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(beware, the image featured for this item is misleading, new Trangia pans/pots do not have a loop for the handle, also the HA is dark-grey not silver colour)The Trangia cooking system is a no-nonsense ensemble of units that can actually work with different setups.I do use those frypans (Series 27) and pots (Series 27 and Series 25, the latter is bigger and doesn't fit in the Series 27 windscreen) even with other stoves, like Meths/Wood/Esbit, with very good results.Those pans/pots are as light as Titanium models, but on the titanium one cannot really cook.Titanium pots/pans are mainly rehydrate food. If you want to cook some pasta, quick soups, etc., go for the Trangia pots and you can't go wrong.This particular frypan,can easily make 3 or 4 scrambled eggs at once! And it's easy to clean.The Hard-anodizing finish is an "in-between" from bare alluminium and non-stick. To me, has the best of both, being partially non-stick but very hard and durable (being wise, you can use the coarse sponge and metal cutlery)Only one remark: those pans/pots are very thin, do never try to cool them down when they are hot. Like any metal in thin section, a sudden drop in temperature will cause distortion; so let the cool naturally outside, and they'll last long time!
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I have a Trangia 27 light aluminium cookset. The original fry pan is prone to sticking and hard to clean. Hard anodised has better non stick properties. So, goodbye to sticky bangers and Brillo. Heaven in a pan?


Bought this to build a custom Trangia Mini setup. Works perfectly with the Mini windshield, and of course works perfectly as a replacement for a 27 setup. Also use it as a top for my custom Mini nest setup.


Nice pan, heats up fast. There is a hot spot in the middle with my gas stove. NOTE: the images for the item show a handle. This DOES NOT come with the handle, you need to purchase one separately.


Chose this as a replacement for an old Tiranga stopover easy to use and easy to clean


Light, functional, probably lasts from father to son, like Trangia in general.


as described,does the job, worth the money.


Works well


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