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Purchased two from my local Tesco the other day for £1.07p each. Absolute bargain at that price. They take four AA batteries which load into the base (unscrew the base and insert observing polarity).Have these on bedside cabinets in two bedrooms, together with a Silverline wind up lantern (one on either side of the beds). The light colour from these LED lanterns is so much more relaxing than colour of the light produced by the eye straining energy saving bulbs and I 100% prefer using these LED lanterns at night to using the bedside lamps or main ceiling light.No idea the lumen rating of thes lanterns but the light is sufficient for lighting your way immediately in front of you or to bathe a small room in useful low lighting.They're not mega bright in other words. The on off switch on the top has three positions / settings which are cycled through. All eight leds are lit with first press. Four leds are lit with second press and the lantern switches off with a third press.During the better weather they'll all be used for camping so they'll be used all year round.
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Don't let the size of this product make you worry about the functionality. The lantern emits plenty of light. It is very robust and stylish in design. I bought it to use at Leeds festival to light up my tent. I wanted something small and light because I will have enough stuff to carry to the campsite, so this was perfect. The batteries last along time running on 4 AA batteries; especially on the energy saving dim mode which still gives sufficient light. Holding the product is like a torch and the rubber grip is high quality. It comes with a clip to hang inside your tent or even carry it on your jeans. Very good product and a true bargain.


This little lantern is great... for it's size.. and it only takes AA(x4) batteries!For the build specifications and the cost.., it is spot on!One probably won't be enough for reading or kids playing inside the tent at night. (But thats why I'm ordering another two for my 8 man/three room tent, to give us flexability.)It has a good hanging ring and is light weight. Also a dim setting (half light).I love it, and my 1 year old likes carrying it about. With its soft rubber feel it is ideal.


a good lantern, i have baought a total of 5, 2 for me the others for friends or gifts...it comes in a plastic bag only, so not the most chic of gifts but its a good value / quality lantern, 2 settings, good light, small in size and long burn time...need not spend any more on a lanter...come with a neat aluminium carabiner to hang from your tent or wherever


This LED light maybe small but it is powerful and bright it is easy to put into bag and have got very long battery life (Have not gone flat yet or even dim!) :D The only 2 down side are the batterys are VERY hard to get into the light and the dim mode is just as bright a bright mode(the dim maode turn off 4LEDs out of 8)


bought this for my 5 man tent as we just needed something little to give off enough light for my 3 and 4 year old just to know were there, and its acctually brighter than what we were expecting, but were not complaining, its great for such a little lamp, worth the money.


Bought for my parents who are both in their 80s and keep having electricity cuts where they live. These lanterns have provided peace of mind as parents not going around with gas lanterns or candles. Lanterns are small and light enough to carry around easily.


Got a bit of a shock when lamp was delivered - I thought it was going to be much bigger. However, around our camping table at a local festival, it was actually very good and provided more than sufficient light into the early hours. Perfect inside the tent.


lantern arrived, opened package and was very sceptical by the size,however after operating the lantern i was very impressed by the amount of light omitted by such a small piece of kit, so my scepticism soon changed into one of the best camping buys ever.


Bought this to go in my shed as no electric. Does shine well but if I had bigger than my 8ft x 6ft shed, it wouldn't help. very bright but small. Good for keeping as a camping torch or under stairs.


A natty little lantern with good battery charge and ample light for a tent. I only gave it four stars because of a personal thing about LED lights - I don't find the glow particularly cosy! :)


These are a gift to a relative who is going camping in a few weeks. she is very please with them and has said would purchase another to keep in the car delighted with them.


I bought a couple of these for my household emergency kit. They are really well made and give a surprising amount of light with long battery life. Can recommend.


Well pleased with this dinky little lamp. Very light,very brightand the batteries last for ages.Got it on a special offer and Imight buy another. Recommended.


Purchased for elderly mother in case of power cuts. Smaller than I had imagined but so easy to operate and easy for arthritic hands to hold.
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