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I bought this as it was a more compact one then my parents had from our family camping trips.car camping i need space and replaced the old one with this new one.The fact all the product folds up in to its own size container makes it easy to transport and pack away.Only thing i noted that you do need to buy a regulator and hose but fortunately i had them.so if you were taking away and hadnt thought about them you would come unstuck.The only snag i would say is the grill.This isnt lit by a sparkbutton unlike the two gas rings.You will need a lighter or matches for this and can only be lit from underneath.This i did find a little tight with my fat hands compared to the old one but when you comment about the new compact shape being great you cant complain to much.The grill does take a little bit of practice to light but once you find that spot to light it then it is easy.just practice before you want toast in the morning otherwise you may be getting Hangry
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Easy to use, simple and great for camping weekends away. We have young children and wanted to find something simple and portable to throw (place carefully) in the car. We bought this and it fits the bill. However the regulator hose which was "often bought" with this item was not correct. It was clip on and the gas you need (R904) was screw on. Make sure you buy the right regulator head and dont just trust Amazon on the recommended as I did. All in all it was a great item which I bought at full price (just missed the Prime Day offer)But regardless it was worth the money. Might update this after a few more trips to comment on longer term usage.
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Delivered quickly and in good order. Build quality is ok but it doesn’t feel like it will put up with much rough handling . Burners work fine , probably on a par with the single cartridge type burners that typically sell for £15. The dials are not particularly well made and don’t give very fine control of the flame , but overall if all you are doing is boiling a kettle or warming a tin of beans , then they are fine . The grill however is utterly useless unless you like toast that is cremated on one side and Un toasted the other.I rushed into this purchase and wish I’d spent a bit more on a higher quality product . Overall, ok though.
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My grandparents had one when I was a kid, my parents had one too, and now at the age of 42 I've got one as well. I don't think the design has changed in decades, it just works perfectly. It's a step up from one of the £12.99 single burners with the gas cartridges and gives you a lot more flexibility and room to cook. Plus it'll last pretty much forever if you look after it.You'll need a regulator and hose,and then if you're going to head to Europe to camp try and get a Campingaz brand gas cylinder rather than Calor Gas as you can then trade for a refill while abroad without issue.
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Great camping stove! Easy to use - lightweight but not flimsy. Much better than expected from other people’s reviews, so glad I took a chance because I found all three burners worked well at the same time. I had no issue lighting the gas rings as all worked instantly from the ignition button. Cooked a full breakfast with toast and made a cuppa at the same time! Perfect for my camping trips. I used a 4.5k butane gas bottle. Well impressed and happily recommend.This will come on many new adventures with me and may even get used in the garden in future.
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It's OK, could be sturdier, I'm not sure how the grill ignites, so I got a little gas lighter, just so it definitely lights.Never blew out, boiled the kettle really quickly, so far so good. Cools down really quickly. The case us a little light weight and the knobs are outside the case, just a bit frightened I might knock them off, so far I havent broken it, if I were to buy again I'd go for same sort of thing but try to get a sturdier model or maybe a different manufacturer with a sturdier designwhere the knobs arent on the outside of the case.
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Delighted with the stove. Ideal for camping and the odd Sunday spin. I’ve no doubt that it will be broken out for the odd electrical outage also. We only have an electric oven/hob living in the country side with the odd few outages each year. The grill is a nice touch but haven’t used that yet. Case is compact and easy to use. Nice and tidy folded up making it easy to throw into the car boot with a slice pan and pound of sausages. You could not go wrong!


i live in my car and have set this up in the boot, works great, only thing that bugged me is the little tray for the grill moves around alot and has broke the cable to the elecrtic start on the hobs so i have to use a lighter or matches. it doesnt say in the description what gas to use, but its the big bottles you use for bbq’s will cost you £40 to start with for a small one but refills are only £16 after that.still a great buy, use it everyday.


Just the ticket! This thing is bob on and works a treat. Pinched my gas offof the barbecue and went off camping in the van. Cooked a hearty fried breakfast with toast and coffee with ease every morning. Cheese on toast, beans on toast or whatever for dinner. Boiled taties, veg, grilled fish etc etc for tea. Who needs a cooker at home when you could just get away with one of these!!!


The product arrived quickly and well packaged.Im really liking this stove, it's pretty light (compared to similar products), seems fairly sturdy and works perfectly well.More than happy with it for what I paid (£27)I purchased it for next years summer camping adventures so have yet to test it fully. However I'm hoping it won't let me down.
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