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Overall I think this stove is really good, however there are a couple of things to be aware of:1- I found the piezo lighter super fragile. In fact I had used the stove a total of 4 times before it stopped working. May yet send the stove back to amazon but I have a mini piezo lighter I had used previously anyway.2- It's a little heavier than the Jetboil et al and a little less efficient on gas due to the lack of a heat exchanger.With that said it's a lot more stable than the Windburner stove or Jetboil, you can even peg the burner into the ground if it's on a precarious footing, and in my experience it's more or less entirely windproof.I've used it in conditions I wouldn't previously have bothered trying to get a stove out in and it has worked great. We used it to make dinner in 35-40mph wind with just myself sat in front of the stove to shelter it slightly and it worked almost as well as it does in still air.
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Have used this a lot of times and it is quick and efficient. It is not the lightest stove but when you take it all into account that there is wind protection and a large insulated mug it and that it all packs together then I think the convenience and speed of boiling wins over lighter burners. I do however just use it for drinks , dehydrated food and boil in the bag meals - if I was going to cook 'proper' meals I could be tempted by something more lightweight


I have had numerouse camping stoves over the past 40 years , some good , some realy bad , but this one is very compact,so easy to assemble and use .......it says it can boil a full 1.3 lt of water in 4min.30s.......not exactally true , it will boil a standard cup of water in 4min .30s , but still , it suits my exact needs when I am out fishing .......and it all packs away nice and neat inside the container ..........10/10


Awesome piece of kit! I took it down to the beach with me over the weekend and the weather was wild and windy. I was easily able to cook up some tomato soup which was well received by all. It feels high quality and well made. Its pretty lightweight and easy to carry. I bought the Extreme Gas cartridge as I will be taking this fishing with me and the temperatures can be low first thing in the morning.


Feels like a premium product. Easy to use. No issues at all firing it up and boiling water. It does take a few minutes to boil water, but much faster than using a different gas stove. The unit is very stable when in use.The whole product is quite big so its not the most portable thing to carry around. Also its a shame it does not come with a carry bag of any sort.


I own many Coleman stoves and when I saw this cooking system I just had to add it to my collection! the pot is a really good size and with the windshield base it works well in all conditions.I used it with the xtreme gas (a bit over the top for summer but hey!) and the performance was great. This will get lots of use all year round, camping and fishing.


This product is nearly great. Pros - sturdy, heats very quickly, compact. Cons - a very tight fit to get all components packed inside, expensive for what it is when you can get an equivalent burner for £15, worst of all the wind shield forces the legs closed when the pot is heavy which is dangerous. Be careful!


Good performance - Tough and reliable - very pleased - took it to Svalbard in the Arctic for a two-week expedition. Although other team members had brought smaller/lighter burners, this became the burner of choice for all at meal-times! Stood up to a lot of punishment and a lot of meals! Recommended!


Nice and fast, great bit of kit, a lot better value than the jet boil but just as good and because of the gas pipe the unit isn't as tall so it's less likely to topple over plus after buying a cannister adaptor I can use the aerosol type ones too.


I especially liked that it is indeed 'unisex' this means that all sexes can use it. I'm the only one who has used it so far however I can't see the wife not being able to use it.On a serious note it is a good bit of kit and fast.


Crackin' little stove. Lights easy, cooks easy, boils quick. Could be wider for bigger pans and pans with fixed handles. They've cheaped out on the cloth to wrap the stove in too but that's not really what you're buying!


Very well made and burns hotter than the day after curry night. The neoprene cover really works to protect your hand. Love the built in electric starter button.


Ok.Used it a few times as I manage DofE award for a school. It works well. I bought it at a discounted price. Not sure I would pay the full price.


Very good material and premium quality.Only 6 days I receive the order, it's very excellent.I live in Thailand.Thank you Amazon UK


A great piece of kit. It will boil water in just a couple of minutes and the bowl is big enough for a good meal.
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