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In addition to being thicker, as I expected, this stove also has a much bigger footprint than the smaller version that comes with 6 fuel blocks of the same weight. That is good if you want to use bigger pans, because more surface area of the pan is exposed to the flames from the fuel, so heating is quicker and more fuel efficient, but it does make it more bulky to carry. As a comparison, it is the same width but slightly longer and half as thick again as a standard hexamine stove and at least twice as big in area as the other Esbit folding stove. Generally, I'd prefer one of the smaller stoves if I'm out for a day's walking, and an extra pack of 6 fuel blocks if I think I might need them because they're packed differently so as to be more compact,but for the car or times when weight and bulk are not so important this size of stove and its blocks have their advantages.
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I ordered this for a power-outage emergency kit and tested it out. The fuel tablets light up quickly and stay lit for quite a while. The mini folding stove is sturdy enough for a small pot of a mug. Others have commented that a tablet couldn't get water to boil, but I was able to get a very small pot to boil, and there was easily enough heat to heat up some soup or a mug of coffee. The biggest downside is that these tablets put off a pretty bad odor. I don't think I'd want to use them inside. But for emergency purposes or if you want something that can warm something up while camping in the rain, this should work fine.


Can't complain one bit ... this is as easy to use and transport as it gets. Excellent design.Solid fuel cells are a fraction of the weight of liquid fuel, safer to transport (especially when you're talking about on your own back), and the stove is very well built and extremely light. When it comes to packing and moving, any weight saving counts!


The ultimate lightweight stove. Holds a lot of fuel cubes. For a bugout or survival situation, it's way more practical than a liquid-fuel powered stove. It's so simple that nothing can really go wrong with it, and it takes up very little space. Fuel tabs smell a little strange, but who cares?


This burner wasn't able to support a military issued canteen cup. I had to bend the ends and the cup sat perfectly. The burning tabs that come with it are amazing and seem to burn forever. Out in the field I used this burner to make coffee and boy did it get hot.


Storm season starts in a few months, and we have been updating our prep kit. This little "stove" takes up very little room and it works well. It's a good complement to our Trangia spirit burner. Both are very compact, easy to light and straightforward to use.


Haven't used it yet but it came promptly and in great condition. It appears exactly as pictured and I believe it will make a great addition to my emergency supplies. I intend to try it out soon and will most likely order a good supply of extra fuel pellets.


the esbit stove is a good stove but mine did not come with some fuel tablets with it wheen it ti meent to so u can use it but i did like thee oveall fell and look of the stove is verry goood and i will by more esbit proudct in the fucher


After considering most gas, petrol, hobo stoves etc. I found the combination of portability, simplicity and durability, safety, silence, and ease of use offered by this stove was probably the best, for camping or backpacking purposes.


I used this setup for years in the Army and it works. Good shipping, it arrived early. Keep in mind this is the large one so smaller cups will not fit; unless you keep two cleaning rods from an m4 cleaning kit handy to lay across.


Works perfectly. I used in very cold weather in the North woods of Wisconsin. Cube burned long enough to cook two cans of beans on it. The stove was able to protect the flame from the wind (15-20mph)


Works like a charm. Bigger than what I thought, but all for the better. Construction is solid. Take it on motorcycle trips to use for quick meals and making coffee. I recommend buying one.


First I want to thank the supplier sorting out a problem - very helpful, this is really a nice stove - tested it and works perfect - will recommend to anybody - light and handy.


Does boil water with one cube in about 7-10 minutes . Like the compact size . Will be a spare stove to keep in the car as a back up for emergencies and camping .


Great construction and light weight. Awesome back up stove for backpacking or bugging out. Fuel tabs work well and have a long burn time to get the job done.
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