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This lovely sleeping bag was a part of our order for our work related move to France. Problem - the usual complications of getting all the timings right, etc., making of the mattress... you name it.Solved? Yes, by acquiring an air bed, pump and of course sleeping bag for our temporary bed while waiting for everything else to arrive (bonus : we now have a wonderful air bed and a lovely lovely sleeping bag XD).We wanted a large size bed and bag because we have individual bags and while they may soon need replacing,it's nice to be a couple and be able to BE a couple even when a) on an outdoors adventure, b) in your own bed while waiting for the remaining luggage. The Coleman was advertised as managing to be ok as low as -15 (though always consider the fact that, in outdoorsy situations, this is how low you can go and still survive...the comfort, however, much depends on your own preferences, well-being, environment, weather, and so on). The upper temperature is 6, and while I will probably be nice and toasty, my partner will probably be too hot under normal conditions, but such is life. :)The bag has a huge pro by having two zippers, one on each side (which aren't sharp...<3) and is very nice and soft... so if you have temperature differences like us, with me being a cold one and my partner generally overhot, or one uses the toilet in the night more often, you can use the zippers individually for whatever you want, really. Which is so much better than crawling over each other or fighting over being too hot or too cold, both of which can be a nightmare.This is a perfect bag for those who want comfort and don't need a specialised bag for extreme conditions (in which case, go for Millet's hefty amount of options and personalised customer support, at least that's what I always do). I also love the colour... warm and nice and cosy. A perfect purchase all around. :)
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I was lucky enough to purchase this sleeping bag when it was reduced, we have had many sleeping bags, all types of quality and materials in the past. We have a been camping since the 1970's so you can imagine the different fashions in camping comfort as the years go by. I have to say now I am getting older that comfort and warmth is a major priority on a damp and chilly evening and yes we campers know we get many of those even in the warmer months here.I can only say I bought a couple of cheaper nylon bags to put on top of our airbed and we spent the night slithering around a bit like a couple of peas being chased by chopsticks, only we were slithering peas with cold feet. At our age it did not make for a comfortable camping expedition, so when we returned home I set out on my quest to find a solution, I found this bag and thought the fleece lining would at least stop the slithering about.Next trip, lovely cosy and warm night and the weather was not great, but I didn't care I was under the canvas and really comfy and we were no longer stray peas with freezing feet. No issues here with quality as I read some have, the zips work fine, I have taken it all apart and washed it, this is my new camping friend. I am tempted to get another so we can have one each, there is plenty of room for two, but I feel I would like to sleep with my arms wide open and my feet in the air.
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My first experience camping was with a duvet and pillows - never again! I was so cold I knew it just wouldn't do! I read the reviews on the Coleman double sleeping bag and whilst pricey it wasn't as expensive as the vango version and looked pretty much the same!Well camping has never been better. This sleeping bag is so comfortable! The flannel interior means it's not like a traditional sleeping bag and you can just snuggle up!It's roomy enough for two (depends how big you are but we're two 30year old women average size/weight and it's fine).The only drawback I would say is that the zips at the side easily unzip which isn't always helpful as tends to happen when the other person turns over.Putting it away in the bag - we mange this but there's a knack! It definitely needs two people. Fold it in 3 length ways then roll it up. Make sure the end with the opening of the bag is facing up and then push the storage bag over the top (this stops it unravelling) then turn it over and squish until the zips meet. Don't try and put the sleeping bag IN the storage bag from above because it'll never work!Have washed and tumble dried mine several times (bottom and top separately as won't fit in machine otherwise) and has been fine but tumble drying does make it fluffier so a little harder to put in the bag!!All in all I love it! Worth it's money and some!
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Umm'd and Aaah'd for a couple of weeks as hubby was complaining about the king size duvet taking up so much room in the back of the car when we went camping. I thought a double sleeping bag really mean't accepting my younger days were over and I would be well on my way to becoming a boring old fart. Well, have changed my mind. Previously going to bed in the tent was something I endured. Now I am happy to say that curling up inside this beauty is the perfect end to a days hard camping,and I actually look forward to it.I really didn't want a bag with a polyester/shiny lining as that can be a bit like dipping toes in ice in the middle of the night, nor did I want one that was quite stiff/foam like so that we ended up with a big drafty tunnel between us. This has a warm cotton flannelette lining and it has the soft squishy fluffiness like a good fibre filled duvet, it moulds nicely around us and am pleased to report the only draft in the bed, comes from my husbands snorting nostrils.Really well made, zips are brilliant quality and fine with one hand. So glad we bought it. Only thing I don't like about it is the bloomin' colour, brown.
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Well it is warm and lovely to lie in (Just returned from wet and windy Snowdonia weekend temp down to 7°C in tent) and we were both toasty warm, we were both wearing thermals/jim jams but that wasn't strictly necessary.It is a bit bulky so not for back packing but then you wouldn't buy it for that, and being a synthetic fill it will be, but that also means it will be warm still if your tent drips on it. It wicks moisture out to the surface of the bag, which is good, because the inside stays warm and dry.It has always dried out on the outside during the day while out walking, so this shouldn't put you off.Definitely a 3 season bag designed for Glamping more than camping if you see what I mean. Might be too warm for a good summer night, but I think it's aimed at Spring and Autumn more.Had to give it 5 stars because it's done what I bought it for no problem.
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Only used this for one camp so far this year but can't wait to go camping again so that I can get into it again. It is really well made and so cozy - also very roomy. I just can't fault it - though we did struggle to get it back into its bag. This sleeping bag was so lovely that I was glad for the terrible weather as it meant I got to stay 'in bed' that much longer. Would recommend to anyone!Update - we’ve had this now for 7 years and I still love it just as much. Still super comfy and cozy.The only thing that has changed is that it quickly became easier to get back into the bag. Still in perfect condition, all zippers working. Really a great product. After a camping holiday I’ll often throw it open on our bed to ‘air’ but really it is only so we can sleep in it for a couple of days more. Think this is one of the best things I’ve ever bought.
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We previously took our duvet camping but desperately trying to increase space in the car & trailer decided to try a sleeping bag. It was fantastic, ok luckily we did have the hottest wk of the yr so far so couldn't test it for warmth but comfort was 5 star. Being able to un zip the bottom to let in air was g8. A zip each side ment we could get out easily without disturbing each other too much. I'm 7 months pregnant so this camping trip was always going to be testing comfort wise but the coleman hampton exceeded expectations for sure.We've even booked for easter 2013, normally I'm a mid summer camper as find early & late season too cold at night but very confident that will be nice & snug! ps our tent has a sealed groundsheet so we don't have the prob of wind howling under which ob also helps.
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Top quality - I'm in this bag as I write this now and it certainly feels warm, thick-padded and oozes quality. I didn't want yet another cheap polyester bag like I'm sleeping in a plastic bin liner. This bag might seem pricey by comparison but you get what you pay for - and that's true in spades here, it's actually quite good value for money. Not for back packing tho, this is a heavy bag and takes up some space even folded away. Cramming it into a storage bag is a job in itself.I bought the double because the price difference seemed so little from the single size, and sleeping on a campervan single mattress here, I've simply folded it in two making a single size with extra padding below. Quality.
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I work at Worcestershire County Cricket ClubAn elderly diabled gentleman that i talk to there asked me if i knew "where he could get a sleeping bag which was gotton outside & flannel inside with zips that could be opened from both sides" I said i would look on the internet and see what i could find.When i found this one i printed it out and showed him he said thats it please could i order it for him.When it came He was over the moon to think i could get it for himThis gentleman is really sweet hecan't walk or move his hands very much and he really did love his sleeping bag if he needs anything else i will come back here to youThank You Very Much for all your helpFrom Helen Gardiner
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I rarely write a review unless something is particularly good or really bad. This sleeping bag is the former.It is well made extremely comfortable and very warm. I have just taken it camping in England and even without my wife it was super comfortable and super warm.The only downside is the carrier bag is just big enough for the sleeping bag, thus it is a mission to get it back in the bag. The carrier bag and zip are also not that robust so I expect it not to last much longer.Coleman take note: the oversize compression sack which compresses is the preferred method.This requires to be made of a robust material as it will take a pummelling!But all in all an excellent product.
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