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I certainly like it while it is sitting on the table, it looks small in the compression sack. I took the sleeping bag out and it is thin, but it is just what i wanted and it weighs very little. Putting the bag back into the sack was no problem, but i think i may need some practice to get it in as well as the original packing and i couldn't get it seal, i don't reckon that's a big deal. The compression sack is coated on the inside and i expect it to be waterproof.As long as you know what you want it for it is great, not for Everest though...


Very well known and respected brand and the quality was unparalleled. Design, color, stitching were all top-notch.Unfortunately, it was too cold when I used it on my bed in 7 degrees Centigrade with a long-sleeve t-shirt and thin, long pajama pants! Definitely NOT good to -2 Centigrade. But these temperature ratings are always like that... so you just have to know. But overall this is a high quality bag from a quality brand.By the way, it cost me the same as it does in the U.S. (no markup really!).


Good size sleeping bag with a high quality feel. Thin, so only really suitable for cool summer nights. Has a small pocket inside for valuables.4 stars because the waterproof stuff sack provided has a valve which lets you squeeze the air out to make it smaller, but doesn't stay like this. Even rolling the top 3 times, air gets back into the stuff sack which cannot easily get back out, effectively inflating it to its maximum size (which is still quite small)


I went to Chadar with this one. Honestly, at those temperatures, around - 20 to - 25 degree Celsius, I was expecting an average to low comfort level in it. But to my surprise, it held its ground pretty well. You can expect a decent performance level at temperatures as low as - 10 degree Celsius though they have mentioned lower end - 2 degree.Very lightweight and compact. Big advantage. No complaints at all.


A great lightweight sleeping bag that packs down to a very small size, the waterproof bag is very useful and means that I can strap it to the back of my bike with a tent which saves valuable space in my rucksack. As others have said its not the warmest of bags but I found that with am addition sleeping bag liner it was much warmer when it needed to be without increasing the size by much


Very light and has a small pack size. Still warm when damp, which is a plus over a down bag if you are touring and camping over several days without the opportunity to dry your kit out. If the temperature goes more than a couple of degrees below 10c you will need to keep a base layer on, or use a fleece liner. Anything lower will need a warmer bag than this.


Good quality bag and does it job well.. I have used it in 2 degree and it didn't disappointed. Though I feel its not suitable to use above 15 degrees as it gets too warm.The best thing I like about this bag is ease of use..its very easy to pack the bag in less than 5 mins into its bag...which otherwise a uphill task with other sleeping bags.


Really nice summer weight bag. Be warned tho, I do mean summer. If it falls below 11c and you're a cold sleeper you might suffer a bit. My only other slight criticism is that it's narrow. It's fine for me as I am quite thin but I can imagine a rather burly biker chap needing one for each leg.


packs up small, very light and affordable.I would highlight that it is For summer use only as its very thin! One issue was the toggle that tightens the bag around the neck/chest digs into you while you're sleeping. Perfect for my backpacking trip in south of France in may :)


It is pretty good. Specious, and light. warm enough for fall trips to the hills. However it's a pain to pack it. The opening of the storage for the bag is very narrow and rigid. Difficult to put the sleeping bag in once used. Otherwise good value for the money.


I had shopped it after a huge research & picked this up among 20 of others. It is more than upto my expectations, easy to carry, I personally used it at temperatures around 2 degrees & felt so warm. There is nothing to dislike in it. Thanks Coleman.


I really enjoyed this sleeping bag. High quality and v.a. Very small pack size ... Water-protected bag + valve to vent - simply outstanding !! RECOMMENDED


The product is amazing, highly portable and convenient to carry, a very light weight and compact design but still highly efficient and comfortably warm


Exactly as expected and described on the site, with this possibility of reducing the size of the bag by emptying the air, it's great.


Not for that low temp they claim but worls fine .. air does not fully stop coming in the bag of the sleepingbag even it has a nozzle
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