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It is OK, not the best in the class but I went for it as it had cotton lining inside which was a must for me. Unfortunately, Amazon's listing is very poor on this product, there isn't sufficient information available and whatever information is there is inaccurate and misleading. Even the image is different to the actual product, please see the images uploaded with this review.It is not a luxury sleeping bag, neither it has extra-wide dimensions as mentioned in the listing.The Flannel/cotton lining is very basic and just average quality, a bit disappointing considering the listing states it being luxury. The dimensions of the pack as per the tags are 40 x 36cm as against 40 x 35cm as per the listing, however, none of these are accurate, the actual dimensions of the pack are 34 x 34 cm (see image). The dimension of the sleeping bag (when opened) is 235 x 75cm and not 235 x 90 cm as advertised, this is very misleading and poor from Amazon. It has a Zip-Plow for smooth operation of the zip, but unfortunately this is not the case with all the zips on this bag. This bag has two way zip system for both length and bottom width of the bag, which means it can be opened from the bottom both across and upwards . Please note the zips are not designed to lock themselves to stop accidental opening, which may be a key requirement for certain users considering the small width of this bag. The filling does not feel evenly spread everywhere, though it is much better in comparison with few other leading brands. There is a definite bulge across the edges and lower spread away from the edges. It also claims that it has Thermal baffle but it does not appear to be effective enough to completely keep out the cold. The rated comfort zone is 0 degrees with a limit of minus 6 degrees, which means it should be Ok to use it from early spring to late autumn. It says it is right hand make on the pack which I received, though there is no option to choose from. Overall it is a Okish product but not which uses latest technology, the value for money would depend on the price, I bought it when it was £37 which is reasonably ok but would not recommend paying more as there are much better products available at a higher price points. Please see the images for further information.
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A couple of years ago I bought one of these from a camping shop for my husband who hates the restriction of mummy bags around his legs.Recently, when looking for a 3-season bag for myself, I selected the Coleman Hudson 450, not realising it was the same model as he had. The photograph doesn't really represent the true colour of the bag which is more of a dark blue with maroon colouring and a dusky mid-blue flannel lining.As other reviewers have said, it is extremely warm, hot in fact,but it's easy to cool off by opening the foot zip or side zip. It is really roomy, plenty of room to shuffle around if you, like me, have never mastered the technique of rolling in a mummy-style bag. This also makes it perfect for anyone, who like me, is also a front sleeper.Good quality zip and substantial zip baffle so it doesn't matter if you roll onto the zip and just a lovely roomy feeling with none of the restruction at shoulders, thighs and knees that you get with a non-rectangular bag.The bag is well constructed with high lofted filling which is substantial and evenly spread, held in place with good quality stitching.Little pocket built into the lining towards the top of the bag where small valuables could be storedThe bag it comes in is really for travel protection only and can't really be said to be a compression sack although it does allow you to reduce the bulk of the bag a little in one direction. Several reviewers have commented on the bulky size of the rolled bag but this could almost certainly be improved with the purchase of a proper compression stuff sack.It's bulk does also mean that you do need additional hanging space for storing it unrolled when not in use - we've long since given up on a large wardrobe where various sleeping bags, dry and wet suits and rucksacks hang during the winter months.Great bag, really good value for money and I would have no hestitation in recommending it to anyone who likes their warmth, particularly at either end of the camping season and who is camping with a vehicle to transport the thing.
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My husband and I camp fairly regularly and had been using the mummy style sleeping bags for a few years. After being fed up with being unable to spread my legs or move comfortably when sleeping I decided it was time to buy an old school rectangular sleeping bag.We each ordered the Coleman Hudson 450 for a week long camping trip in the Scottish Highlands in July 2011. Even though the weather was fantastic (nice and sunny during the day) it did get quite chilly at night (around 4 to 6 degrees C).The Coleman Hudson 450 excelled at providing the right amount of warmth, extreme comfort and manoeuverability.After waking up on the first morning my husband and I looked at each other and said, "That was the best camping night's sleep!" We woke up feeling completely refreshed, not sore or achy and actually slept until 10.00am which was unheard of in our previous camping trips.We wholeheartedly recommend this sleeping bag as it is incredibly comfortable on top of a very firm air mattress. We think that it would be warm enough to use in colder temperatures yet not too warm to use during the summer. When we returned home we were actually sad that we were unable to sleep outside anymore as we slept absolutley fantastic with the sleeping bag and air mattress.Another added bonus: I am 6'0" and my husband is 6'6" and we had loads of room left over as this sleeping bag is very long. It also has a very handy pocket on the inside toward the opening, in which you can store your wallet or other important items in case you are worried about leaving them exposed in the tent. We can't wait to go camping again just so we can use the sleeping bags! Please be advised that this sleeping bag is 2.2kg and is quite bulky, so you should only buy it if you have a car or caravan to transport it, or if you are only walking a short distance with it.
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I bought this a while ago before I saw it on Amazon. It is meant to be a 3 season sleeping bag so not really suitable for winter unless the winter is reasonably mild and not too windy. The earliest in the year I've used it was early February and the latest time was in October. If it's very cold or windy your feet can get cold if they're too near or touching the inside of the tent. I've worn 2 pairs of socks and still had cold feet but I'm a person who feels the cold easily.I don't have any other sleeping bag to compare it with but my partner with long camping experience who has used plenty of other equipment thinks it is perfectly reasonable. When buying this at the time we searched the net for the warmest sleeping bags and the only 4 season bags were for people mountaineering in the snow and were invariably single sleeping bags and usually mummy shaped bags. This was the warmest we could find in a double. The only other double we saw in a nicer colour was on an American site and it didn't specify how many seasons it was suitable for. Usually if it is suitable for 3 or more seasons they advertise it as a feature. So we got this since it sounded the warmest in a double. It's normal to have to wrap up with socks and woolly hat when camping even in a warm bag. The hood helps keep the air warm around the head. The bag is very spacious. It could easily fit 3 people in! We used ours on top of an inflatable mattress for extra comfort although it tends to deflate slightly during the night but better than nothing and also helps keep you warm by raising you off the cold damp ground which can be felt through the tent material. Overall the sleeping bag is reasonably warm and sleeping close together will generate still more heat. But too much action will take its toll on your inflatable mattress if you use one!
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At a packed size of 40 x 35 cm and weighing 2.7kg, this obviously isn't meant for backpacking! It is more for people with transport, so please don't make the mistake of buying this thinking you'll be able to fit it in your pack as I would imagine you would be frustrated with its bulk/weight.Other than that, I got this as my Coleman Hampton 220 wasn't really enough for 3 season camping (though I got around it by taking an extra duvet).Wanting to save space in the car I opted for this and so far it has been excellent.The bag feels lovely (has a nice soft flannel lining that is much warmer when you first get into it than synthetic lining). The hood closes fully around you and there is buckets of room inside :) I have broad shoulders, but didn't feel at all restricted (despite it being 10cm narrower than my 220), like to pull it up and snuggle the spare around my arms and body.It keeps me nice and warm (late September on its own, whereas with the 220 I'd have been too cold without extra bedding). It means I can camp comfortably late March-late October (instead of early May-early-Sep) so this in it's own means it is highly recommended! I'll still use the 220 in warmer months, though, as this would be far too warm.Despite it's size, it's very easy to put away. Simply fold it in half lengthways and roll it tightly up. The carrying bag is made slightly bigger, so it isn't a struggle to get back in, with buckled straps around the side to tighten it nice and (well as much as possible) compact.All in all I'd recommend this to anyone (like I) looking to extend their camping time into (and out of) the darker months. It won't be enough in very cold temperatures (even in Britain), but it is a very nicely made and warm bag, with lots of room.
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In a word EXCELLENT.....Made VERY WELL Very strong Zip...none of the flimsy zip quality you find in the high street stores...THE ZIP STAYS IN PLACE ..So you dont wake up in the morning with the sleeping bag round you ankles like 2 different ones i bought recenty from a well know high street catalogue shop begining with the letter A**** Both were returned, they were a complete waste of money ........THIS SLEEPING BAG IS BRILLIANT....VERY VERY warm Approx 6 foot long including the cowel type toppart.....this IS NOT a mummy type sleeping bag.....there is plenty of room in it ...so far i have slept in it with the temperature as low as MINUS 5 and it was great....TOP MARKS for Coleman Hudson ..there is a pocket with velcro fastner inside the top to put keys etc if needed.....the bottom part has a seperate zip..so you can open it if you want if you get too hot...it can also be zipped to another bag to create a double if needed...the inner lining is cotton and very soft too...the outer is the waterproof type covering....BUT it doesnt slide all over the place....I Think you will be hard pushed to find a better quality and one as warm as this for the money..It may not be as light as some makes so might not be the best for a rucksack holiday.....BUT with 450 gramms its not going to be light weight...This sleeping bag Should last for years, ITS Certainly the best one i have ever bought...
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My wife and I had previously been using two single sleeping bags zipped together to make one megabag when we went camping, we decided to upgrade to a proper double bag for a recent camping trip to Ruakaka (New Zealand). There wasn't much to choose from in the way of double bags in Auckland so I got this one shipped out from the UK. The service from Amazon was exceptional, it only took 4 days to travel 18,000 km!The bag was very comfortable and warm enough, not too hot like some bags,although the overnight lows were around 15°c. I don't think it would be warm enough for the colder months even though it is rated to 7°c for comfort. It's perfect for the seasons we go camping in. The zipPlow system is great (no more snagging zips) and the bag is a good size for taller people (I'm 190cm).The pillow pocket isn't really big enough for full size pillows but that wasn't really a problem and the little security pocket for valuables is a bit of a waste of time for smaller things as it has a tiny piece of velcro that only spans about a fifth of the opening to keep it closed so smaller things can fall out (my ipod touch kept falling out).Overall we're very happy with the sleeping bag and I'd recommend to anyone wanting a large comfortable bag for two as long as you're not planning on winter camping.
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Absolutely excellent. Perfect for family, holiday camping. Would be a bit heavy for hiking, but if you are loading a up a car, then these are worth it. I bought three when they were on offer and have just used them for the first time. Very good value for money.They were really warm and cosy. The 100% cotton fleece lining, meant that there was no uncomfortable sweating in the night, as there is with other sleeping bags, whose linings are not natural, but which use man-made fibres.These bags are also enormous,so you can turn over inside them without taking the whole sleeping bag with you.The lining also forms a flap over the zip, so you don't get woken up in the night by cold, hard metal scratching your skin.The head part is also fleece lined and big enough, to keep a normal pillow in place, so it doesn't go slipping off the air bed in the night either.Very strong, well-made robust sleeping bags. Very thick, almost duvet-like thickness and feel. Together with our air beds, it felt like sleeping in our beds at home!Normally in sleeping bags, when I go camping, I manage to wake up sweaty AND cold, which is quite a feat!I slept really well in this sleeping bag. Very good quality. Very pleased with my purchase.
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I bought this bag for a recent camping trip after a lot of online research.My 5yr old son and I went camping at the beginning of April and although, fortunately, blessed with lovely sunny days the cloudless nights were quite cold with the temperature dropping to 3 or 4 degrees above freezing. This sleeping bag was more than able to keep us toastie warm - noticeably so when i had to get up in the early hours for a toilet visit. The inside of the bag is very soft and comfortable with a couple of velcro pockets at the top.I used one to pop my mobile phone in so it wouldn't suffer from condensation.It's easy to fit back into it's carrying bag, which my son "rode" around the house like a space hopper.My only - very minor - dislike is that the outside of the bag is made of quite slippery material so the slight incline we camped on meant we slid down the bed a little.In SummaryI bought this sleeping bag for 40 pounds, which i consider fantastic value. It was more than a match for the April night time temperatures - in fact i can only assume that the reviewers who've found it too cold were using it in winter.The sleeping bag is spacious, warm and comfortable and i'd certainly recommend it to the casual camper.
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The bag arrived inside 3 days and i tried it out (on my living room floor) to make sure that I fit in it well enough. Being 6'4" and a rather hefty bloke I wanted to make sure that I would be comfortable in it. The bag has exceeded all expectations! The length of the bag completely covers me and there is more than enough room for the other half in there too. It is more than padded enough and has a soft lining on the inside. It is just the right thickness and any more would make it too warm for average UK camping conditions.I did find a slight stitching malfunction on the zip but this in no way causes any issues with the bag. For the price that Amazon are selling this at it would make more sense to get one of these than a single sleeping bag at a similar price. You know with Coleman your going to get a decent robust product and they deliver on everything here. Its big, comfy and well made.The small stitching issue was raised with Amazon and within 12 hours they responded to me with excellent service to which I thought was faultless. I have been a customer with the company for a number of years now and they have now made me a customer for life.
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