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Normally when I wild camp I use a hammock. But those kind of rely on trees. So when we planned a trip to the top of Bak Tor in the Derbyshire Peaks, I knew I needed a tent. My old dome tent was thrown out recently as it went mouldy, plus it was overkill at 4 berth and weighed a ton.This one stood out for its 2.1kg weight and its sensible price. After its first outing I am very pleased with my choice.Firstly I liked that it only has two poles which are both very easily threaded through their respective tunnels.They are aluminium and snap together quickly, plus they are obviously different lengths and colour-coded so it is impossible to confuse them. With my old dome tent it was a colossal chore trying to feed them through very narrow tunnels only to have to deal with them snagging and coming separated mid-tunnel. Threading those 4 poles took 90% of the up & down time of that tent. Here it took a total of 2 minutes, and that was in high wind on the top of a peak.Just be aware that the instructions stitched into the bag are very vague. Make sure you have the two black nylon tensioning straps running underneath the tent BEFORE you peg it all out! I bought this tent on short-notice and it arrived only just in time, so I didn’t have time for a test-erection in my back garden.The upper and lower portion of the tent are held together with toggles, so that in strong winds you just have to peg the base out and the top isn’t going to blow away whilst you deal with the poles.The included pegs are nice machined aluminium square section, so they are light and not easy to bend. But I would recommend you add a teaspoon to your peg bag! The top of these pegs are very narrow which makes them incredibly uncomfortable to push in. I used a teaspoon in the palm of my hand to stop them puncturing the skin.I erected this tent for the first time in failing light on the top of a windy mountain in under 10 minutes. My subsequent night’s sleep was only marred by my hips being used to a hammock and not the ground! I was kept warm and dry, and the tent did not flap and snap about in the wind. As others have said, I don’t see two fully grown adults (with rucksacks) using this tent. It was perfect for me and my bag, but would be very…..cosy with two.Taking the tent down was even faster the next morning, and the oversized bag is a joy to pack tent back into. No need to bend the laws of physics to squeeze it into a tube valise. This is very rewarding when you are tired and ache from the previous days hike and the night’s sleep on hard ground. You can just break camp and chip. It’s also nice knowing you won’t face another bagging battle if you have to dry your tent out when you get home.So far I am very happy with this tent. I just now have to buy a comfier sleeping mat, which means I now also need a bigger rucksack! I will update if I encounter any endurance issues.
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*Update 12 months on*I can't praise this enough, I have just finished its 5th outing in crappy weather, the quality is superb, its a great size for my height (6'3"), really easy and quick to put up or take down. The small weight gain over a one man tent and if you pack the poles/pegs separately in your ruck sack you can get the fabric into a 8lt dry sack and save some space. I camped in high winds/rain last week end and it took it really well. As a note I had mine next to a Vango Banshee last week,the Coleman is about 3 inches lower slightly longer and wider. I would say the quality is the same and some parts such as poles look like they came out of the same factory? To sum up, its light at 1.9kg , easy to put up, excellent quality and useful.The quality of this tent is just fantastic. As soon as I unpacked it I was impressed, the poles and pegs are machined to a very high standard and are very light. The tent fittings, fabric and stich work is faultless and of a very high quality and there is a good repair pack included. I have just used it up in North Wales on a very wet hiking trip up Cader Idris and I am very pleased with the performance. I struggle with one man hiking tents due to my height and size (6' 3" 120Kg) so I opted for this instead. Its only 500g heavier than say a 'Bear Skin' ( though I can't fault those either) but this is a small price to pay for a bit more room. Its quite wide but this is great for rucksack storage on one side and cooking on the other. The profile is quite low so great for wind resistance but still high enough for comfort and convenience. I prefer the side opening design as its much easier to roll in without getting mess and wet into the tent unlike a end opening tent which I struggle with. Erection time is quick, I managed it in less than 5 minutes including pegging out. Packed away in it's neat bag its not much bigger than a sleeping bag but you can fold it smaller if you pack the poles separate in your rucksack. In summary I would strongly recommend this for a hiker on the tall side. Plenty of room, weighs about a tin of beans more than a regular one man, superb quality and great performance. Seller was spot on in everyway and I will definitely buy/recommend in the future.
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I picked up this tent at a motorcycle show after some inconsiderate person decided to fall on the one I had brought from home, and I must say I am very impressed. As a fairly keen camper in bygone years I had a good idea what I wanted, something with a large sleeping area and relatively good storage outside of the inner tent. Most importantly though I wanted something motorcycle friendly, a tent which packed small and weighed as little as possible. This tent ticks all the boxes.It easily fits into my topbox or waterproof rollbags and takes up much less space than tents I have used in previous years.Pitching is a doodle, although if you leave the inner and outer attached (as I do) be careful when it is raining outside as water will affect the inner tent when erecting. I have used this tent three times now and I can put it up in around five minutes - not bad at all! The pegs provided are super lightweight jobbies, amazingly light in fact. One of my pegs has however met a premature end after an encounter with an underground stone in a Lake District campsite, so I advise taking a few extra pegs just in case.Space inside the tent once erected is superb, more than enough for two people plus gear, and very comfortable for one person plus gear as I use it! Space outside the inner tent is good, I always sacrifice one door area for storage and keep the other clear. This provides me with enough space for keeping kit which doesn't need to be protected from the elements.The Cobra 3 seems sturdy enough for most uses, I have never needed to use the guy lines however I would not want to use it up a mountain in gale force winds. But this is what you expect at this price point so I wouldn't necessarily see it as a major drawback.The only complaint I can think of is due to the use of double zips on the outer tent entrances. At night you can accidentally pull the top zip downwards, effectively opening the entrance entirely, which causes awful drafts in the night. Try to avoid making this mistake like I did on a few occasions!Overall this tent represents excellent value for money and it has helped rekindle my love for camping. Hurray for Coleman!
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I bought this tent because I was in a crunch planning for a camping vacation. The other tent that I had sprung a leak after I set it up to check it out. When I went inside to have a cup, my daughter went Psycho and started poking holes through the tent multiple times with a stake. I did not have enough to send it off to get it fixed so I bought this. I received the tent and went into the garden to practice setting it up (daughter now named "tentkiller" was at the kindergarten". I was surprised at how easy it was.The inner shell is attached inside with quick release clips and does not have to be set up separately. The poles (2) go through a webbing that is outside the shell of the tent. I think this is really clever because the poles contacting the tent will not be a potential leak point. The stakes go in the front and back inner and outer shell straps. Stake the sides. Stake the ropes. That's it, Bobs your uncle. Start to finish was 6 minutes after the third practice. The tent is roomy on the inside for two people and cozy for two. My wife is on the smaller side so I do think it would be tight for two husky people. The storage area on the entrance is large enough for the shoes and a daypack. The storage on the other side is large enough for the 70 litre pack. Unfortunately, it does not come with a ground sheet for these areas so if it was wet you would have to have a bag or other waterproof item to set your packs on. Dis-assembly was just as easy and fit into the compression bag that it came in. The tent is relatively light, 1.4 kg, and small if packed right. I am happy.Pros+ Light+ Easy setup+ External frame+ small when packedCons- no ground clothe for storage areas- stakes are a bit flimsy- guy line locks bend easyHope this review helps.
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Fantastic tent. I use it on my own. Loads of room inside and along the sides to store stuff and two entrances means that if the wind changes you get an option of which side to exit if it's lashing down. Only issue is until you get the tension right, the zips can be a little tricky to open and close - don't force it or you might be looking at a broken tent. Mine has stuck once and I forced it a little and the zip got ahead of itself. A bit of patience and the good workmanship of the stitching allowed me to get the zip back down and working correctly.I didn't have a problem with the tent pegs that others don't seem to like. Use the proper tools getting them in and out and you won't have a problem. Do it by hand and you might injure yourself - but no one puts these in by hand do they? Massive footprint - give yourself half again the space you think you need and it's great and make sure you fully open it out when you pitch - first time I had it probably half a foot too far in - on either side - it extends to be taut and to get the rain moving away nicely. Doesn't get too much condensation inside and nicely ventilated with the three airways (Front, back and a little unzipping window-like mesh in one of the inner doors). I'd recommend getting yourself a cheap tarp to put underneath and when you pack it, take the pegs out, then take the poles out and let one side fold over, then the other - that way you can unpack it and pitch it while leaving the inner and outer together. First time you do it- it is a bit confusing what is where, but a few pitches and unpitches and you'll get it. Great tent. Massive space. No way you'd get three in it. I wouldn't want to be in it with someone else personally but enough room to swing a cat.
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Awesome tent! For the price, I don't think you can beat this. I bought this to share with my girlfriend on a camping trip. It's for three people, but if you have gear, you want extra room.Pros:I just love this tent!If you stake it right to the ground, I don't think any reasonable wind could blow it over. I did a crappy job the first night and it still stayed up in some pretty strong wind.VERY easy to set up. Fast as well.One really great feature I noticed is how they left room for more gear between the inner tent and outer cover.I also lit a mosquito repellent stick (one of those slightly smoking non toxic things) under the outer cover on the entrance and it kept all the bugs out. I doubt they recommend that, but it was a safe way to keep the bugs out yet get some more air flow. Just be careful to not knock it over onto any part of the tent. I'm sure it would melt a hole in it (as would any tent). It smelled nice inside the tent then too lol.I was surprised that it stayed fairly warm inside even when 6C outside at night. I measured it to be about 4C warmer inside just with body heat even in strong wind. That can be a big differenceI think it is very water proof. I'd still put a tarp under it to protect the bottom of the tent against sharp rocks etc, but it seems to keep the water out pretty well!Cons:One problem is though that it gets hot inside if the sun is beating on it.The included stakes, though nicely shaped are a bit easy to bend when you have fists of ham like me beating on them with a rock into hard ground.One strap on the bottom of the tent had a sewing defect. But that was about a 5 minute repair with a needle and thread.Someday I'll come back to report how it holds up.
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At first use, this is an excellent backpacking tent for the money. First up, it is big! It is truely a 2 person tent with room for rucksacks too - unlike some claimed 2-person tents which are often a tight squeeze and an impossibility for 2 people with kit. This one works well. I'm a little under 6-foot but there is so much space inside this tent that taller backpackers will like it.It is easy to pitch and very stable. One tip when pitching, do so with all the zips closed.Otherwise it is well-nigh impossible to close the tent once pitched without loosening all the guys and pegs first.On the down side? Packed away, it is not the most compact of 2-person tents and either takes up a lot of space in the rucksack or - as I did - one has to strap it to the outside (leaving bags of space on the inside of the rucksack!) - and can I confirm weight. It is 2Kg, all-up with poles and pegs, but feels lighter.Cannot comment on Hydrostatic wotsit. Have yet to experience a "British Summer!" or Winter with it, yet.Lastly, lastly, as with a lot of tents of this type, do take care when unzipping the openings from the inside. The zips easily snag on the fabric overlap.The pegs are really good, strong and lightweight. Having said that, I have replaced 5 of mine with smaller ones. First time out I trod on an exposed peg-top in bare feet! They are rigid and do not bend (Tent-Peg 1: Bare Foot 0). I now use smaller pegs near the tent entrance, ones that can recess to ground level so I don't experience another bruised foot.All in all, really really pleased with the purchase. Would highly recommend it, easpecially for people who find the usual 2-person tent too cramped.
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I have bought this tent for use when I am hill walking and I wanted something light, easy to pitch and roomy for me and my kit. Having done my research on this style of tent it was a toss up between this and the Vango Banshee 200. I have many Coleman and Vango tents and products and none have ever let me down. As this was around £20 cheaper than the Vango I opted for this.The Vango is a very good tent but with me being 6'4" and big I needed something I could stretch out in as well as have room to sort my admin out and keep dry at the same time.The Vango felt just a little cramped for someone of my size with a limited width. Dont get me wrong here, its a great tent but the Vango really was a little small for me in length. My brother has bought the Vango and swears by it.The Cobra is superb! Its brilliant in the fact that it is roomy for me inside (never believe a 2 man tent can fit 2 people in with kit though) and has storage areas outside the pod sleeping area on both sides for ditching your boots, bergen, etc. Its big enough inside to sort yourself out but small enough to battle the wind outside. It seems solid enough and its light. The sack that it comes in has a nice design where it is side opening with a draw cord and tightening straps. The tent fits straight back in easily with no fuss. It took no more than five minutes to get down and packed away. The pegs are small and lightweight but I can understand why people buy after market pegs as the catching hooks are a little small. More of a piece of mind thing really as the pegs are good but need to be dug into the ground a little firmer.Great tent, great price, great size, great purchase!
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Great backpacking tent, does have some issues with condensationI initially bought this tent as a light weight tent to take on my 2 week cycling tour. I am 6'3'' and i have a lot of trouble finding tents that i do not touch the ends of the inner. I have had the problem with competitors of this tent such as the Vango banshee. Inside this tent there is just enough room for two people but it would be a squeeze. I would recommend using this tent as a 1 person tent with space for baggage.I am able to sleep in this tent with room for my 70L backpack beside me with some space top and bottom and my feet do not touch the outer tent.The tent weighs 2.2kg fully packed which is pretty light.The slight issue with this tent is condensation. I have found on many occasion that i would wake up with a large amount of condensation on the inside of the tent. The reason is that there is not enough ventilation passing through the tent. I recently used this tent on my 7 day backpacking trip this september and found that I was drying the tent on the back of my pack as i walked. this was not too much of a problem. However, condensation seems to be a common occurrence in smaller tents. There is certainly no problem in the summer months as the outer canvas can be quickly dried in the morning sun.I have used this tent for the past 4 years and I would highly recommend it as a first backpacking tent especially if you are tall and are on a budget.
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We took a long time looking for a lightweight tent for 2 plus dog and rucksacks. Room to sit and take boots off as well as the critical easy to erect and fit for purpose (waterproof and wind proof). We could have spent much more on an expedition tent, but at £91, this tent really fits the brief. Splitting the poles and tent across two rucksacks makes each pack very light and easy to accommodate in a rucksack. The tent comes already with the inner attached and erects so easy,there is no need to adjust after the first pegging and the inner and putter can sit on same pegs with a small marginal difference in height. The skins don't touch. The zips and seams are good quality, right down to luminous tags to help locate them. It is plenty big enough for 2 and dog and kit. We bought this for occasional planned wild camping and regular emergency carry for long mountain and hill walks. To that end, it had to be something light enough and small enough not to ever be considered to be left behind. It really is that tent and at under £100 it is another great Coleman product. Would I carry in alone? Well no, but then I would never walk alone either when it came to 20 miles +. The pegs are sturdy, but lightweight. The erection is relatively intuitive. Practice in the garden before you need to use it and you will have the time down to about 3 minutes. Great tent, highly recommended.
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