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My girlfriend and I bought ours for a camping road tour around France in a little sports car. We took with us just some clothing, a ridge tent, cooking utensils and pots, and this cooker. The cooker was ideal for the purpose. We used it to prepare all kinds of meals, from simple boiled water for tea and coffee and soups, to a range of quite fancy dishes.Set up is easy enough. You take the cooker out of its plastic case, flip over the black metal grill so a pan can stand on it, then put the cooker somewhere flat and away from anything flammable. The gas cannister goes inside the unit. A flap lifts up on the right-hand side, and you just slot in the cannister. You then light the burner with the built-in striker,and you're cooking. There's a little hole in the top, through which you can see if there is a cannister inside already, but it's so light you can feel if there's one inside. It stands on four little feet. Be sure to get all four feet on something solid (a bit of wood or flat ground is fine), so it doesn't wobble, otherwise you may end up with a tipped-over pot.It almost deserves the full 5 stars, as it does very well what it is designed to do. I did however have a problem with shielding it from the wind. Even a slight breeze blows the flame about (though it does stay going), which reduces its heating effect and therefore wastes gas. It would benefit from a folding metal panel for the purpose. I stood the open plastic case on its side to make a shield. This isn't in the manual so I cannot recommend this action, but I kept it far enough away to not melt, and all was well. I also reckon it could have been made a bit more compact. The blue surround doesn't have anything inside it, so isn't really necessary, and the case is quite big considering the size of the cooker.All in all, it's a great little cooker for the money. I won't be selling mine any time soon. After a long journey followed by pitching the tent in a rain storm, it's really satisfying to set up this cooker and make a brew, or cook up a pot of "bangers and beans".
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First let me say why I’ve bought a couple of the Campingaz burners. Maybe I’ve been a snob by turning my nose up at these cheap stoves, dismissing them as being for festival goers instead of hardcore canvas dwellers. I’ve long been a fan of Coleman dual fuel camping stoves, and have two 533 Sportster 2 single burners and a 424 Dual Burner which have served me well over many years of camping, and even forming a competent make-shift kitchen while we were renovating our house. They’re extremely powerful and boil water very quickly.However, they have their drawbacks and sometimes they’re more hassle than they’re worth. Yes,using unleaded fuel is very cheap but it means carrying around a jerry can or similar of fuel which despite your best efforts will stink out your car/tent etc. And probably give you a headache. Plus, using unleaded also quickly clogs up the generators which I’ve found to need regular replacement (my dual burner is on its fourth). There’s the hassle of constantly pumping pressure into the fuel tank, and releasing it when not in use, plus there’s little control over the temperature of the flame (it’s either coughing yellow flames or firing out enough energy to launch a NASA orbiter.So it’s brought me to buying a couple of these Campingaz burners and frankly I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. They’re so much less hassle and very clean when in use. The canisters of fuel are readily available and last well, and changing them is simple. There’s no unpleasant smell from them and unlike the Coleman stoves they have an in-built ignition so no hunting around for a lighter/matches. The carry case is compact and the whole unit doesn’t take up much space in the car. Considering the Coleman 424 is well over £100 these days I think two of these for around £20 and another £10 on fuel canisters will last me happily for a couple of years of camping.
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The singular stove is understandably rather off-putting to those of you looking to buy new equipment that will suffice for a camping trip catering to 3 or 4 people. However, for 1 or 2, this is enough and is a great little hob.I bought this a week before heading out on a camping trip. My first in around 9 years. Understandably I was rusty, and lacking in the appropriate equipment, as well as cautious with what I was spending on what gear. I found this on here on offer for £11 and ended up pleasantly surprised with it. I admittedly didn't expect a lot considering it's simplistic looks and low price point, but the previous reviews to this seemed to disagree with my theories,reviews that turned out to be bang on the money.Putting aside my terrible cooking skills (I tried to strain pasta with two forks. Stupid, eh?), this stove served perfectly. It provided myself and a close friend of mine with some rather wonderful tasting sausages and bacon, as well as the finest in spaghetti hoops. The gas is easy to load into the side of the stove, and is a task that can be accomplished by anyone over the age of 13 or 14 safely, if supervised by an adult. Not that I'd recommend that as such, it's just that simple. It comes with a fantastically easy to understand set of instructions that allow you to get your stove up and running within 5 or 10 minutes, and the best bit is that the stove and leaflet come packaged in a convenient case, that allows for easy storage!A top little stove for the price I paid, and at full price too I reckon! Well worth it for small camping parties (unless buying 2 or 3), and newcomers to the holiday style.
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We tend to save this for impromptu picnics when our wood gasifying campstove isn't likely to be useful, ace for cheap hot dog fill ups at expensive theme parks & attractions as part of our arrive & eat philosophy (we put herta furters in a vacuum flask to be warmed through & caramelise some onions, or for overnight car boot camping & a car boot type sale, it's good to have some warm food & drink in you without leaving your stall.Cannisters are simple & easy to fit, giving good returns on cooking time, though always carry a spare.Sturdy & practical; with easy piezo (auto) ignition, what's not to like?I'd consider having this for an allotment shed or workshop just so you know you can warm a can of soup /beans / sausage & bacon through without any trouble!We also favour this item as a tool to teach our daughter to cook (she is 8 & was learning to cook a decent steak & caramelise onions recently, the advantage being it's smaller & can be set up within easy reach of a child (under strict supervision obviously) ..we find that full size kitchen equipment (eg a hob doesn't work so well with a child as it's often overwhelming which dials & buttons to press, this on the other hand simply has a piezo starter & hlever for high / low gas delivery & everything inbetween, so this has been marvelous in that respect.It's very stable & rapid cool down time make it truly portable!Each time you use this stove it will get messy, so always pack some paper towel to give the top a quick wipe down.
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I wanted to impress my girlfriend when she came over from Paris for one of her visits and what better way to do that with a little tabletop cooking after a romantic dinner?Making bananas foster for her was definitely a great idea and went down very well, but then Flambé type cooking in a dimly lit room should be impressive if done right.However this is not a review of my cooking skills but of this cooker.What's not to like about this little stove?It's very light and easily transported in its plastic case, while I'm not sure about trekking across the Andes with this, I can see it serving well at a festival or camp ground type setting and would definitely recommend it for that.The gas refills (not Campingaz)were cheap, seem to last a long time as we've used it four times so far for various things and there still seems to be plenty left, however if someone is willing to ship me some spare cartridges I'd be more than happy to write up a list of burn times...It puts out plenty of heat and is definitely suited to light allround cooking and not just heating up a kettle for a cuppa or two, so I will definitely be keeping it around as I can see it coming in handy during a power outage, when needing an extra burner while cooking or even for a quick and decent meal after a move.As I said, it really is an excellent little thing, with great build quality and I can see it last for a long time so at this price (£9.99 at the time of writing) it's definitely worth getting.
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When I am away for a weekend with the T.A., many of us carried a portable lite stove. This has served me for over a decade, but protesting with Occupy London Stock exchange, I realised that I needed something more stable and powerful.The "Campingaz Camp Bistro" was the answer, from the St. Paul's branch of Black's Camping Store. I did pay £25.00 for the item, but considered it well worth the price. I bought a second one via Amazon and only paid £10.99. This stove runs on the CP 250 gas cartridge, which can be found either in ASDA or on Amazon (CP250 Isobupane Gas 250g 202207). From Amazon, you can buy four for £7.05. I am going to order the 28 Pack for £29.99 and see how they hold up.It is Bistro is easier to light (using an automatic piezo ignition)giving instant heat, instead of having to fiddle with a lighter, early in the morning, in near-freezing temperatures. You can cook breakfast or heat your water for tea, but it does require a second one to do both at the same time.We have ended up using two to cook at night, for soup and a fry up. It does keep morale up during the cold nights protest camping...lol
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Being one-handed, I was tentative about this ! Manufacturers don't usually / often consider the needs of the disabled ...However, this little device is simplicity itself, both to operate (and more importantly) to get the cartridge in and out ! There is NO need to twist, use two hands - it slips into position easily, with one hand - you push down the "lock", which, surprise surprise, LOCKS the gas cartridge in position, press the piezo electric ignition (nice touch) - and bingo ! It works ! We are cooking with Gaz (!!) Easy peasy !NB - the Amazon photo, isn't of the very "latest, greatest" version of this. The change is tiny, having to do with making the pan support, simpler and more sturdy.Safer, as well, my view !Another little mabrol, that does what it says on the tin, is not ridiculously "over-engineered" - but solid and looks like it may well see ME out !So far folks, I give this 10 out of 10. BTW - be sure to get the GENUINE CamingGaz mabrol, NOT one of these cheap and nasty Chinese knock-offs.Trust me, you won't regret the extra couple of pounds, for the genuine, well-made - SAFE - article !!
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Food choices while camping are a little limited, but with a family of five I need to cook in quantities requiring larger saucepans, so the side-by-side cookers just don't work for us. These inexpensive bistro units can handle large pans or woks, and be spaced wherever, so really work well for larger families, or those who just don't want trailing pipes and bottles by the side. They're also great to throw in the boot of a car to take into the woods for a quick BBQ.I've just returned from a group camping trip where we needed to cater for 23 people for 4 days, and I simply took 6 of these and lined them up in a row! Catering sized pans fit with ease, and kettles boil very quickly.The only real problem I have experienced is that even on low,they produce too much heat sometimes. So burgers and meats (I use a separate grill plate) cook quickly. We've simply learned to use fresh meet rather than frozen to avoid uncooked middles.Anything that would be cooked at home on a hob can be cooked on these... So if you can live without a grill when camping, there's no other cooker needed.
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The best portable camp stove, i bought 2 new stoves to replace my aging stoves, they still worked but, they were beaten up over many years off the beaten track and camping etc. The new stoves are much more stable, with a more controllable, but economic flame that can run low without risk of it going out. Like all these camp stoves, I do wish, there was a flip up windshield of some kind when using the stoves in high breeze or windy conditions. Its not a criticism of this product, as it doesn't quote to have wind protection, but just wish all manufacturers of these stoves would bare that in mind. Its an all rounder, also used them heating up the tent, so make a good portable heater.Never leave a naked flame exposed or in close proximity to anything flammable or might get damaged. I believe there are aftermarket flame radiator covers for just this job. I noticed the 250ml gas cartridges lasted just a little bit longer, on low flame, this is propably down the burners ability to hold a very low flame. Great buy, very happy.
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We have several camping stoves, everything from a campingaz double burner and grill (that's still going well after 30 years) to small hex block burners plus all sorts imbetweenBought the Campingaz Camp Bistro mainly for it's flatness and stability, without the weight of larger stoves or the necessity to take heavy gas bottle, adapter and line. It comes in a handy carry case and in use doesn't project heat excessive heat downwards which means it can be used on a plastic/laminate table - we do protect the table surface with a small silicone mat just in case (Poundland special!)The automatic ignition is excellent - no pfaffing around with soggy matches and the flame is reasonably adjustable.Thewhole unit is simple and easy to clean.The cartridges are readily available and are easy to load with a secure locking mechanism that gives you peace of mind.Great lightish stove that's stable and reliable in use, perfect for short weekend trips away when you don't want to take a full kitchen's worth of gear
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I bought one a couple years ago as a precaution and not had chance to use it. In the last week we had a power outage which meant no power for about 8 hours, so out it came. Our water is heated by gas boiler so we had no power or hot water. Over the course of the day out of one canister I got the following:3 large pans full of boiling water - enough to get a bath. Not ideal, but better than nothing.About same amount, maybe 4 large pans of hot water - enough to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.A couple of small pans of hot water for tea. On the second morning I also left it in place on the hob and cooked breakfast.I'd used 1 full can and a small amount from another, so a decent amount.We can get the cans for about £1 each, so pretty good going.The unit itself is easy to use and solid. Controls feel well built.The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars and not 5 is that I haven;t used it for a long time so not sure about its durability, but other commenters have stated that theirs have lasted.
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The "Campingaz Camp Bistro" is easy to light (using an automatic piezo ignition) giving you instant heat and the control knob varies the output. On its highest setting it's powerful and can easily cook your breakfast or simply boil your water for your tea. This stove runs on the CP 250 gas cartridge, which can be found anywhere even on Amazon (Cp250 Isobupane Gas 250g 202207) but more to the point they are really cheap - especially considering the current price of mains gas and last for a good amount of time meaning you don't have to carry half a dozen with you. This item is great, perfect for camping trips because it is lightweight and compact and the carry case is pretty smart.Considering how cheap this item was in the first place it is extremely good value for money. So if you like hot food while your out in the wildness or simply camping out in the back garden, then this is the ideal solution.
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My parents had this first, using it as a wok cooker at home, because they are all electric and you don't quite get the same effect using a wok on a ceramic hob. We use it for the same and also because we get a lot of power cuts where we live (rural), so it's a great emergency back-up. It is great for stir fries, making flames high around the sides of the wok. We place it on top of our ceramic (cold) hob surface when using, though because it's so light it does move about a bit when you're stirring things, so you might want to put a wet cloth beneath it to stabilise it.It's so easy to install the gas canister, and just as easy to light. It stores in a plastic carry box which is ideal - we leave ours in the larder so it's always handy.Very affordable, useful gadget for those of us with electric-only cooking at home (and those of you who camp!). We're considering a double one for those power cuts.
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If you are camping with a car, van, boat or a trailer then this cooker is perfect. You can get the gas cartridges very cheaply if you shop around and they are available in most camping outlets, including some supermarkets.The base is quite stable. The flame is controllable from really low to kettle boiling temperatures. You could use camping pans, a mess tin or even a large domestic pot on it without any trouble. I have made stews and fry-ups with mine. It comes with a tough plastic carrying case which helps to keep the rest of your gear clean after a fry-up when you can't be bothered to wipe it down.If you are planning a camping trip where you will be walking, cycling,mountaineering or motorcycling then you will need something smaller and lighter. I have the MSR Pocket Rocket for cycle trips.This is a good-quality, cheap stove. You probably don't need anything more than this.
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Hey was in my local shop when it was brought here. So took it to show shopkeeper. We open it, and he now wants one.Though when i open the boxing in his shop, well there's a crack on the actual box.This obviously happened before it was placed into Amazon box, as its undamaged. Though gone in his wheelie bin. Though everything is on his CCTV. So lets not hope the crack on the carry case has not damaged the stove. That would be a nightmare. For you. As its on film being opened. If its not damaged, neither will your reputation. If it is damaged. Well hell breaks loose. Ask Amazon...They know all too well. Me that is.Have a nice week.I probably won't be intouch. Though will if something is wrong.The thing is, it looks the biz. I hate scottish gas, so i've told them i'm indoor camping just to sicken them.Hope its not damaged...Paul Glancy.
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