhisperLite Universal will take gas canisters as well as liquid fuel, but for about £40 or £50 more. I hesitated before deciding not to "upgrade" to the Universal, concluding that I had managed for 30 years without gas canisters. Depending on your intended use and preferences, you may reach the opposite conclusion.
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This item was purchased based for my son who cycled to the borders of Russia from England. He camped out quite a lot, so this item enabled him to make a hot meal or a nice cuppa en route.


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