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Like another reviewer, I live in a rural location where power cuts are common after a storm. Like right now in fact! (I'm writing this at work). In the past I've tried candles (do you fancy risking falling asleep with a lit candle beside your bed? I don't!), gas camping lamps (loud hissing, and they get dangerously hot, and modern ones don't last long), early model wind up LED lamps (pathetic light output, and anyway when the emergency comes you find that the battery is dead and wont charge). And so on. In the pre LED days a battery powered lantern was not really an option I considered - I don't even know if it was available.And now this Varta LED camping lantern, which I believe is nearly perfect for my needs.It puts out a natural white light that's good for working or reading by. It has two output settings, which I'll call bright and very bright, and it can go for up to 72 hours on the higher setting, depending of course on battery type. Speaking of which, it's your choice whether to go for normal or rechargeable batteries: I went for heavy duty NiMH Extreme Rechargeable D Cells 10000 mAh 2 pack and they work great (you do however need a beefy charger), but I've got plenty normal batteries in a cupboard as backup should a power cut last longer than expected.[ Edit ] I forgot to talk about the impressive design aspects of this product. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into making it as usable as possible, for example it comes with a carry handle, (which has a bend, and could in a pinch work as a hook) there's an actual hook on the bottom which could hold the lamp upside down over a work area (I will come back to that), and there's a separate foldable double hook supplied, which is also very handy. Overall the lamp has a good, solid feel to it. One problem with hanging the lamp upside down is that the top is opaque and casts a shadow right where you don't want it. However, the diffuser top can be removed with a twist like opening a jam jar, giving you a brighter but more local light right where you need it.
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This is a great little unit.Top surface, edges, and main body are all rubberised plastic - feels rugged and heavy duty i.e. should survive ok in camping kit which gets knocked around a bit.It comes with a 3 year guarantee and claims up to 150 hour battery life; even if it's only half that, it will be enough for several weekend camping trips. It will be interesting to see how it works with rechargeables.Claims up to 300 lumnens and offers 3 light levels. I only used it for a short time on a recent trip but it lit up the interior of my campervan very nicely - if you've used LED lamps or torches before, you'lll know that the light is birght, but doesn't have the overall power of a traditional bulb.The Varta claims to have a 10m radius from the diffuser, but I would say only the first 2 or 3 are really "useable" i.e. I don't see it as a replacement for my gas fuelled lamp, and gas is much less expensive than batteries. Nevertheless, it will be something I hang in the roof of the tent (it has an LED too to help find it in the dark!), use as an all purpose lamp at home and make general use of it in the shed/greenhouse. A really usefull item.4 stars not 5 because- the locking mechanism of the base does not feel overly secure. It's only about an eighth of a turn to undo it to put the batteries in, and to a certain extent the batteries "tighten" it up. I've not had it long enough yet to know how much of a problem this is likely to be.- the hanging hook on the base looks and feels to be the weakest part of the device i.e. the objective is to be able to hang it inverted so that the body doesn't get in the way of the diffusion of light. A real let down.- when hanging it inverted, the carry handle doesn't "stow" and just dangles. A nuisance/rubber band job.Overall a great little unit that will get a lot of use. The three year gaurantee is re-assuring.
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A simply outstanding light. Plain and simple.When this item arrived I was a little disappointed to see that it was quite small but then it is a light really manufactured for portability and suitable for camping. I inserted the 3 D type batteries recommended and that was it. There are three light settings although we have only used the high power and the low power and not the flashing light as we have no use for it.Construction wise, "robust" really does sum this item up. It has a rubberised base and lid and a carrying handle on the top; conveniently for campers there is a hook on the base to attach it to whatever. On to the main issue, does it provide much light? Well all I.Can say on that score is that for many years we used a Coleman petrol lamp when camping and it totally outperforms that on its high setting and is at least it's equal on a low setting.I purchased this item for use in our home, which being in the countryside, we encounter a greater than average quantity of power outs, mainly short lived but sometimes lasting for several hours. I have only used it once so far and it illuminated out large kitchen with ease. In terms of how long the batteries last, you will need to rely on other reviewers opinions. With good quality alkaline batteries I believe that this item should continue providing strong light for 150 hours+.Mine is now located next to the fuse box attached to a hook ready for the next power cut.27th March 2015This item came up as a deal at £9.99, with 63% off the price I had purchased the first one at. I didn't really need it, but it was too good a price to miss and so I purchased it and if all else, my son can use it for his Duke of Edinburgh award hikes; I am amazed that an item like this can produce so much light, yet is tough and light enough to be carried as a luxury item in a backpack when hiking.
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The build quality of this lamp is excellent, and mine has survived some sharp knocks and bumps without any damage. The design is also really good with the handles folding away neatly, good seals for waterproofing and a heavy base for good stability. The three light settings will prove useful although the full power setting will obviously be the most important one for most people. That provides decent light, especially when the top half of the lamp is removed - the top section unscrews a quarter turn to reveal the lamp, and when hung from the bottom hook this means clear lighting without any shadows. The light itself is a very white light and can appear quite clinical,although it obviously serves better than it might with a warmer tone to it.In use the range is not massive but it is powerful enough to light a large room, garage or attic sufficiently to see what you're doing and it's certainly possible to eat or read by its light if you are closer to the lamp. Overall I have to say that it's a really good lamp and the only thing that I was disappointed about was the lack of batteries; despite being branded by a major battery manufacturer the lamp doesn't come with any fitted meaning that you can't actually use it until you have three `D' cells such as these to fit it Varta Longlife Extra D Alkaline 1.5 Volt Batteries - 4-Pack
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This is a good lantern for camping or emergency use. This is why I bought it, to have in the house for power outages, and the odd camping trip. On its first use, you think, this LED isn't that great, but when it's pitch black, it will throw enough light out to fill an entire room. Its much smaller than I though. And not that heavy, even with the 3 x D-batteries. I go camping on the motorbike, and in no way does this take up much room or weight.Its plastic/rubber construction doesn't look the best, but I've let it fall, and it never flinched.It has hooks to hook upsidedown, and you can remove the plastic top to give 360 degree downlight.I can't see why you'd use the low setting,the high setting is all I use. There's not much difference really. I don't think it gives the rates lumens though, maybe a bit less than stated. It would last a fair few hours of use, good for a weekend trip I'd say, but no way would last the stated time. Also, the strobe function is impressive, would be handy in a camping emergency. The green led flashes all the time though, I'm not gone on that, you can't turn it off. So it may drain the batteries over time if you keep them in, but the drawn current would be neglegible so it's not that bad. Defeats the purpose of using this as an 'emergency lamp' though. Otherwise, a good buy for the money.
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I don't go camping but was looking for a battery powered lantern to provide decent light in case of a power cut. We had quite a few long power outages last December in the winter storm and got fed up with the poor light from candles. I saw this and liked the reviews so ordered it. I am very impressed, it's nice and compact, rubberised and looks rugged and would withstand a few knocks and it's waterproof. The battery compartment screws off the bottom, you pop in 3 x D size batteries ( you get any with it, so order some at the same time). You then simply click the button on the front of the lantern and the light is amazing, incredibly bright, it practically lights up a whole room!You can dim it by pressing the button twice. There is a third option, press and hold for 5 seconds and the light strobes and flashes on/ off, I guess this is for people camping and lost in a dark forest somewhere ( Horror movie stuff!). Anyway, this is a really good lantern and it's now on a shelf waiting for the next power cut and no rushing around looking for candles & matches and of course it's much safer with no risk of fire. Might buy another one! Highly recommended for all of us in the South of England that remember Christmas 2013 without electricity, hopefully never again!
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This has been hard to find since I received it. It does not have 'Find My Lantern' capability, unfortunately. Everyone has been taking it. For evening BBQs, sleepovers, general 'just need it' etc. Good to boost those nightmarish eco bulbs that barely light a room - nothing like the 'camping' look to impress... Comes with a dual size s-hook as well as a built-in hook on the base to hang it from the bottom. Ultra-bright light. Press button again for dimmer light and for 3 seconds for strobe light (if you can take it...) For design perfection, I would have liked a sliding/flip open piece on the top to allow some light upwards if wanted and I don't know why some mountaineering rope wasn't thrown in as well so you could dangle it off a precipice for a night climb.Sturdy with a grippy base, but reasonably heavy. Green LED 'finder' light flashes approx every 3 seconds. The handle is removable if you want to hook it through something - or use a carabiner but bear in mind that it is not that light so hang it where it won't cause a headache should it fall. Takes 3 of these batteries: Varta Longlife Extra D Alkaline 1.5 Volt Batteries - 4-Pack or of course, any D size.
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If you've ever had a battery powered lantern before & thought its not bright enough. Get this one! It is the brightest lantern I have seen. The specification says 300 lumens. How bright is 300 lumens? Its bright enough to light up a whole room as if you have just flicked a light switch on. The on/off switch is a multifunction button. One press & you get full brightness, two presses & you get a reduced brightness, press & hold & you get a flashing light. It has a green LED indicator located near the switch button which flashes every couple of seconds so you can find the lantern in total darkness. The base, lid & handle have a rubbery coating for a good grip. It takes 3 X D size batteries which last for a long time.I use the lantern every day for work & still have the same batteries in. I chose this battery powered unit rather than a rechargeable unit as I can be confident it will always work when I need it, as the rechargeable units run down very quickly & usually have to be plugged in all the time to stay charged & suffer from the dreaded ni-cad memory effect. From a person who uses torches & lanterns all the time at work, I can't rate it highly enough.
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I am very impressed with this product. It is bright enough for a large tent and you could read by it if you sit reasonably close. It gives about three times as much light as the top of the range Varta torch Varta 1W LED Indestructible Torch with 2 x AA Battery (which I also reviewed).It takes 3 size D batteries, which the manufacturers claims will last 150 hours. To install the batteries you rotate the bottom of the lamp an eighth of a turn. At first, I found it difficult to get it back on. The fixture is well made, firm and secure without requiring any force but you need to line up the alignment arrows carefully. With a bit of practice it became easy and only took a second.The lamp is compact for its power - about a foot high.It feels heavy, weighing nearly a kilogram with the batteries installed - that's about the same as a bottle of wine.The design and build are extremely high quality and I would expect it to endure anything a camper throws at it.The light has 3 settings - low, high and flashing. If you don't read the tiny print you will never know about the flashing setting as you have to hold the button for 3 seconds to get it.
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Got this for general use within the house. I expected the lamp to be very bright after reading the various reviews here, so was a little disappointed to find that it's not really THAT bright. The light output is sufficient to see around a small room, but unlike a couple of reviews, it is no way as bright as turning on your main lights.This lantern is quoted at 300 lumens, and when comparing it to a battery operated security light which I had bought recently (Auraglow Super Bright Motion Activated PIR Sensor), the lantern is not nearly as bright. And when compared to the LED light on my Samsung S4 phone,I'd say that the lantern is probably about twice as bright.The light is very well made and I am quite happy with it overall - I only bought it as it was £9.99 during a Lightning Deal, but I wouldn't have paid full price for this.The battery cover isn't that easy to put back on as it would only fit when it's lined up correctly. And I wish there was a switch to turn off that green flashing led at the front!
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Have just returned from first camping trip using this light. In the past we've had various lights including a gas powered one. This blows them all away! It's almost as bright as a gas light and with the top lantern unscrewed, it turns into what essentially looks like a light bulb and has a second hook concealed in the base so that it can be hung up with the bulb facing down. In this configuration we could EASILY read books in the tent.It has two brightness modes and a strobe emergency mode (hold the button for 3 seconds).It runs from 3 D cell batteries and although I've not yet drained it, rough calculations say it should last around 15 hours at full power,depending on battery type.It's the best of both worlds - as bright as a gas light but as safe as a regular electric one. Feels like a quality product too, with rubberised top and bottom and a rubber seal on the bottom of the top lantern part so probably water resistant.Great product.
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I got this lantern primarily to light my workout area, which is a space around fifteen feet by fifteen feet, with a squat rack in the middle, over which I hang the lantern.Up to this point I had been using a really crappy led thingy, 3 from Tesco's and it was awful, to the point that I was reading the numbers on my weights with my fingertips.I scoured the internet for the right lantern, and this is it, definitely. The light is actually blinding if you look straight at it, and if you take off the top bit and hang it, I think it provides at least as much light as you might see from a forty to sixty watt bulb. It is absolutely bright enough to read comfortably under, and is perfect.Ten out of ten.P.S.I have not used it for camping yet, and so I don't know how it would go tent wise, but I would have to assume very well. It might be a little heavy to carry far, but as part of a cars camping complement, it would be perfect.
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I have got several torches, lamps which are mostly LED. I also have a Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern which is fine for outside, however as it is a potential fire risk and will emit cordon monoxide so it cannot be used inside. This lantern is very bright and produces a nice clean white light as opposed to the Coleman Dual Fuel which is bright but produces a yellow light.It has three output settings bright, which is very very bright and will easily light up the inside of a tent for reading etc. There is also a dim setting which is not dim and still very bright, this will also help the batteries last longer even thou they should last over 100 hours. Then there is also a strobe setting,not sure what and if I would use this, but its there.Construction is very good and robust and I would recommend this lantern without hesitation. A good quality product.
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We have had a number of power cuts recently and have used this lantern to good effect. Much better and safer than candles. We have not used it long enough to determine the battery life. I noticed from other reviews that comments were made about the difficulty of installing the batteries. I thought "How difficult can that be?" but it is possibly the most fiddly battery arrangement I have ever seen and the instructions are not clear. I have posted almost the same review on the EVER LED which I purchased at the same time. The EVER LED construction is almost identical down to the same weird battery arrangement. The EVER LED was less expensive and the flashing light which alerts you in the dark to where the lantern is located (if you have forgotten)is much brighter on the EVER LED. Apart from that they seem very similar.
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I was very impressed with these lamps. I purchased two for my first camping experience in over 20 years based on the reviews given on this site. The light they produce was more than adequate and their small size along with the included hanging hooks made locating them in the tent a cinch. I did however find the battery duration to be way below the rated 72hrs. In my case in was more like 12 - 14 hours. I was using rechargeable batteries though so will give Varta the benefit of the doubt on this one and so would suggest you use alkaline batteries if you decide to purchase. Since returning from camping I have been using one of them in my loft where it continues to provide value for money.Overall I would gladly recommend them.
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