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I have just used it with gas so far. It's light enough, seems very sturdy and does it's going to be. Very complete package, all included - You only need gasoline and a gas box in addition to use two different fuels. It takes some time to preheat with gas - avoid wind / pull, use the supplied display, and it takes some time to adjust the valve until the change occurs on the burner. Read through the operating instructions and try replacing the valve at the kitchen counter before going on a trip. Knallgod burns - I'm guessing it's going to inherit me.


Very good piece of updated kit. purchased new combo cooker after I decided to have an additional cooker to my whisperlite fuel only system. Ideal for a multiple variety of environments - low and high temperatures, sea level and 1000's of feet above sea level. Good build quality and easy to adapt/modify between fuel types. Comes with everything you need. Large carry sac to add extras i.e. gas canister, tools and utensils.


Use the stove continuously for 10 months every day under the most extreme conditions (sand storms, continuous rain, heat and cold). Although I have never cleaned the stove properly, it works reliably and flawlessly. So far, he always ran with gasoline, while he was partially bad quality (Iranian gasoline). Even a week of cooking in the sand storms of the Burning Man did not matter to him. Be the first.


the stove is great, and does what I want, light, easy to use and very easy to change fuel type connections. perfect to back pack especially as there are different size fuel bottles available too. the delivery and packing exceeded my expectations, thanks for one of the fastest 3 to 5 days I've ever had!


The cooker works perfectly. With half a liter of gasoline, we cooked almost a whole week. There is a star deduction because of the slightly unpleasant gas smell that arises during transport because of residual fluid in the hose and in the nozzle b after switching off.


Present for my son.Just what he wanted.Excellent


Cooked 2 weeks with gas. Everything worked fine.
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