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ah-h-h ... thrilled and blessed to be "Glamping" in our gorgeous new Airstream International ...we like things stunningly beautiful, unbrakingly rugged, and totally multi-functional ...in short, we love intelligent, thoughtful, multi-generational stunning spare design ...this thinly molded seamless handheld stainless steel drinking vessel is lovely .... we ordered four ...however ... a bit too-oo-oo teensy for our diverse multipurpose four season drinking vessel guzzeling preferences ...should not be limited to one beverage only,ie., wine ... spare space for limited use vessels ...to the very brim it fills 12 fluid ounces ... hence, half filled is but a paltry six ounce fluid ...wish it were twice its size ... ie, 20 - 24 ounces ... hence a ten to twelve ounce metal water glass ...we love to guzzle fresh cool pure waters infused with freshly minced and mashed strained fruits ...thus wish a double size 24 oz stainless steel timeless drinking vessel were created and offered ...that would be ideal ...the photo image has no scale to it ...our imagination had envisioned a drinking vessel the size of a hand held drinking gourd travelling through the desert ...ahh but naught ... too teensy ! ! ! thus infrequently used ...... Aloha, Bird in Paradise ...
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Perfect, reliable, usable and oddly elegant. The picture does not show the bottom of this glass well, I stressed about that before ordering, but am very pleased... it's not flat as suggested in the photo, but has a nice rounded curvature... the rim that looks like the bottom in the photo keeps the glass from tipping over should it wobble a bit, but unless you've had FAR too much wine, that shouldn't be a problem.


Absolutely love this cup!! It was a little smaller than I expected it to be (visually), but I love it!! I love how thin the lip is when I drink from it & drinking red wine out of it is excellent. I always had problems with other cups drinking my wine: fat rim, off flavor, temperature change... Not with this, my new favorite camping cup!! I can go from shine to wine with no problems!!


A nice SS wine glass, not sure if it is totally necessary to go SS over plastic. Note, if you put anything hot in the container it conducts heat extremely fast (yes, I used this for multiple purposes). I was also happy to discover there were no noticeable metallic taste when drinking wine. Sturdy and well balanced.


Needed this to complete a set. Light, easy to drink from, no funky taste. Great for a toddy or mango juice for the kids. Best of all, it travesl with me because it does stand up to a hard trip. no plastic crap, no broken things, just a great vessel to drink from.


These are a great wineglass to take camping/raft trips, etc. Stemware is an invitation to spill your drink, but these sit solidly on the ground. They pack well, being sturdy enough to take some pressure in the pack or dry sack. Highly recommend.


I use the wine cup all the time when glass cups are prohibited (pool, beach area and outdoor concert events) love the size and shape of this wine glass.I have tried others but found this to be the most useful.


perfect item for it's unbreakable portability however I wish the outside surface was smooth - it's an attractive brushed finish which is nice to look at but feels fuzzy in your mouth and on your tongue.


We had a friend show up with these at a get-together and all agreed they are a great tail-gating accessory. Very sturdy. Washed in dishwasher and came out bright, no tarnishing.


I don't get the steel taste some people have mentioned, but I'm not the most refined wine guy. Great for in the RV. they won't break and they are difficult to tip.
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