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I whittled down all the flocked surface single airbeds to three and expected the Coleman Comfort to be the best. It's a very generous size (and this isn't the maxi option, just the standard single), nice and deep and inflates easily with a standard footpump except that the valvle is a little too large for the largest nozzles that come with the pumps so I had to hold it in place at floor level whilst pumping (would be easier with two people or a battery pump, I suspect!). Very plush and comfortable but tips up off of the floor if you move however much or little air is used and makes a crackly noise like screwed up paper when you move your head. I expect that eases with use. At 2.25kg and much wider than me,I decided upon the Vango single flocked airbed instead because it's only 1.35kg and I didn't need the extra width. The Vango is more comfortable and silent and doesn't lift off of the ground either, but I still think the Coleman Comfort is very good, particularly for larger/heavier people.I docked a star because I had to order two of these to get one with properly welded seams (the first one couldn't be inflated because they weren't sealed). Probably just a dodgy batch as the second one was great. I couldn't help noticing though (through the open seams on the first airbed) that despite what the manufacturer's claims state, there is no internal coil/chamber structure whatsoever to this design; the 'quilted' effect hollows are just surface indentations. It's just one big air chamber inside as I suspect the airbeds of all other brands are too!
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This is the latest version of our old air bed which lasted for years and was fantastic. We bought this before a 2 week camping trip and inflated it at home to test it out for a couple of nights first just because of mixed reviews on all air beds and wanting to be sure that it wouldn't let us down. It folds into a compact bag for packing which is great for cramming everything in the car. It is quick to inflate although we found that the pumps we used would not stay in unless held in place. So with one person holding and the other operating the pump it took a couple of minutes using the electric pump attached to the car and as you'd expect longer with the foot pump.Happy with it's performance at home we took it for 2 weeks camping and although we topped up the air a bit midway through it didn't desperately need it, this was more out of habit from being used to the old air bed. We found it comfortable although have to confess to having a 1 inch memory foam topping and duvet on top of the air bed to make it warm and super comfy. With these luxuries I found it as comfy as my bed at home! So I can confirm that over 2 weeks of use no issues at all with leaks and very happy with this!
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These airbeds are smelly and on our two camping trips I've aired them for a week beforehand to make the inside of our tent more liveable in. But after I got mine, my wife tried it and immediately ordered her own one because it's much better than the thin insulated matts she has used before.The thing is, when you're using these airbeds they're really comfortable! We've got a very nice matress at home but if anything these airbeds are more comfortable. No pressure points, and sufficiently large that you can turn over on them throughout the night to get in the right position.I'm six foot tall and prefer to have my toes dangling off the end,but I could choose to have them on the matress if I wished.Our last camping trip lasted five days and we didn't need to re-inflate either of our airbeds, they retained their air well. We have some friends who are seasoned campers who think that these things last a year and then you need to buy new ones. I've no idea if this is true, but if it is I think I'd be happy to buy new ones to replace them - anything for a good night's sleep!
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Used this for two camping trips, 5 and 4 nights on separate occassions.My husband is considerably heavier than I, so airbeds always have not been the comfiest.I have to say inflating this bed in two places (which isn't an issue at all) made the surrounding edge and one of the beds firm, then was able to pump the second bed to another firmness. Not once did I feel my husband turn over at night, nor when getting out of bed did I slump and there was no rolling together. My 4 stars for comfort come in the issue of the length we are both under 6ft and using home pillows my feet were near the end and my husbands were on the very end or over. It felt it wasn't the widest either.So overall,very comfortable for sturdiness (no deflating) and firmness. Just feel it could be slightly longer and wider. Good nights sleep!
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I purchased this in 2014 to take with me volunteering at the Common Wealth Games up in Glasgow. After 2 weeks sleeping on this in my tent it won my heart. Never before have I slept on a airbed which is so comfortable. You don't roll into the middle at all. Over 2 weeks of quite varying temperatures, really hot (surprising for Scotland!) during the day then cold cold over night, i only had 2 top it up a couple of times. Not bad for a new airbed. 3 years on, it's had many friends sleep on it when visiting and all have commented that it is the most comfortable air bed they've slept on.OK it's a bit more expensive than the cheap ones, but for a good quality,comfortable airbed that rolls out back into it's bag it's more than worth the 5*'s! I just hope leaving this review hasn't cursed it....!!!
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For a long time I seem to have been plagued with a run of poor quality air beds - usually purchased whilst away camping as a result of the previous air bed failing the previous night. Having read the many reviews associated with the Coleman air bed, I thought it was a safe choice, and I was right.The air bed is a little smaller that I have had in the past but is great quality and has lasted several camping trips without incident.I particularly like the 2 part inflation system which not only means you can specify how hard you want each side of the bed, but also means that you do not feel the bed undulating when your partner gets up for the call of nature in the middle of the night!(too much information?!).Very highly recommended and should this one fail, would happily buy again.
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Anyone who goes camping and has used an airbed knows what a PITA they are - they always go down in the night and if you move one way they ping up on the other side. If you share it with a partner you practically fire them out of it. Anyone getting up in the night automatically wakes up the other person. I've been using these airbeds for years and they are in a class of their own (they need to be mind, they are 3-4 times the price of a bog standard airbed). They stay fully inflated for a full week of camping, they are fabulously comfortable and the dual chamber design means you don't notice the other person moving about.Well worth the extra - which sadly is more than I can say for my Coleman's tent which leaked through the seams on first use after a few hours of heavy rain.
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I love this airbed. I have had many double airbeds over the last 5 years for house guests and this is by far the best.1) it's lasted the longest (I've recently bought second one after 2-3 years, which is good going considering we have cats)2) it's the comfiest as you don't roll together into a dip the night if there is any air loss (there wasn't for the first year or two)3) the air valves are easy to operate (don't laugh - some other models have confusing valves that make it hard to either inflate of deflate)Not a criticism as it doesn't pretend to come with one, but I'd recommend getting an electric pump for inflating this. It's quick with a standard one,but I imagine you'd be there a while doing it with your own lungs.
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Excellent value for money and nice quality too, supplied boxed and in a black storage bag. Have blown these up to test them for size but not slept on them yet so I will update my review if they go flat during use!My wife has tested a standard single bed fitted sheet on these and it fits fine so no need to get any odd sized fitted sheets either!Compared to the other Coleman Comfort single airbed (currently priced on Amazon at £23.99) and sized at 188 x 85 x 22 cm... these airbeds priced at ONLY £12.99 are a bargain and comparing the two for size these are the same length and height and are only 3cm less in width (L:188cm x W:82cm x D:22cm)so negligible really.Overall I am a VERY happy customer so I have bought 3 more!
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After previously owning two airbeds, both with a built in electric pump, which never stayed fully inflated for more than a couple of hours, I decided on this one. When purchasing, the extra cost of a pump needs to be factored in, but I have to say that this one doesn't leak at all.I tested it by inflating and leaving like that for 48 hours. It lost only a negligible amount of air ovr that period. It is comfortable and not too thin like a lot of cheaper airbeds. A fitted sheet fits reasonably well and protects the top surface.It's good that a repair patch is included too. The deflated and folded bed fits nicely into the supplied bag.It seems to be well made with plastic of a good thickness.


My boyfriend and I bought this for a weekend camping trip and were very happy with our choice.The camping trip was two nights long and by the end of the second night the airbed was still well inflated and comfortable - no leaking issues at all. No need to re-inflate between the two nights.Also, I tend to move a lot during the night and my boyfriend is a very light sleeper. Just a couple of weeks before, we had stayed over at a friend's house and they had let us use their airbed which didn't have separately inflated areas - and I kept waking him when moving. Yet this time, when using this Coleman one, he says I didn't wake him at all and he could sleep well through the night. :)


They never last for ever but this one has lasted more than 2 camping trips now and is still going strong.We also leant it to some friends this summer and they were so impressed they have now bought their own one.It is not our first Coleman airbed (not even our first Coleman Comfort Double) having thrown away several over the years. Even one of the "Coleman extra durable (blue)" ones had to be replaced. They are an environmentalist's nightmare as they are quite difficult to recycle - but there are plenty of ideas on how to reuse once the have served their time (cut out boot liners, ground sheets, base layer/lining for small patios, planters etc.


Slept on this mattress a handful of times over summer; in a house, in a tent and in a car.Pros+ Great value+ Solves the issue of me and the missus rolling into each other, whether or not this is desired!+ Two separate air compartments means that you can get up and back into bed without catapulting your better half out of the tent!+ Versatile; allows you to use the single part and tuck the rest underneath if only one person is sleeping on it. Saves some puff!+ Comes with a storage bag and repair kit.+ Actually stays up overnight! No more cheap blue air beds for me.+ Feels well made.Cons- No complaints.


comfiest bed i've ever slept on. i'm 6ft3 and 19st and i had a hatred of air beds until i bought these. Every air bed I've used in the past I've always woken up on the floor in the middle of the night. For the last 3 years I've taken my mattress camping with me until this year, I bought 2 of these for a camping trip I've just been on with the kids and both beds have been amazing, i had to add a little air to both every 3 nights but they are just so comfy its worth it. First night back at home on a real bed i couldn't get comfy and actually thought about getting the air bed back out but im far to lazy for that lol


I've never been a big fan of air beds; I've always found them to be a bit too vague and uncomfortable, but I needed something for a couple of weekend camping trips with my son, so I bit the bullet and bought this one.I've been pleasantly surprised by this product. With the proper Coleman pump, it inflates and deflates easily and quickly. It seems to hold its air with no issues and is actually remarkably comfortable.The fabric surface helps with a bit of insulation, the rest of the mattress seems to be pretty tough. I've only used it for a couple of nights away, but have had a good night's sleep every time
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