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I bought this about 5 years ago and am now editing my original review. I thought I would treat myself to a really good bright lamp, which it is when is isn't broken. I didn't actually go camping until a couple of months after I bought this lamp, however on the first night of use, one of the two pipes that holds the mantle fell out and broke the mantle. I tried to jam the pipe back in again but it fell off again and broke another expensive mantle. I could not find these quick fit mantles so gave up using the lamp on that trip. When I next went camping I tried a more permanent method of pipe repair squeezing he pipe to make a more tight fit. Over the years I have tried everything I can to make the lamp work.Trouble is with the heat and expansion and contraction nothing works. I have spent a fortune in mantles. By the time I realised this lamp was terminally ill it was far too late to return it so now I shall just have to throw it away.On the bright side, it is very bright! It's bigger than I expected, about twice the size of the small Campingaz lamp I had been using. BUT warning to buyers... Check, wiggle and do what is necessary to ensure that both pipes are securely fitted. Don't become a victim like me and end up with a useless expensive ornament!
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I have had this lamp for about 8 years and it is absolutely superb. It is large so don't expect to use this unless you are car camping. However this light is so bright, easy to light with piezo lighter and did I say bright!!!!Fitting the mantle is tricky but not impossible and having fitted mine I have not had to change over the past 6 holidays.The extending base means it is very stable sat on a log / table. Do be aware that this is loud in operation but then again it is very bright. Had I mentioned it was bright.For me this has been the best camping purchase for illuminating the outside hours between sunset and bedtime.


I bought this for a camping party we were having and it did not disappoint. I had it hidden in my tent and as it got dark some of the guys got small lanterns and torches out. I lit this and you struggled to tell if the others were even on. With just this one it shone light over the whole area of our 7-8 tents. The gas is easy to get everywhere.The only equivalent is the Coleman light and although that is an excellent and possibly a better design of protecting the glass and a single mantle rather than the 2. However the price is much higher and the gas is a pain to get and almost impossible outside of the UK.


Excellent lantern. It is bright as it has two mantles and has the Coleman/Camping Gaz notched control knob enabling fixed settings of power.It is hard to see why anyone would go for the Coleman Northstar proopane lantern, when this model is better.Not sure whether the refillable container version, the Stellia R is more useful, as lanterns only have a small offtake requirement. Of course if you are running the lantern for hours on end, the R version makes more sense. The 904 or 907 powered lantern is also more stable than this version, although these containers can be very dirty.


Easy to assemble, though the base extension arms were very stiff to pull out at first. Horrible smell and smoke as the mantles first burn off, but this only lasts about 30 seconds, and then it's fine. Very bright illumination (it could stand in for lighthouse duty!), but easily adjustable for a softer effect if required. Really good padded carry case, which takes the whole unit so you don't need to take it to bits again to transport it home. Excellent product. NB you can also use a smaller gas canister, the CV 270, with this lantern.


Excellent lantern. Gives out plenty of light and a fair bit of warmth.If you want the light to last all night use the CV470 cartridge rather than the smaller CV300. The 300 can be used but will need a different base / foot to provide stability.Spares can be an issue as Campingaz / Coleman don’t support them well in the UK. It’s crazy that a replacement globe cost me more than 60% of the cost of the lantern and I had to buy it from the US.


Extensive camping use with these, both for a troop of 30 boys scouts and personally for family camp. Excellent product. Bright and long lasting on a canister. Stable with the base extended. Dual mantles help the brightness and are easy to change. These are made robustly and I believe the spares are fairly readily available. Were able to get a replacement globe for one of the scout models that took a hard knock and cracked the globe.


As bright as the sun, well made and if you keep an eye out you can get this lamp for £35.00. i brought two of these for the scout group i run and i have not been disappointed. They are large but if you want the brightness thats the pay off. The base slides out and is very stable, as all gas lamps the top does get hugely hot, replacement glass is available and it comes in a case. Brilliant


If you want a cheap Northstar, buy this, if you want to waste £120 go ahead and buy the Northstar, its irtually the same but runs on gas, no blow ups, no farking about with petrol and filters, plug in gas and go, heat, light, ...erm thats it heat and light, and lots of it. Dont buy expensive campingaz gas go to caravan stores, 500g cannisters for nearly half what camping shops charge.


Bigger than I thought it would be, but very bright and being a mantle lamp, it gives out a nice warm light and not the horrible cold blue light LED lamps emit. Puts out a fair bit of heat, too. I'm not really a fan of the instaclip mantles and prefer the old tie on ones.Seems reasonable on gas and lit our huge tent no problem. Disconnecting the gas and reconnecting is very easy.


This is a great lantern with lots of features and a handy travel bag. Before buying though please be aware that this is truly massive and at full brightness the retinas of those around you could be burnt away!!The gas canister I had inserted in mine lasted a full 10 day camping trip but the quick start mechanism doesn't live up to its name (Keep matches handy).


this is a rolls royce camping lantern!! it is bigger than most, and gives out a great deal more light. the other advantage are those pull out feet, that make this seem very stable and sturdy. we have youngish kids, and with this on the table, i don't panic that one clumsy knock will send it flying... highly recommended! do buy spare mantles though well in advance


Used camping. provides a warm bright light, we used it on the lowest setting to play cards around a table. it only used third of a gas cartridge for 6 nights use at this low setting. the base is secure but needs to be on a flat surface. didn't use the handle other than to move it around. defiantly to hot to hang next to any flammable or meltable material.


Having been caught out one time too many in power cuts, I decided to give this a try. It was straightforward to assemble and worked instantly. It gives off a superb amount of light ... enough to cook by ... and is portable. It answers all my needs and means I don't have to worry that I will blow the house up trying to light a 'Tilley' lamp!


This lantern was brilliant. We were only camping for a couple of nights so don't know how long it would last. However it was easy to adjust the light and on it's brightest great to read by. We liked the fact that it is very stable using the base rather than having to hang it. Well worth the money.
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