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These are great little stoves using hexi tabs, greenheat gel or even a tea light cup filled with meths. Works well with pots of all sizes as they have two opening settings and are VERY stable. Not ultralight but negligible weight in a rucksack.You do need to use a windscreen of some description as breezes do affect the fuel - a bit of foil works fine. Be warned without a screen these stoves can be dire and are often why people give them bad reviews. Learn to use your kit before using it out on the trail!Dimension wise these are small enough to actually fit inside a Highlander or Gelert type Brit army folding stove when folded! Thicker [galvanised] plate and much better finished too,but [theres always one isn't there?]................try as I might the performance of this stove is not quite as good as the Brit army. Nothing to put me off though and the saving in size is a good trade.Highly recommended - get one to go with your mess tins or even a Dutch 44 pattern canteen cup and you have a very compact unit that won't let you down and will last a lifetime.Why spend more on noisy gas or finicky petrol stoves?
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I'd always been intrigued by this classic stove. Although many rival versions have appeared I'd felt this was probably the most substantial - and this turned out to be true.I see it as ideal for occasional use - if you're out with a canteen and suitable metal cup this will let you have a hot drink (or sterilise water) for very little bulk or weight.This is an antithesis the sort of £150 stove which also charges your phone. Not the application of technology to a putative problem but the simplest solution to a genuine need.Delivery was quick and the product a miniature, if unsophisticated, delight.In a perfect world canteen covers would come with side pockets that properly fitted the Esbit.Mine is a squeeze. I slightly ground down the corners - which makes it easier to insert.Read full review...
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My go-to unit is a Jetboil. It's fast, works in high wind, and provides hot water for brews and reconstituting freeze-dried meals. But it's good to have a backup and for years I was using these little stoves. They are compact and light. The drawbacks: the waxy residue from the fuel blocks tends to make a mess of anything you're using to cook in, and any sort of wind requires that you use aluminium foil as a barrier to prevent wind from blowing the flames away. I often supplemented the fuel blocks with sticks etc. gathered from the environment, in order to make my supply of blocks last through a multi-day trip (something you can't do with a Jetboil).


Not sure if I should be saying this, I've not bought this product, I bought this- 'Mountain Warehouse Festival Kit' Says £26:99 on package, I only got charged £7:99 and it comes with one of these 'snap open stoves' Ten Fuel Tablets, and two Mess tins, and bag with velcro to keep in neatly closed, so say you do get charged the £26:99, well you've got the extra's that if you look seem to add up to more, so i'd go for what I bought. Thank's again Amazon.Though I've bought a ton of gear from you, so thank's again.Sincerely...Paul.


Very small and compact. These have been around for years, basic and functional like most German gear. Comes with small hexamine tablets which last quite a while. Its not big enough for a major expedition but to heat up a billy can or metal cup for a brew its ideal. Small enough to fit in a breast pocket. It took me 4 of the tablets to boil a metal crusader mug of water in about 13 mins. Nothing to go wrong with this item will last a lifetime.


So tiny yet perfect! What a brilliant product - no bigger than a pack of cards and comes with the fuel tablets too! Perfect for minimalist backpacking or prepping if you prefer. Highly recommended and great value for money too - I was astounded at the quality and design of this little stove. If you want a small, lightweight stove for your travels - this is it!


Small simple cooker, which can always be there. A pack of tabs fits perfectly. On short solotournees he is super. On longer tours, the weight of the fuel unfortunately increases drastically, so that a gas or benzine is the better choice.


Useful piece of kit for boiling water when on lightweight camping trips. Not as efficient as a gas camping stove but a tried and tested stove used by army etc and folds smaller including fuel than a box of Cooks matches


Stove and shelves very practical for hiking; Minimal charge and material of great relief, safe, to warm drinks and prepared portions. TO ADVICE;


Yeah this might be the best alcohol tablet stove i have ever used. Its cheap, durable and small. A real must have as a backup stove. 6/5


I had a trial before taking it out and it worked a treat boiled a pint of water in about 4 mins really happy with purchase


nice small cooker to heat a small amount of food up quite quickly and it certainly does the job excellent


It was a bit smaller than I expected, but really great tool for the price.


Perfect for Grammjäger. Easiest way to make a hot drink / soup on the way.


Great piece of kit, mostly for backup stove. Handy for a small Brew Kit
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