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7,000 Watts! Hold on, the maximum continuous take off of a 3.9kg Calor Cylinder is 7,500 watts, and that of a 6kg cylinder is 11,000 watts, yet, it is suggested that this stove can generate 7,000 watts from a 460 gramme container. Propane liquefies at minus 42, so it would certainly give you maximum power for longer than butane, and explains why the Campingaz version of this stove, designed to run on a 907 butane cylinder is so underpowered. However, a 450g propane container will not run a 7kW patio heater for very long, so why should it do much for a 7kW cooker? A linear equation (which is slightly unrealistic) would put the power at 1.67 x the kg of gas in the bottle plus 0.98.This means that the max continuous take off of a 450g propane bottle would be 1.73 kW. Curiously enough the same for butane would be 0.8 x the kg of gas plus 1.4. So 450g would give 1.76kW for butane and a 2.7 kg 907 Campingaz butane container would be 3.56kW. So, it would only seem you can have both rings on full for a medium amount of time before the gas bottle will start "slowing down" due to the temperature reducing internally to -42 due to the gas draw off. If this is what happens to propane, you can see how useless butane is with its zero degree liquifying point. Of course you could heave around a 7kG Calor Butane bottle which should give plenty of time at 7000 watts! But it doesn't fit this cooker!In fact, not to put it too strongly, up until this stove came out, Coleman has betrayed the Northern European camper by selling puny Campingaz equipment in our climate region. They certainly had a go at helping with their Coleman Perfectflow stoves, but they didn't have a carry handle, wouldn't fit in a two burner stove bag or camp kitchen, and had no sophistication; just power. To Coleman's discredit, the carry bags and hoses and some of the range including a full width grill were not imported though.Well, here it is, an uprated Perfectflow stove complete with wind baffle burners and a carry handle. What else? Well very little. Tough rubber corners. Side windshields have disappeared, though it could be argued they are not necessary due to the superior burners, and anyway they stop large sucepans being placed on the flame. It has no fixed simmer stop, no large and small burner, the two flame controls still work in opposite directions, and it still needs a gigantic table because of the overhanging cartridge assembly. And still, they won't provide a high pressure hose version for it to work off UK bulk containers. It is the only portable stove with such power that it is really crying out for a 3.9 Calor, but, we are denied this. Of course in the USA, things are different, with hose adapters, etc.It will eat propane from your expensive one pound bottle, and, in view of the fact that these bottles aren't sold everywhere, you will need to take quite a few with you.This stove should never ever be used indoorsThe stove performed excellently, even in a high wind, and I am looking forward to testing it on a barbecue ban beach, where most other stoves fail. At last, they have tested the stove in some wind (be it all 7.2 mph, but no mention of altitude and ambient temperature.). A 7.2 mph wind on a beach is quite timid, and I hope to amend this review with my report.There are other items in the range on the US website, but this looks like the only one available in the UK, though when I last looked, it did not appear on the UK Coleman website.Overall excellent, because it has high power. This is more important than all the other gripes, as anyone trying to fry or boil 2 litres of water on the beach will know. It is expensive to run however and should come with a HP hose and HP bulk regulator.
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I took this out last week for the first time and it performed nearly 100% the only fault I could find was the flame control which did not come up to expectation. you will have difficulty simmering anything. and it gets hot very quickly with the new burners. apart from that the build quality is excellent it is very well protected. another slight bug was the flimsy lid retainer. there really should be one on each side to stop it falling onto the burners. I have since purchased from amazon in the States a valve to refill the gas containers which are quite expensive £12-15 each to refill from a larger tank will cost a fraction of that may be £2-3 each.I have also bought a coleman connector hose that will attach this to a bigger tank ie 6kg or bigger if you have the room. all in all I'm pleased with my purchase all bar the small gripes I have mentioned
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I recently purchased the Coleman FyreChampion Double Burner Stove.The stove is excellent and I mainly use it with my calor gas 6Kg and 3.9Kg propanebottles and a Silverline adjustable propane regulator. This is a far cheaper method ofrunning the stove and also gives further control and achieves a perfect simmer, when required.(The 1lb Coleman propane cylinders are far too expensive and contain a mere 457g or 465g of propane.)However the 1lb Coleman cylinders are really handy if you want to travel light. ie Kayaking!This is easily the best Coleman propane double burner stove so far and is a pleasure to use!!To make the hose took about five minutes and the Silverline adjustable regulator was£5.99 on eBay.
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You need the silly canisters for this now, buy one of these http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0009PUQAK?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage so you can use the larger Propane bottles. Super stove, very robust and cheaper at gooutdoors if you google it and find it cheaper elsewhere - sorry Amazon!


Well built as you would expect, works great and very easy to use. A little heavy maybe but I guess you don't have to carry the hot plates if you're not going to use them and it is big enough for probably two woks


Just buy this one. Looked for ages at different stoves and bought this one. Just got my hands on it. Rugged snd everything feels solid. Can't wait to take it camping knowing I bought the best.


Really really well made, fuel efficient and cooks quickly. I only wish it could run on non-propriatary canisters. However they can be refilled using a propane tank with the correct adapters.


Compact and easy to useGas cylinders. Less to Carry
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