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I found this torch to be probably the best all round torch I've ever had. The main reason for that is down to its light output which is really superb. I took it out to a dark field on a rainy night and it was like having car lights with me it was so good. The beam really does reach a very long way indeed, I'm sure as far as the 140 meters that the manufacturers claim. Even on the energy saving mode, which can be selected by clicking the on/off again, it still seemed brighter than my 6V torches.It also had no problem keeping the rain out, as it did get soaked when I was out but hasn't had any ill effects at all. I suppose I could drop it in a sink full of water to really test it's water resistant ability but I think as long as it keeps out the rain that's enough for me.The manufacturers seem keen to emphasise how tough this torch is by calling it "indestructible" and claiming it's shock proof up to a drop of 9 meters. The torch certainly seems very robustly made and it has heavy duty rubber protection at either end of the torch to absorb any knocks or drops. However I did do a little test by dropping the torch from a height of about a meter onto a hard floor and the noise of the batteries clanging about inside put me off testing it at any greater height. I was afraid the batteries could get damaged, and at the price they cost to replace (£6.90 for two on amazon) I thought it's really not worth risking it. I'm sure the torch itself could withstand much greater drops but I'm not so sure about the batteries.In terms of convenience, the torch has good and bad points. The torch is very simple to use with one large button on the end, which clicks once for full-on mode, twice for power saving mode and a third click turns it off again. The width of the torch is very comfortable for gripping, although it is metal so may get quite cold when the temperature drops. The size of the torch is 25 cm in length and the rubberized ends are about 5cm in width, so it's not the most compact of torches. It's really not the kind of torch you can use briefly then put away. On top of that it's also quite weighty for a torch, which is probably due to its robust build.This torch may seem expensive and slightly cumbersome for some uses but overall I think it's a top notch torch if you need a strong light for rugged outdoor use. Other equivalently priced torches like the LED Lensers cannot match the lumen output of this torch and they aren't waterproof or designed for rough treatment, so I think the Varta compares favorably. My only real doubt about this torch is how long the batteries will last and whether cheaper replacements will diminish the light output significantly but regardless, I still think this is a first class torch.
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This is an expensive torch. Is it worth it?The first thing I noticed was that it came in that type of hard plastic packaging that I often have to attack with secateurs to get at the contents. But this one miraculously opened easily. Next step, insert the batteries. No problem there. You don't expect it to be hard (torch manufacturers stand out as a bastion of common sense while everyone else thinks we all carry an assortment of screwdrivers for the purpose of battery changing), still,I did get a feeling of quality as I inserted the two Varta AAs supplied. With some torches you just know you are going to be taking them apart and bending the contacts to get it to work, but I felt this one was well made.The beam is powerful for a torch of this size. Perhaps half as powerful as the big Sainsburys / RAC torch which is nearly ten times the size and weight. The thing I most liked about the torch was the quality of the beam. It has just the right balance of size and intensity. If you stand in a dark room the beam will fill most of the opposite wall - enough to be useful without being wastefully spread. The centre of the beam is brighter than the outside. Unlike the old type of torch the beam is uniform right up to the edge, giving a clear circle of vision, instead of a fading twilight zone. Also the bright centre is a uniform area instead of an image of the bulb. If you have tried walking outside in the dark with a cheap torch you may have noticed that you have to wave it from side to side as fast as you can because the bright part of the beam is too small and the rest is too dim. I tested this torch outside and the beam felt just right.The torch is small enough to fit in your pocket. Its casing is made from a combination of rubber and aluminium. The rubber is so hard and meshes so well with the metal shaft, I thought at first that it was a single piece of rubber. The swithc is integrated in the rubber and feels well made. I haven't tested the "indestructible" claim but I believe it would be fine if it got wet or dropped. Altogether it seems they got this torch just right.
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18 months ago I bought the P7 LED Lenser LED Lenser 8407 P7 Torch in Gift Box (Black), and the Varta 1W LED Indestructible Torch is pretty much an equivalent.Both are waterproof (not submersible, but against pretty bad weather), have an incredible light output, have two settings (full and battery-saving), aluminium case and weight about the same. Both will dazzle any intruder you happen to shine it at. Both are blindingly bright, and should not be deliberately shone into the eyes.The Varta currently costs half as much.So which should you go for?The LED Lenser is an original. It feels wonderful to hold, a delight to use every time you pick it up, and just feels something you're proud to own. It came in a sumptuous gift box - so ideal as a present. It has a focus (push-pull the front), which is neat to use and very effective. Everything about it is extremely well made, including the on-off switch and even the clip (for attaching to a belt-clip etc). The only downside is the two power modes are not that different - usually I can't tell which one I'm using. The LED Lenser is so well made, there's no reason not to expect it to last for decades. The battery holding is also excellent. With that life expectancy, the price no longer feels exorbitant.The Varta is half the price, and feels like a rip-off of the LED Lenser. You know you're paying half the money for a cheaper copy. The square cut grip is downright uncomfortable - but at least you'd never drop this torch even if wearing welding or ski gloves ;-)The Varta's on-off switch is protected by a thin plastic/rubber layer to make it waterproof. I haven't used it enough to be sure, but it feels like it won't last. The LED lenser's switch is utterly superb. The best feature of the Varta is the battery saving mode, which is very low power compared to the full beam. It has no focusing mechanism.So, which one to buy? As a torch to keep in the car or by the bedside for emergencies, get the Varta. For a gift to impress, or something to treasure yourself, get the real thing - the LED Lenser.
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I just cannot believe it is made in china, as this torch really is great quality and amazingly durable and waterproof to about 1m depth for 30seconds i think, but i sow a guy on you tube turning it on and dropping it inside a washing machine with clothes for a full wash and it not just survived, it was also still working and didn't turn off.I would not try it eith this one tho since it is 3x aaa using a plastic battery holder that is inside the housing, even this holders are easy to replace and even buy better quality ones,it still is maybe the only thing on this flashlight that can break.It puts a very bright white flood light with a very bright white spot in the middle.2 Light modes are more than enough, 120lumens (up to 6 hours light) and 19lumens (up to 40 hours of light) and the battery life is very good compared to more expensive torches.Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as candle and lightens up whole room as the light is reflected from ceiling.No focusing system, which is not a big deal since it does light up a good range, enough for basic civilian needs, i don't need a flashlight that has such a range that i would need binoculars to see that far.This is the best under 20quid flashlight i ever had and really is more than just worth the price.Don't forget that most torches like this one require batteries that are designed for high drain devices, cheap batteries could overheat, i only use the same Varta High Energy batteries as supplied or Energizer Lithium, they are expensive, but i can be sure they will not fail and/or create potential hazard plus they have a very good lifespan.So why 4/5 stars?there is no lanyard hole or a belt clip so i can only carry it in my bag or have to get a flashlight belt pouch and this is bigger and heavier than other 3xAAA torches it is also too big and heavy for EDC.
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On the day this torch arrived we had a power cut AND the day after needed to go up into our dusty loft as we had a water tank problem - not sure if you'd call that luck but we were so glad to have this great little torch. We haven't tried to destroy it so can't say if it is indeed indestructible but it is very strongly made, has a unique tactile shape making it easier to hold (including with gloves on we expect).It gives out good light and is easy to load with batteries.One of the best torches we have seen and we hope to keep it now (we've broken quite a few other types of torch)for any more minor disasters that come our way.One slight improvement would be a wrist strap - climbing a ladder up into an unlit loft is not too easy with this in your hand - and if it's in your pocket it would be difficult to get to it whilst on the ladder stuck in the hatch...but that really is being picky - hence the 5 stars!I am updating this review and changing the title. It is now November 2013 and we have never had to change the batteries. It provide great light (better than some of those massive torches you can get) and truly is a powerful tiny, hard-wearing package - the wrist strap I mentioned hasn't been needed because it is 'indestructible' as described!It is now November 2015 and we are still DELIGHTED with this little torch. Please don't be put off by its apparent size. We have a fiarly large garden and use the torch this time of year when our Yorkshire Terriers go out to perform...well you get the idea. They are going on 15 years old and during that time we have used all sorts of torches - including the really big ones that are supposed to give as much light as so many thousand candles - but this little torch outstrips them every time. it REALLY IS THAT GOOD.
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I used to be a huge fan of Maglite torches because of their construction and brightness. Things have moved on a lot in the last few years, however, and you can get incredibly bright little torches now, due to their bright LED bulbs. This torch is reassuringly weighty, but compact. At a little over 6 inches long, it has a solid, machined aluminium body, with sturdy rubberised caps at either end. These also feel very strong and durable. Inserting the batteries is easy, and they're a snug fit too.All-in-all, first impressions are universally those of a quality product.The beam itself toggles between low and high intensity, but this is all relative! The low intensity beam is still plenty bright enough to see clearly several yards ahead on the darkest of nights, but will allow your batteries to last about five times longer. At 18 lumens, it's still a bright little torch, and for example, I'd be confident enough in its bright, uniform beam to jog along a dirt track with it at night. Now switch it off and back on. You'll have a 'full-beam' 100 lumens light, enough to dazzle any intruder or potential attacker on a dark night, and to see well over a hundred yards away in the open.I haven't tried hard to break it, but feel it'd be a challenge. If you drop it, I doubt very much if you'd even scratch the finish unless it was on a granite gravel path of something equally hard and sharp.Overall, I think if you're looking for a small, portable, bright, durable and versatile torch that'll fit in your pocket, I think you'd feel like you'd spent your money wisely with this torch, and be happy with it for several years to come.
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I thought this was an impressive bit of kit. Designed so it can stand upright on either end and it is stable on its side. The carrying handle means it can hook over a shelf or similar up to 30mm thick. Though it weighs in at 538 grams empty the four batteries obviously increase this but I didn't find this a problem for the twenty minutes I was walking in a local wood. The low power option will give 70 hours use though only 20 on the powerful and very bright full beam but I will be interested tosee how the battery drain effects this.Like another reviewer I was curious about the bulb replacement so I emailed Varta. Their reply was that the LED bulb should last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours (5.7 to 11 years) and as they said: it should outlast the life of the lantern.Having put the four batteries in you'll need to line up two internal white arrows to screw the top on correctly (see my photo by clicking: View and share related images) a white blob of paint or some other mark on the outside casing will solve having to find the arrows when you replace the batteries in low light.I like this unit, it looks and feels robust and from my minimum use so far I think this is handy product to have after dark.*Though it has absolutely no bearing on the lantern I found the reverse side of product sheet, in the in the blister-pack, has text in 27 languages set in the world's smallest typeface. Some buyers might have to use this information and it really should have been in a larger type.
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This torch has one of the most powerful beams I have ever seen! I shone it outside in the road, and its reach was far greater than the headlights of my car. In the back garden, it had the look of a searchlight, and quite clearly lit up the trees some 100 odd metres away. There was no degradation of the beam's power the further it went (at least, as far as is necessary), so it will obviously be more than adequate within the home. Definitely one to keep in the car in case you break down on a country lane!The beam is not only direct,it lights up the area around it very well, too. For example, if you lay it on its end and pointed it at the ceiling, it would light up the whole room clearly.The torch itself is pretty compact for all its boasting of robustness. However, I have indeed found it to be sturdy and hardwearing while at the same time it is very comfortable to hold. It's slightly heavier than I expected, but it's not restrictive.The torch takes four high energy `c' batteries which come with it. I am not sure how long they will last, so this is something to watch out for. They screw into the top of the torch quite easily and that is very straightforward. It also has two settings, one powerful and the second slightly dimmer but more than adequate within the home.I would highly recommend this torch for use both indoors and outdoors.
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Good, solid torch - this thing has a hefty weight and feels like it should last many years. Metal body, with large chunky rubber surrounds at both ends to absorb impacts - the front rubber surround extends far enough to protect the lens from most impacts. The rubber ends can be pulled off if you prefer, leaving the torch slimmer - and I imagine the weight and solidity of the torch means it would make a suitable short baton for self-defence if it became necessary - although if you're looking to buy a torch you can use as a defence weapon,you may be better looking at one of the large Maglite models.Good long beam, somewhere between a spot and a flood, but sadly not adjustable. It would be nice to be able to spread the light a little further, but there's enough light output that you'll see where you're going with no trouble at all.As it's an LED, this should last for many years and countless hours of use without requiring replacement. Also, it doesn't seem to use much battery - I've used it for probably 3 hours total so far with no appreciable dimming. The lower-light output setting will of course extend the battery life - the manufacturers claim up to 85 hours battery life. C-cell batteries are fairly expensive and not as common as they once were, but with a battery life like that, it's not an issue.
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First, this is much brighter than my other torches that have multiple LEDs. the single LED in this Varta is amazingly bright, though the light it throws has a bright circle in the middle with a large more diffuse circle that spreads wider. The quality of light is genuinely room filling.Pressing the rubber power button (slightly awkwardly placed in the end of the torch) cycles between off, low power and high power. The torch is rated at 40 hours battery life, presumably on low power.The three batteries fit in their own little 'caddy'inside the battery compartment that comes out. Makes it a bit easier to see which way round they go.Since it's described as indestructible, I threw it on the floor a few times, and of course it didn't bat an eyelid. I didn't fancy throwing it from an upstairs window, but according to the claims, it should survive that, with its extremely chunky body made from thick metal and rubberised end pieces.It's water resistant but not water proof.My only small criticism is that you can't switch the torch on and off with your thumb like on most torches because of the placement of the power button.Otherwise, it's small but chunky, superbright, and, so far, indestructible.I kept this review sample for myself and bought a second one for my father. He's very happy with it.
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