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I like this chair but I feel it would be helpful to point out the following :1. It really is low to the ground. I'm fit and able, and even I found getting up out of this chair a chore after a while. I wouldn't recommend it for people with any physical limitations.2. The metal frame does ever so slightly dig into my back. Your mileage may vary and it's nothing a small cushion or rolled up top wouldn't fix.That aside, it's a cinch to fold/unfold and perfect for the garden or camping. It is more substantial than I expected and I don't expect it to have any problems at all supporting my weight (75-ish kg)


You get what you expect for the money. A fairly cheap chair, very very comfortable as your legs are in a reclined position. A few little problems, the cheap soft aluminium rivets keeping the chair together bend quickly allowing the chair to flex to much, replacing them with bolts or split pins was easy though. I also rotated the rear two cross bars to move them further away from my back as I could feel them when slouched. Finally, check the folded chair dimensions, it's not as short as you might like when folded, again easily changed with some bolts.All in all, great for camping, bit tall for backpacking


Fantastic sturdy lightweight chair. Used for languishing on the beach reading and drinking tea. Low enough to fit into a beach tent when it rained and howled a gale! The chair is very comfy providing good support, if a little difficult to get out of because its so low. Favourite (but inelegant) method of getting up is to use 2 hands to push on both chair arms to land forwards on to knees! The colour is as in the photo and the chair represents good value fo money. Could be used indoors too.


Chairs were comfortable ( all day at an airshow ) and easy to unfold/fold. Only issue is the carrying bag which is made from thinner material than the chairs themselves and which looks like it will pull apart where the strap is stitched on - we had some more robust bags from an old set of chairs so used these instead and this made carrying the chairs comfortable and stable


I bought this for motorbike camping weekends. It has small dimensions when it is folded up, so it's easy to pack on the back of my motorbike, and doesn't stick out too far on either side of my bike, when riding. It's really comfy and is good quality.


The chair is really comfortable and lower to the ground than most camp chairs- for maximum relaxation! It folds nicely but does feel a little bit on the hravy side. It seems sturdy enough but only time will tell!!


Chair arrived in time and is as described so perfectly satisfactory.


Great chair - easy to open and fold and very comfortable - Thank you


Excellent chairs, arrived in good time


Excellant very pleased with chairs


Looking forward to using it


Great, just what I wanted


Perfect for the beach


Good chairs


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