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THE pot of the campfire. ATTENTION: needs some experience and time! Not the thing for fast in between. Then take an espresso maker! But if you have time (1h +), you get the ultimate coffee. Here is the surefire recipe: 1. relatively coarsely ground coffee 2. a small branch of spruce 3. Fill with water up to the first holes of the spout 4. Coffee and fir branch in the coffee container 5. Put on top of that or better on a grate over the campfire 6. GOOD OBSERVATION! As soon as the first sip of water in the transparent lid is visible through the tube, spray the pot a bit away from the fire and only simmer gently. It should constantly bubble up a small sip of water. 7. This stage min. 45min,better 1h + hold. The coffee is constantly re-bubbling through the powder. 8. It is normal for some powder to be washed out and partly to be overcooked in the sink. Just pour the first sip on the ground. With experience it is getting easier to regulate the heat / cooking intensity. 9. Pour coffee into a stylish kuksa or mug, sit back and let your gaze wander over the fire into the distance and enjoy the indescribably aromatic coffee. Attention, it gets stronger with each round until it suits caffeine junkies like me. TROUBLE: 1. too little time. He needs a few passes until he is really black and intense. 2. too little coffee powder. At full water fill at least 80% of the powder container 3. DO NOT press powder but pour loose. Ev. put a fir branch / sprout into the powder. 4. Too hot and too long with too much heat: Coffee becomes bitter, loses its aroma and the powder is washed out. Conclusion: After lighting the campfire, first prepare the GSI coffee pot. When cooked and eaten, the ultimate coffee enjoyment is ready. The pot can be kept hot for hours with little fire, the coffee retains its aroma. In addition to our dogs was the most important tool on our Yukon dog sled expedition and here at the Central European campfire.
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I bought this percolator specifically for a camping trip, but figured it would be beneficial to use it regularly in advance so I can dial in exactly how to use it; after using it daily for the past few weeks, I can safely say I love this product. Ironically, I'd had my heart set on a different percolator, but it went out of stock when I was ready to purchase, so after an exhaustive search, the GSI Glacier seemed like a reasonable compromise, the only differences between this pot and the other I'd been looking at were the handle material (wood vs silicone), and the perk bulb (glass vs lexan). I really didn't have any reason for my handle preference aside from appearance,but I can now safely say I'm glad I ended up with the silicone material, this material is far superior in its ability to insulate from heat, even if I've left the percolator on the burner for an extended period of time (I've forgotten about it once or twice), I know I can pick up by the handle without burning myself, in fact, it's always remained cool to the touch, regardless of how hot the steel is. I did purchase a glass perk bulb directly from GSI, but the fit is almost too tight, I'm afraid I may either break the glass or irreparably damage the steel lid installing it, so I've opted to leaving the plastic bulb on for now. Given that this particular percolator will ultimately be used for camping trips, I can appreciate the added durability of the plastic bulb; I'll likely buy the larger size for home use, and reserve the glass replacement for that percolator. Overall this thing is awesome, quality is top notch, I have no complaints, and can't wait to show off my percolating skills in the field with the guys.
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Great pot! I used a percolator filter in the basket, put in the coffee grounds (ground Dunkin Donuts original) and let the excess filter paper hang outside the pot. I did not fold the tall sides of the filter back over onto itself inside the basket b/c I didn't want to impede the flow of water down over the grounds. I filled it up to the six-cup line, put it on the stove with the eye on high, and let it rip. Once it began percolating (I define percolating as water bubbling up into the clear knob atop the lid), I let it continue for five minutes. This was my first test run and it was flawless. The coffee was great with zero grounds at all. The only downside to this pot is that the clear viewing knob atop the lid will fall out when washing.I suspect this was by design, but I'll probably put a rubber o-ring around it on the inside of the lid to keep it from falling out. The build quality and the materials are excellent. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a percolator for camping (or home) or as a tea kettle. I found this when I was searching for a tea kettle but every review had complaints about rusting. I cannot imagine that this pot will ever rust which is why I bought this particular one.
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Perfect. Thru many trials of different grounds and various percolating minutes, I have arrived at the perfect cup of coffee with this pot. First of all put the desired amount of water that you would need for the cup you are using and add perhaps another tablespoon or so for evaporation. Next for the coffee, put in two scoops per cup of THE MOST COURSE GRIND of coffee you are using. This is very important. Then when you are ready, put the pot onto the burner at medium-high heat until it starts to perk. After it starts to perk, lower the heat to its lowest setting and keep it perking for 5 minutes. I use a timer for this. You should now have the perfect cup of coffee. I cannot take credit for this process.It came from many searches on the internet and time and error attempts until I was satisfied with the results.Now having said all of the above, this pot is well made and extremely durable. Cleans up well and I think I will buy another one, except it will be larger, because now everyone in my family wants to joined for coffee.
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This review is for the six-cup coffee pot.Last year was our first year tent camping, and we figured it would be nice to have coffee in the morning so I borrowed a propane stove from a friend and bought a cheap percolator from a big building supply chain. That percolator lasted all of one day, I couldn't get it to percolate consistently and the handles were all metal so... let's just say I burnt myself and swore a lot. That coffee pot ended up in the dumpster on day one.For this year I gave it another shot and bought this percolator. When it arrived my wife said "isn't that the same as the last one?" but there were a couple important differences. First, even though this pot is still relatively flimsy,the stainless steel gauge used is significantly thicker than the economy pots. Second, the silicone surrounding the handle actually works! Although the handle was pretty small, I was able to pour coffee without needing a hot pad and without burning myself. Big win in my book!
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I was using a Farberware 8 cup percolator to make my coffee while camping. I recently began hot tenting and making my coffee on a wood burning stove. I began looking for a new percolator as the Farberware one had a hard plastic handle and I was worried about the handle melting on the stove. I found this GSI 6 cup and thought I'd give it a whirl. For one thing the coffee actually tastes better. I'm not sure why but it does. I also like that it has a silicon heat resistant handle so I don't have to worry about it melting on me. While camping I use a fairly large Yeti coffee cup and a hydro flask coffee cup. This percolator fills both cups once. If I want a second cop I just fill the pot back up and boil a second pot.The pot is much lighter in weight and takes up far less space than my old Farberware one did. I highly recommend this pot if just making coffee for one or two people.
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I bought this percolator because we do alot of camping and we don't go to campgrounds. I wanted something easy to clean up, not too heavy that could still make awesome coffee. This did all three very well. I was able to perch it on tree stumps and wherever happened to be the flattest spot in our camp without it tipping over. Also, with other percolators I was often forced to pack coffee filters because so many grounds would get through. No need to with this little guy. The holes are just small enough that very few grounds get through and it still makes really good coffee. It is the best percolator we have tried so far.I would tell any of my friends to get this for backpacking or just off road camping if they are like me and can't do without their morning cup of coffee.
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I received this coffee pot very quickly. This is a great little 6 cup coffee pot ,made of stainless steel,easy to clean ,makes great coffee.I haven't used a stove perk coffee pot in many years but glad I bought this one. Coffee taste great perked on the stove and you can let it perk longer to get strong or less perking for weaker coffee. It doesn't want to make less than 2 cups and you do have to spend the time watching the pot as you must turn the fire way down when it starts perking and set the timer .I am retired and do have the time it takes to make a great cup of coffee with this little pot..I cut down a brown filter to fit into the basket..Still learning with this coffee pot .I like the variety it offers and love the smell of coffee perking from it.
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I have used this pot at home to test it out and for a short camping trip. It is a great pot with a good fit and finish except for the Lexan percolator window on top. Being Lexan, it seems sturdy enough, but it is rather loosely screwed into the lid and has a tendency to fall out. Other than that, it is a great pot and does the trick. Fits perfectly on my Coleman single burner stove. I like the silicone handle as well.I must also add, as one of the other reviewers stated, it will boil over if filled to 9 cups. Even at about 8 cups I had a little boil over. To be fair, I was on a slightly unlevel surface. I also found if you dial the heat down to slow the boil that it helps.Over all,it is a nice pot and well worth the money.
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I purchased this as a gift for a friend who enjoys camping and coffee. I think the product itself looks great and will work as described and that he will really enjoy it.My disappointment with the product is the way it was shipped and the condition the product arrived in. My order was fulfilled and shipped via Amazon, not a third party.It was loosely placed in a large box with no bubble wrap or protection around it. It also arrived covered in deep scratches on the lid and body. Very disappointed in that. I know it will get beat up once used, but since I am giving it as a gift, I would have appreciated it arriving in better condition.


Overall, I like it. I had to learn how to use it by searching on-line. My first time using it, I noticed that when I filled it up to the 9cup line, it was only 48oz. Now, as far as I know, a cup of coffee is considered 6oz. So, this is only a 8cup pot. Once I learned how to percolate with a smaller flame and only for five minutes, I was happy. The coffee is alot hotter than my drip maker and lasts longer, hot, in my thermos. One reason for buying this was the fact that the top, the bubble as I call it, is not glass. I read sooo many people complain that the glass breaks but this one has a composite and I love it.


This is a great percolator coffee maker. A couple of tablespoons of course ground coffee, 6 cups of water, and a few minutes on the electric cooktop, and you have everything necessary for an acceptable morning. Love the fact that it’s dishwasher safe and needs no filter. The plastic knob screws loosely onto the lid, and the (at best) fair precision in this manufacturing gets a star deduction—I could see this important piece being lost in the backcountry. On the plus side, the silicone handle stays bearable when the coffee is boiling away.


All good EXCEPT prefer the lid fully detached rather than hinged. This would make cleaning easier. Good size for one or 2 persons. If commonly brewing for 2.. would suggest 12 cup. Sounds big but the cup size on perk pots is typically 5 oz and using the max fill level places water level to the internal basket. Hence... this pot makes 3 large cups of coffee well. This design is best for stovetop... NOT for open wood fire. Stainless cookware is important. Wall thickness is adequate. Edges can be a bit sharp.


The 6-cup size is nice for when I'm solo. Unfortunately I can't make just 2 cups; for some reason it just boils and boils and hardly any water makes it to the top. I found it has to be filled to about the 4cup line, which is still fine with me.I don't understand why you would want the top attached, which makes cleaning a pain. I'll probably cut the hinge with a cutting wheel after a few uses.This is very good quality and I like the rubber handle which stays completely cool.


This came in the mail today, I purchased the smaller size since it is usually just me on the boat right now (I live on a 31-foot sailboat), but it comes in several sizes. I followed the instructions carefully, filled it to the 4 cup mark and used 4 level tablespoons of coffee, let it perk just 3 minutes, and voila! A DELICIOUS cup of coffee. Worth every penny and my new favorite way to make coffee after doing single-cup pour overs for the past 5 years or so.
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