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I bought this in early May to use in the back garden. I sometimes like to sit out there reading my sea fishing magazine when the weather’s balmy.The lamp is quite cute in size- not too big or too small. Just right for such as a tent or camping table. However, I didn’t realise it came without batteries when you receive it. I am so used to Varta supplying batteries with their torches normally.Anyway, I received some batteries today with my Tesco’s order.I couldn’t believe how bright this lamp is! !This brilliant little lamp is powerful enough to help out with a lighthouse never mind a back garden!.It provides two brightness settings for convenience which are both excellent and useful.A super dooper lamp for any emergency !
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I don't know if this is any good for camping as I never do that but I bought it because we have frequent power cuts and I needed something for the bathroom where my little daughter gets scared from the dark. Our bathroom is not too big and has no window so it gets really dark without the lights. This little lantern does the job ok - it can't replace a normal light but when it's on I can see everything and can shower without a problem. It has two hooks on top (again, not very big) and one smaller at the bottom. I prefer this to the more powerful models as this one takes small batteries while the others need the very larg batteries and still have shorter running time than the little one.


Fantastic build quality. Miles ahead of any of the cheap lookalike lamps available on Amazon. Not waterproof like the Varta rugged lamp but much lighter and outputs a lovely warm light. The light output colour is the closest to a gas / mantle lamp that I've come across from a LED lamp. The dimmer function works well, however when you turn the lamp off the last brightness setting isn't saved and when you turn it back on it will be at full brightness. This might not be so useful if you have the light dimmed and then need to temporarily switch it off, as you'll have to reset the light to the preferred level again.


Shipping was great . Product is smaller than i expected. ? many thanks .
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