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I have had a Coleman Stove since I can't remember when. This one is my latest and works very well indeed. I only replaced my old one as this one runs on unleaded and the old one needed pricey Coleman Fuel. Quick to boil, unleaded is much cheaper than any stove fuel on the market and, of course, available anywhere. However, if you are backpacking with this stove the much more expensive Coleman fuel is maybe better as it is almost odour free, which petrol is not.It is very stable in use and can work on uneven surfaces on its three pull out legs. It doesn't leak at all as the filler cap is very well sealed.The stove has never let me down except when I forgot to oil the primer pump. Then it just wouldn't pump any air into the stove; it won't work unless it is primed by pumping. It needs to be oiled with 3 in 1 one every season and then no worries.One good thing about Coleman is they do spares so, if the stove gets damaged, it is repairable.I have to say it is a bit bulky and more so with the plastic storage box. The earlier version was stored in an aluminium box which had a handle and doubled as a saucepan. It was more compact. Therefore, it is not much use for ultra lightweight camping, I suppose. However, it might compare well with carrying a stove and two canisters, which you need, as you can't tell when the gas is going to run out. The Coleman can be filled up before each trip and will last for three or four days without refilling. Even then you could probably get someone to let you have some petrol to fill it up again! For anyone with a car or a bike this stove is undoubtedly the best and most convenient around. It is great for picnics,As far as filling goes, this can be difficult as the aperture is small and you can't see the level. So get the special Coleman filler funnel which makes it dead easy and prevents any spillage.A good and rugged piece of outdoor kit which will last a lifetime.
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The Coleman dual fuel stove is by far the best stove on the market along with there dual fuel lamp FACT.I go 50/50 with the Coleman fuel and petrol but fuel is fine on its own the reason I do this is I’ve owned the dual fuel lamp for 8 years now and apart from changing the mantles it has never let me down so been doing the same with the stove now and a year on hasn’t let me down.The reason I use Coleman fuel is it’s much more refined than petrol so keeps everything clean but my mate doesn’t andhe’s not had any problems to date.The one thing you must look out for with the stove is to make sure the pan, kettle and sauce pan have grooves on the bottom,flat surfaces tend to slide on the stove which would happen on most stoves you buy.I bought the Nash stove bag which fits like a glove for extra protection and its a little bit smaller than the grey plastic box the stove comes with, not that there’s anything wrong with the box it comes with but think some sell the stove without box so just pick up a nash bag you won’t be disappointed.The main reason for getting my stove was I only use it in the winter fishing for cod and had a cheap £10 GAS stove which would let me down EVERY trip, I was thinking it was eating through my disposable gas bottles but turned out it was to cold and stop working which is a real pain but those days are gone with the Coleman stove happy days!Read full review...
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Received this stove today, tried with ASPEN 4 fuel (your local Husqvarna or Jonsered dealer should stock it) which is cleaner than regular unleaded so it should keep your stove running for years (I hope so!) It cost 5 euros per liter, not cheap, but 1 liter should give you around 16-17 hours of cooking time(it says on the box 8.30 hours with full tank, doesn't say if its on low, medium or high). Which is way cheaper than any propane/butane stove running cost. Works like a dream,even boiled some water for a tea in no time. For people struggling to lit this stove up I would recommend to watch a few youtube videos. It is not light or compact for backpacking, so you might consider other options. For car camping or hunting, fishing it is ideal. I'm going camping this weekend, if something will go wrong I will update my review.The only let down so far - funnel is not included.Update: Just got back from camping this weekend, have nothing bad to say except maybe with the full tank it lasted about 2-3 hours cooking time with variable flame settings, nowhere near 8 hours. But it was quite a windy day, so a lot of heat was wasted.Even on a high wind it never failed to deliver. Still 5*
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I've owned a Coleman petrol stove before and that one never gave me any problems, to the point when I buy again there's only one(to my mind) to have (who wants to carry around bulky cylinders of compressed gas? Gas invariably leaks, and finding camping shops with, quite expensive, butane refills, can be a problem in some countries, not to mention a false economy of buying butane stoves in the first place). The older model had a few slightly different design features, but it's essentially the same stove,and I expect the same service of it, and Coleman being Coleman, have no reason to suppose otherwise. Serious camping or backpacking, this is the only choice, believe me (so much so that when my kit was ransacked and stolen, this was one of the items they chose to take, rather than scatter and discard around the campsite. Even the thieves liked it). Also a fantastic thing for hostels, new digs with no proper cooking facilities, or, if you're that lifestyle inclined, squats). Makes a brilliant space heater too. Love it.
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This is one of those oddities in camping gear that in my opinion is very under rated. It is not the smallest or lightest single burner stove on the market but dont let that put you off!First of all you dont have to carry extra gas cylinders, it will hold enough fuel to get you through a long weekends camping without drama.I got mine for motorcycle camping and if I do run out I just syphon a little petrol from my bike and its good to go again.Although it is a little different from using gas it is still very easy to use,and to me seems more wind resistant than gas.It is very well built, with quality components.I have heard people complain about adjustability of the flame on these which can be a problem if you dont allow it time to warm up properly. I find that if you turn it up full when its lit and let it run for 2 or 3 minutes then back off the valve gently it will turn down to a respectable simmer without drama.If you want a durable and reliable stove that will last a lifetime, this may be the one for you!
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These Coleman stoves are the best. Nice wide base and pan support, with extremely good flame control. Using Coleman fuel or Apex4 fuel (which is cheaper and easy to obtain), these stoves burn very clean and hot, with no gas canisters to carry around. These stoves hold enough fuel for a weekend of cooking and work very well without a wind-break. Forget those gas, spirit and solid fuel burning stoves, buy one of these, run unleaded fuel and you have a stove for life. This also applies to the older Coleman stoves,like 442. These 533 stoves are a little heavier than the older pack-packing models, due to a bigger tank, but for all that, I would take a Coleman stove over any other type. One last thing, if the stove does leak, using this fuel you will see it. Can't do that with a camping gas stove. These stoves are a quality build, built to last and so easy to operate. However, don't tell your children you have one, because they will be wanting to borrow it, then you just may not see it again.
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Bought my first one in 1994, when the generator pipe blocked after a few years of (ab)use I found a stove on special offer in a popular high street store for only a few pounds more than a new generator pipe at the time, so in 2002 I got me whole new stove, though minus funnel and case the original came with, kept the original stove for spares, apart from the generator I have never needed any spares. Fast forward to more recent times, bought new generator pipes when the newer stove finally started to block up.Both stoves are currently working well. Burn hot on full, simmer nicely on low, a tank of fuel lasts a long time, tried coleman fuel once, stuck with petrol. Yes they are not small/light/compact, and yes they are a bit more of a faff to light than a smart gas one with a clickly lighter thing built in. Generators are ridiculously expensive for what they are. But I think I will be using these stoves for quite a while longer yet.
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I wasn't sure where to start when it came to buying a stove. However, going through amazon reviews led me to the coleman. The fact you can use different fuels including unleaded petrol is really cool. It means you can get the fuel pretty much anywhere. It's a basic fuel after all that cars need.I haven't used it as much as I thought I would, but thats not to say I am not happy with it. I have been out camping and cooked with it, and wish I had twin burner. But, this was bought really for boiling a kettle,and it does this well. It's very fast and cheap to run. It robust and sturdy as well and I am really pleased with it. I would recommended it.Sometimes its worth spending more got a better quality product that will often last longer than the cheaper alternatives. I would buy one of these again, but I suspect like others that have reviews this product it will be decades till I need to!
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Excellent product arrived well within time and functions correctly. Mine has the date 09/14 on it so is a year old, but then i once bought one that was 15 years old that was never used and it worked perfectly too. This item came with a plastic case which is handy. I find that after filling i pump 20 times then light. once lit i then pump about 75 to 90 more pumps or until the flame is nearly blue, having lit on full speed. I would say never turn the cooker off until the flame is blue and hot as this seems to create a build up of deposits inside the heat exchanger.Also i would say don't overtighten the filler cap, as the rubber seal wears quite quickly if you do. Lastly when lighting make sure the wind is behind you as the further pumps needed once lit will singe your hand if the wind is from the front of you.
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Spot on really! Had one of these the same about 10 years ago & sold it as wasn't using it. Replaced with a 1st Gen Jet Boil which was great but reliant on gas canisters. Realised recently that petrol stoves were the way to go, so looked at MSR etc but settled back on the trusty Coleman 533. Tremendous heat from this, and unlike gas stoves easily boils a kettle in the thick of winter without any issue. The Jet Boil canisters would freeze up and struggle as they depressurised, no such issues with petrol ones.Great product & easily serviceable. Prime delivery as always spot on. Only criticism is the carry case could be a bit sturdier but can live with that! Easy to light & use. I have a Coleman Powerhouse lantern which is a bit trickier but no issues to light, so this stove is a doddle!
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