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Interesting that this is branded as Coleman, but it is a picture of a CampinGaz version. In America, Coleman do market a stove with these rings, but it is powered by propane.Will this replace the CG Chef? It certainly is easier to fold up. Like the CG Chef it has a windshield and toaster. The difference is these wind protecting rings. Unfortunately Campingaz are not providing comparable information. So when boiling a litre of water on the 2200 watts CG Camp Kitchen ring it takes 5 minutes 20 seconds with no wind. With this cooker, it takes 10 minutes to boil a litre of water in a 3m/s (7 mph) wind (presumably at 20 degrees c?) So they are not comparable so as to discover whether these new Xcelerate rings are any better.It seems difficult to confirm CGs claim that these new rings only use up half the gas.One criticism of all CampinGaz toasters is that they take a long time to toast, and this seems to be the same story with the 400. Whether it is better to buy the "SG" version with grill plates and toast the bread this way, no one yet seems to know.It does have a fixed simmer setting, but doesn't have two different size rings for cooking control. I wish they could produce a stove with 1 x 3000 watt (like the Coleman instastart stove) and 1 x 1500 watt ring to give better control over cooking.Overall, a good stove, but if you don't need toast, save weight, time and money by buying the version without grill or perhaps the SG version with grill plates.If you are going to use both rings and toaster at same time, don't use a CG 907 bottle, but go for a Calor 4.5Kg butane and Union 109 regulator, or in winter, and assuming you are not transporting the bottle in your car, then a 3.9Kg propane bottle with POL 105 regulator.
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Good robust product. Quite heavy. 61cms wide so, quite big to stow with legs sticking out. it won't fit the the carry bag; that would have been lovely. Ignition works well for burners and grill indoors. The catch seems strong enough at the moment. Everyone comments on the grills. Not really used it fully yet, but it will make toast, one piece at a time. Looks as though it is step up from the cheaper cookers. At least the element is at the bottom and radiates down - this means that less heat can escape upwards. Also I would guess that it will stay alight better in the wind - we shall see.To get the 5th star the grill element would need the be bigger, and the grill pan could then be bigger.It needs to be a little higher up too. The grill 'well' is possibly 3/4 centimetre. It is there to position the pan easily, but it does take the pan down a bit. Another solution would be for Campingaz to make the grill pan a centimetre taller. It would help, but important to get it just right as if too high the toast singes on the surfaces and isn't so nice. I have not checked the wind performance or boiling power.
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Fits perfectly on our Vango “kitchen” top.Very easy to set up & use.Control of the gas could be better, it’s tricky to get a low setting without turning the gas off.Our one comes with a grill setting but we don’t have a grill. They’re obviously cutting costs by using the same body on several models.A small tip, the edges become quite hot after a while so if you’re going to be using one ring for a longer period, e.g. to boil potatoes, & then heat something else up for a shorter time on the other ring, place the first pan on the ring to the left so the edges closer to the ignition switch don’t heat up as much.Boils water quickly & takes two large pans quite comfortably so overall, a good buy.


this is a really good camping stove. the pan supports are really big and sturdy so even big pans feel stable on it. We went for the one with the toaster option as we all like toast in the morning, it takes a little time to get toast done for all of us but it does the job! the main thing is that the burners work well even when it is windy.


I did a lot of research before buying this and I am glad I did. Its brilliant, It burns hotter than most and is resistant to wind once a pan is placed on top due to its unique design. A truly excellent product that behaves pretty much like your gas hob at home (which most of these kinds of products usually don't). 10 out of 10


Great stove. Used for a week in Scotland. Grill was a little fiddly to light first time round. Needed to use a match to get it going. Two burners are very fast and the wind protection system works well.


This burner is a perfect alternative for familly camping and also a very good back up plan at home when electricity are cut off and all your main appliance are electric, I love it


Arrived very quickly. Excellent so far, one camp. Quick to boil the kettle. Closes down easily. Heavier than a standard stone.Don't forget to get gas hose, clips and regulator.


We bought this stove for weekend camping trips and it does exactly what we need it to. Really fast boiling time and it worked really well in the windy conditions. Recommended.


Having had an "ordinary" camping stove I am impressed with this one. It really does boil water quicker. Best camp cooker I have ever bought.


2 powerful burners. But why couldn't one of them have a lower flame ? Its impossible to simmer gently. Good heat on a windy campsite though.


Use outside our motor home for cooking on in addition to a griddle. Performs well but you can’t turn the gas down low enough to simmer.


Nice but arrived brocken and twisted shame it’s not stronger as it is nice. But no , it’s sent back , cost £16 so hope I get it back


The stove had a slight problem but the after care service was brilliant and refunded all my money with no hesitation,thank you..


A great little camping gas cooker easy to use and very good in windy conditions .
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