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Of all my backpacking gear, one of the things that give me the most fits is the lowly cup. I just can't seem to find the perfect cup, or even one that comes close enough for me to be happy and give up the search. Plastic cups/mugs have cracked and don't do temperature extremes well; single-wall stainless steel cups are versatile and tough but in the cold will take your coffee from scalding to tepid in about 4 seconds flat; titanium cups are nice, save you a gram or two over stainless, and cost about as much as your kid's braces. So, I gave this GSI single-wall stainless cup (see above) a try...Size and Shape: are good. As described, a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle will nest nicely into this cup.That's a potential space saver, but only if you carry your bottle in your pack (probably not) or if you can fit the cup at the bottom of your bottle holder. The cup easily holds 16 fl. oz. with about 1/2 inch of space left at the top. That's pretty good capacity, to me, and allows for small ramen noodle meals on the go as well as extra large sizes of morning java or evening hot cocoa. The size also means a decent bottom, which is slightly indented, that will fit on most backpack or camp-stove burners. (I would have preferred a perfectly flat bottom without indent, but this is a nit-pick) So, this cup can double as a tiny pot, too, and that's nice.Handles: Meh. It comes with curved handles that do a pretty good job of hugging the cup when stored and can be folded out to hold when the cup's too hot. They are not spring loaded, which I suppose is fine, but when folded out they do not meet cleanly or 'lock' together, so when you are holding the cup, the two sides of the handle are constantly shifting in your grip. While it doesn't make the cup unusable, it is certainly annoying. Every time. It puzzles me that GSI, maker of such well-designed campware, could put their name on such clumsy and ill-conceived handles.Quality and Construction: The cup is bright and smooth on the outside and has a brushed finish on the inside. The lip is curled over and smooth. Weight and thickness are typical of a stainless camp cup and this one is plenty strong. Going back to the handles: Each curved handle is basically bent wire, hooked into a bracket that is tack welded onto the cup. I tend to prefer rivets over tack welds even though I know in my heart that I'm more likely to win the lottery than have my cup fail due to tack welds. Still. If you really, truly, hate the handles - as I do - you can simply spread them apart and take them out of the brackets.So would I recommend this cup? Well, I'm not sure. I really like the size and shape of it, but I HATE the handles. Honestly, I like it a lot better after I've taken the handles off, though now I've got to use gloves, or a multitool, or a pot-grabber to deal with the thing when it's hot. Also, it's still single wall stainless steel, making it problematic when it's cold. I think I'll put a neoprene sleeve over it, salvaged from my Nalgene bottle holder when it gives out
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As soon you hold it you'll notice how solid and well made and how sturdy it is. I've only been used to the aluminum canteen cup from my Marine Corps days and those feel like think tin compared to this cup. I do think you can kill someone if you hit them with this cup it's that strong.There are no rivets inside or anything sticking in at all which could wear away your bottle after repeated friction. It's almost perfectly smooth inside and I can only see the slightest of a concave mark where the handles are welded in. If you didn't know where the welds were you really wouldn't be able to pick it out. A smooth surface also means it'll be easier to clean.My REI Nalgene bottle as well as another bottle fit perfectly in it with room to spare.It will actually wiggle a little so could make some noise if you walk briskly.This cup will fit in a Maxpedition 10" x 4" bottle holder but you will have a tough time getting it out! My bottle holder is still newish and still kind of stiff although better than it was. However this cup fits very snugly in there. Just beware. I tried putting the cup on top of my bottle being careful not to pinch the lid strap and since the holder is taller than the bottle I actually had room to rest the cup on top of the bottle with the strap pointed up into the cavity of the cup. It worked well. It may get annoying every time I try to grab that bottle but my intentions are to sip from a bladder but bring the bottle for extra water storage and purification.By the way this cup holds 18oz and 2 cups = 16oz. The Mountain House packets mostly require 2 cups so with this cup you'll basically boil the perfect amount of water. There are no markings but just fill it up up to about 1cm from the top.It sits on an Esbit Ultralight Folding stove just fine although don't bump into it otherwise it will slip right off.
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I recently started taking some Chinese herbal medicine tonics, and needed a small cup/bowl that I could heat directly over my gas stove as I did not want to heat up the liquid in a microwave, and even the smallest pots were too wide (causing the VERY expensive medicine to evaporate) and created extra dishes to wash. This cup was exactly what I was looking for:1. You can heat it directly over a flame (bonus: the metal on the exterior of the cup has not blackened)2. The diameter of the cup is wide enough so that it fits over the stove's grate without tipping over3. The cup has handles that extend far enough outwards that they are still relatively cool to the touch once the liquid has been heated4.There are no rivets inside the cup (which I have seen in other models in order to fasten the handle(s) to the cup) that would be difficult to clean or eventually cause rusting5. Although there is a very minor indentation in the middle of the bottom of the cup, the cup stays firmly in place and remains level. The girth of the cup and the material's relative thickness keep it grounded, and I don't think it would ever rattle or tip over.The cup is very well made, and feels very sturdy while still being lightweight. I can tell it will last me a very long time, and I look forward to using it when I need to heat up something quickly for one person!
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At first, I was a little disappointed that this cup/pot fits my 32 oz nalgene LOOSELY. That is to say, the nalgene fits easily into the cup, and then lifts right out again. Somehow I expected a snug fit that would let the cup sort of 'clamp' onto the bottle when inserted. As it is, if the nalgene were just clipped to a pack, and the cup were placed on the nalgene, the cup would immediately fall off.This MAY be due to the fact that my nalgene is pretty old, and perhaps the dimensions have changed slightly in the last 6 years or so.Regardless, I solved the problem in about 45 seconds by just securing a lanyard to the plastic band that secures the lid of the nalgene,and looping it through the handles of the cup while it is on the nalgene with the handle in the closed position, then looping the lanyard back up to the lid. This locks the cup in place very securely, and it still nests perfectly. In hindsight, I probably would have tried to rig this up even if the cup had nested snugly enough to retain itself.Because of this easy rig, how functional the little thing is it still gets 5 stars. Great little piece of gear.
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Pros- Durable- Functional- Perfect size- Good for Backpacking- Cheap- Good handlesCons- A little heavyThe GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Cup/Pot is a great cup, I used it on my 4 day backpacking trip in the Sierras for all my meals and it worked well. This product is a little heavy if you’re going ultralight (not as light a Ti), but is durable, nests in many pots and water bottles (like the 40ounce Klean Kanteen and the Stanley Adventure Camp cook set). I have also used the GSI Outdoors Glacier cup on an open fire and on backpacking stoves. This cup would not fit a Ramen pack, but was good for oatmeal, liquids and smaller meals, if you have a big appetite, this probably is not the right cup/pot for you.Overall this a great product for someone who wants a functional, durable and long-lasting cup to add to their cook kit.I would also recommend the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle with Stainless Loop Cap, the Rothco MOLLE Compatible Water Bottle Pouch, and the TOAKS Titanium 750ml pot.
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I've used it over backpacking stoves and also over wood fires. I wish it had measurement markings, but I also carry a 32oz Nalgene bottle with me that has measurements. It nests together for easy transport. Just know its a loose fit though. I pour the amount I need in the Nalgene bottle, then pour it in this cup for exact measurements. I measured about 19oz to the brim of the cup, so roughly 2 1/2 cups worth. You wouldn't want to boil water up to the brim, but you can boil 16oz (2 cups) of water just fine. You can just eyeball it to fill about 3/4 the cup if you don't have anything to measure with. If you use it with ramen, just break it up a bit in its package before adding it in the cup.The metal handles can get hot, so use a bandana ($1 store!) to grab it out of a wood fire. Don't use the sleeve of your North Face synthetic fleece like I did, it melted some of the fabric and now it has scar marks. If you backpack in the winter, snow works great to clean the inside and outside of the cup!
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I ordered 2 of these cups to sit upside down on top of my Jetboil Flash sets with a Jetboil spare small gas canister inside the cup which fits easily (they will also fit inside the Olicamp cups too). They are well made cups, they are a little bit larger in circumference than my Olicamp cups which will fit inside the GSI cups (at least until the handles hit the lip). I mention that to give you an idea of the size, the Olicamps fit snugly onto a 1 liter Nalgene whereas the GSI cups are a quite loose fit being just that bit larger in diameter. Overall height is practically the same with the GSI being just slightly shorter but not much in it, maybe a quarter inch.I will leave my Olicamp's with the Nalgene bottles because they fit inside the pouch better and use the GSI's with the Jetboils as I first envisioned. They are a good quality cup, the handles are pretty solid for what they are, I am very happy with the purchase. I'm looking forward to my first coffee from the GSI's very soon.
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I love it! My friends and I go camping regularly and this is the only cookware I ever take. Put a 32oz. Nalgene in it and grab a ceramic water filter and you are good to go. It's big enough to make a pack of Ramen noodles easily. I think at one point I managed to make two at once in it, but it was rather messy, and I don't recommend it.You can use it to make oatmeal, tea, hot cocoa, ramen noodles, eggs, boil drinking water, and the list literally goes on forever. It's good stainless steel, so you can put it right on the coals of your fire to heat something up. Just know you're gonna need something to get it off. I use multitool pliers or a t shirt.If you camp, buy one. And you won't need any other cookware,except maybe a spork or something, but you can always make forks from some twigs and use a knife to eat. Just buy one of these, and if you don't have one, get a 32oz Nalgene. This fits right around the outside of a Nalgene and they make a perfect combination
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I like this cup so far. Solid build on it, and great price. Pull the stickers off, and re-bend the arms (yeah, they do not conform to the shape of the cup, and stick out quite a bit from the factory) and you have a good way of boiling 2 cups of water or eating hot foods. It happens to be a perfect fit for the Kleek Kanteen 40oz stainless steel water bottle. No spacers necessary. There are no rattles or noises coming from these two. I did not know this, but it takes about 1/3 longer to boil water in this thing than it does a aluminum cup / kanteen / or home made Heineken cup. Not only is the heat transfer better for aluminum, alcohol stoves also seem to burn longer (about 10 - 15%) with aluminum than SS.Keep that in mind. If you have a camp fire though, no issues. Great buy. Subtracting for having to put the thing in a vise and carefully bend the arms correctly.
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People with experience with camp pots will know what to expect, size wise. But this came very small. Small is good. It's the size of an oversize coffee cup, and holds a 40 ounce klean kanteen (with maybe a slight wiggle, barely). I used it to boil water, and it did perfectly.Some people complain about the handle. I find them to be perfect. They're small and lightweight, and didn't heat up while I boiled water. They tuck perfectly against the sides of the cup, keeping it's profile very small. Very thrilled with the purchase.A tip for any of you new campers: if you place this on a wood fire, it will blacken with soot. They all do. It can be washed off, but is a pain.Bring along some dish soap to rub along the edges when you cook, and it makes cleaning the black stuff off VERY easy. The soot wont cling to the cup, and water will rinse it off very easy. Enjoy!
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The cup came in labeled as ".6l (20 fl. oz.)" I first saw the cup in person as 20 oz., but didn't get it. I looked for that one online, but all I could find was this one at 18 oz. I didn't want to bother going back, so I just ordered this online. Pleasantly, it came in and was marked as 20 oz. I don't know if this is really any different, nor have I tried verifying that this holds 20 fl. oz. <edit> Confirmed that it holds 20 oz. exactly right at the top lip. <edit>I weighed it to be 5.07 oz. (with the labels still on). The mouth measures 3.991". In the picture, it looks more like a polished stainless outside, but came in as more of a brushed stainless, which I kind of prefer, but doesn't matter too much.I'm just glad that it's stainless so it's easy to scrub clean.The handles on my unit fold in nice and tight against the cup. Looks solid so far.
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Sturdy little cup. It nests a 1L Camelbak loosely. It nests a 1L wide mouth Nalgene with a little room to spare. It nests a 1L narrow mouth Nalgene perfectly snug. It will fit into a Camelback Bottle Pouch (1L bottle size) barely. It will cram into the bottom of a Maxpedition 10"x4" Bottle Holder but you will have to wrestle it out with a little effort, upside down would be a little easier.Overall it fits the bottles perfectly well. I think it's the holder's faults for being a little too snug no allow perfect fitting, but it still shoves in there.The biggest disadvantage is the weight. It's a little heavy. For emergencies, location camping, and short outings it's not a bid deal,but if you are hiking the AT, titanium would be better but cost more. Toaks makes cups/"pots" that are the same diameter, much lighter, and more expensive.
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I love this cup. It goes with me on every backpacking trip and every all day hike where I will be stopping to make a fire and have lunch. It is big enough to boil all the water I would ever need on my MSR Pocket Rocket stove. You can also through it right into the edge of your fire and boil your water there. Just be careful as the handles may get hot and the fire will cover the cup with soot.A great feature is that this cup perfectly fits a standard 32 ounce Nalgene bottle. It is a great space saver. This cup has completely replaced the camping pot I used to take with me all the time. It saves so much weight and space over that pot. I can have my morning oatmeal, Mountain House dinners,and coffee or hot chocolate and boil the water for all in this one cup.
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I purchased two of these as they nest on either side of my 32 ounce stainless steel water bottle. This makes them a space saver and they weigh next to nothing. Being metal, I can warm up my coffee next to the fire. Good construction, but then I have come to expect at least good if not great products from GSI.I do wish that it had some sort of keeper that you can keep the handle from moving while in use, I took a simple snap lock and it works. but, would be nice if it was built in. Here is a helpful tip: When you first get them wash them good. spray high temp black paint on the outside (keep in from the inside) let dry and then put in the over to cure. This makes them so easy to clean,and keeps the soot from the fire from getting all over your water pouch.
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Just picked this up the other day for nesting with my Nalgene or with Klean Kanteen. Holds well but there was a slight gap, I was able to make it a nice snug fit with a few rounds of gorilla tape on the bottle. Suggest a removable rubber strap instead of tape for metal bottles. in Addition to the ability to nest my bottle in it I wanted something I could either boil directly in or place boiling contents without much worry as far as clean up or damage. Metal is smooth and will score easily if you wanted to add level indicators for food and or mixing purposes ( IE bannock/ dehydrated food).You may not be able to bang the cup around all day by the handles but with the size of the cup I dont foreseeto much weight stress causing any potential serious damage.
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