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What I was after was basically an Aeropress but in a mug, and this does the trick. I just got this delivered today so this review is first impressions (and first cup of coffee). The mug is really good quality, solid, everything fits together snuggly, and the rubber non-slip base is a nice touch. The reason why I didn't go for a traditional French press style mug is because I think the plungers always look so flimsy and from experience I know they're fiddly to clean and let coffee grounds through. So, this mug, with its Aeropress-style plunger works much better and keeps the grounds separated from the drink perfectly. I read in another review that the lid doesn't twist into place and that's kind of true.You really have to twist hard to get the two little arrows lined up which indicates that the lid is twisted fully into place. But it can be done, and I'm assuming that it'll ease up over time. It keeps the coffee super hot for ages – hotter than my Contigo mug, and the slidey latch you drink out of keeps the drink in. I haven't tried it yet bouncing around in my bag so can't say whether or not it leaks, but I bought it for use in the office so won't be travelling with it full. Overall I'm really pleased and impressed with this coffee press mug and it's going to save me from rubbish coffee in the afternoons at work. It's pricey on Amazon tho and not widely available elsewhere. Shop around. I got mine from a website based in Germany although it arrived really quickly.
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Now I can have cup of real coffee ! no more instant on the trail or tailgate. Stays warm for quite awhile and easy to clean.
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