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I bought this to go with my Trangia 27. I already have a 1.6l travel kettle (pictured) but it's an awkward fit with the 27 and it has to be packed separately. The Trangia kettle on the other hand fits inside one of the 27's pots, and with the handle turned down the Trangia packs down into its usual size. Even with the burner inside the kettle there's still enough space inside for some 3-in-1 coffees and/or teabags.Good stuff? It feels robust. It's tiny and lightweight and it makes for a cute talking point. It holds enough for two standard cups of tea if you fill it to the brim and carefully pour it out, or one-and-three-quarter cups if you're worried about boiling water splashing everywhere.There's no whistle, but this isn't really an issue with a meths-burning stove (you're not likely to leave it unattended!). I found that the water tasted slightly odd, probably because of the meths, but it's not camping unless the water tastes odd.On the downside an extra pot is more versatile than a single-purpose kettle, although on a psychological level it feels wrong to make coffee with water boiled in a pot. Carrying a larger kettle isn't all that much of a bother because it's hollow. As mentioned in other reviews the interior tarnishes in an odd-looking way after the first boil, but this is apparently harmless. I don't know if it's deliberate or a result of buying the kettle separately, but the spout stops it sitting snugly inside the 27's pots. It fits, but it looks as if it should fit better.Still, they're picky complaints. As with everything by Trangia it's more expensive than you might expect but on the other hand they're a small company in a high-tax country, so I can't grumble.
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I finally had to replace the kettle from my trangia cookset. It had corroded through, and had small holes in the base. The rest of the set still works fine, so a replacement kettle has it working as well as it did when new. The kettle is the heart of your trangia cookset, don't buy a set that does not have one. I use mine to make turkish coffee, it saves me having to carry milk on multi day outings. It is not the newest, it is not the lightest, it is not the fastest, and it is certainly not the flashiest cookset in the world, but it just works, without fuss or complaint, in all conditions, and everything you need packs inside it.What more can I say? I have used mine continuously since first buying it in 1982,and it will probably outlast me.
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The whole Trangia range seems to be well thought out and this kettle appears to be no exception. It fits nicely inside the pans and has an insulated handle that stays upright if you want it to or folds away for transport/storage. I should mention before going further that I have not used it yet, but bought it separately after getting fed up with trying to pour small amounts of very hot water into a portable coffee filter holder from a billy/saucepan, which is quite tricky and potentially slightly hazardous in a tent or small boat (which is where I normally use my Trangia stove). I just hope the kettle is a better pourer...


The main body of the Trangia-made kettle has been made of one piece of aluminium unlike many kettles whose bottom is a seperate piece of metal crimped to the top part. That means this kettle will never leake unless you puncture it with a nail. The kettle fits neatly inside the size 27 pots. The kettle has a wide lid so that you can store either the meths burner or the gas burner inside the kettle. When in use the kettle fits inside the top wind shield to receive heat efficiently from whatever kind of burner you are using. Excellent value for money


Absolutely brilliant and fits inside the Trangia 25 series easily! Makes 4 cups of tea/coffee per fill. My partner has the smaller series which is great if it's just two of us, but more recently we have been going with friends so I decided to buy the Trangia 25 series, the non stick set but it didn't come with a kettle so I bought one from Amazon. And happy to say the kit is fantastic. Kettle cleans up easily and the little black trangia bag that has the gas fitting and pot handle also stores away in the kettle nicely when your not using it.


This a small kettle but it hold enough water to make 2 mugs of coffee which all we needed it for. It boils really quick which is great but it was difficult to know when the water was getting close to boiling. Another issue was if you wanted to boil the kettle a second time it wasn't easy to fill as you have to take the lid off to see how much water is inside and the lid gets hot. Overall though this little kettle performed well and I got my coffee nice and quick each morning thanks to it.


I like this bit of kit - it is just the right size for a couple of cups of tea and folds away for easy storage. I use it in my campervan so it is stored in the sink bowl when not in use (or hot!) but I can imagine I would be happy to carry it round with me if I was camping as it is light as a feather and as I say quite compact. The handle can get hot if left to boil so a little care is needed when picking it up - it also pours nicely being easy to direct with no drips.


Does fit snugly inside the Trangia 27 cookset so the whole lot still goes inside the Trangia bright orange bag.Good design, does what you want. Handle sits up nicely when boiling to stay away from flame and folds flat to pack.When all inside the 27 set I can fit the Trangia meth burner inside the kettle too, along with a suitably sized plastic beaker/cup.The standard 27 cook set on here didn't come with a kettle, all good now.


Since management, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that 'portable' kitchen appliances are now banned (too miserly to pay to get them PAT tested every year) and I hate the taste of the 'hot' water that comes out of the urn they provided I now have my very own, lovely little stove top kettle that boils just enough for a rushed lunchtime emergency pot noodle.


This tiny kettle is lightweight and fits inside my camping pans so great when I'm backpacking. It holds enough for two mugs of coffee and its small blunt spout and folding handle means it takes up very little space. Have used one with my ex-partner for two years of wild camping and when we split, it was this was the first thing on my solo list.


If you have the question in your head? Will it fit my set? The smaller trangia set is 180mm diameter top plate, where as the bigger version is the 25 series, so this kettle will suit the smaller 27 series 180mm dia fry pan set...nicely made and a lovely “just” right size kettle for a brew in the woods camping? Top draw?


Well I only just got the item, I've been told by colleagues that this kit is the Dogs Nads. On opening the box for the kettle I was shocked how small it was but hey it's perfect for a wet/brew in the great outdoors. The cookset itself looks great i believe this will be one of my top rated cooksets I've used.


I have been very impressed with this little kettle, it boils enough water for 3 cups of tea, and is big enough to hold the Trangia cooker, handle, and a firesteel. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you have the handle up when using it or you will melt the plastic covering like I did. Doh!


This is a perfect little kettle for boiling water on camping trips. It is very compact and fits inside the pots I take. It holds more than enough for my husband and I for tea/coffee - about 24 oz with plenty of room to allow boiling. Seems very well made. Look forward to many years of use with it.


Great little cute kettle just enough for two medium to large cups. Great quick boiling and weighs about 130 grams. Fits on the smallest Pam supports of the smallest alcohol stoves too. I can get trangia stove with a little pot stand and 300ml of water with a windshield in about 3 minutes to boil
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