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I recently bought this item along with the Tatonka burner and flame adjuster. As the review heading says 'You really really need this' item as it holds the burner securely and safely. The only thing negative I found was that the one leg was an incredibly tight fit in its socket due to socket being on a welded seam, I hope that with use it will loosen up a little. The stand disassembles to such a small size that it along with the burner and flame adjuster all fit inside my round St/steel mess kit(just). As an aside, I wonder at the usefulness of the flame adjuster,Tatonka Stainless Steel Flame Adjuster because it seems a little rudimentary as a flame adjuster, but to be fair,I did purchase it mainly as a means of extinguishing the flame (I had heard one or two accounts of people damaging the seal on the burner lid, trying to extinguish the flame using the lid). All in all a beautifully simple beautifully designed piece of engineering.As a footnote I have just had a weekend away using this and as a comparison to the coleman feather petrol stove, while the coleman is incredibley fast I found that the tatonka was more confidence inspiring and felt much more safe to use especially in the porch of my tent, I felt I had to use the coleman much further away in case of flare ups or worse. In fact the tatonka flame adjuster worked beautifully as I found out when I was cooking sausages in the stainless steel mess kit that I had purchased off amazon (brilliant bit of kit - see my review) the tatonka cooked the sausages beautifully. The second lot I cooked I used the flame adjuster as they were cooking faster than I wanted. After this weekend I absolutely love this kit!
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Contrary to the item description and an earlier review this item is the Tatonka Stand NOT the Flame Adjuster unitAnd, as such, it does an excellent job. The standard Trangia meths burner (as well as the Tatonka burner) slots into this perfectlyThe stand loses a star because if you try and pick up an assembled stand the legs drop off as there's no way that can see of locking them in placeYou'd definitely need to buy or knock up some kind of windshield if you plan to use it outdoorsAnd if you want to go really cheap and really lightweight you could can make a DIY stand out of three decent sized nails placed into a Trangia or Tatonka burner


Dispite the title you don't get a flame adjuster with the stand(though I had figured it wasn't included so wasn't upset when it turned up on it's own.) >>> Tatonka Stainless Steel Flame AdjusterIt's nice and easy to set up though one of the legs is quite tight to get in as they have welded the bracket for it over the join in the main body ring. I suppose this gives the ring joint a bit more strength.The stand was a bit too big for my burner (Highlander brand) so it would not quite sit level, but a bit of squashing on the sides got into a shape that held the burner level.All in all, well worth spending a bit less than £6.00 on.


Well this is a nice quality stand for my tangia spirit burner. It is stable and will take a bigger pot size but not a military canteen or bottle, however I watched on YouTube how you can use tubing to extend the arms of the stand so you can fit a small cup or canteen on it without it falling through so I will try that.


Soild construction and fit for purpose - i purchased this in conjunction with the tatonka burner. Does its job and is simple to assemble, take apart, and have added it to my daypack. It just takes the tatonka mug i have and would cope well with larger pots and pans.See my stove review to see how it all goes together


Great stand. Well made and light and compact. A little fiddly to set up as it's hard to hold all 3 legs in place but you soon get a technique for it. You'll need some sort of windshield as well


We bought to put BIALETTI Mocha Express. It will not be placed as it is, so it is perfect to insert a 4x15mm spacer on a tripod. You can have delicious coffee at the camp.


High quality bit of kit. Streets ahead of the trangia but make sure you know what you are buying as the picture shows a stand. This item is the simmer ring only.


It is a very good stand for any trangea style burner and works well with my brass trangea nicely, but the legs do come out occasionally so use with care


Super styling, stainless steel, adaptable to the stove trangia or alone with a windscreen ideal for the kitchen or the do-it-yourself.


This Also fits the trangia gas burner conversion absolutely fantastic bit of kit very sturdy once assembled, well worth the money ?


I couldn't find it easily, so I finally bought it. The solid construction can be used with confidence even with a large cooker.


This is an excellent little stand for your alcohol burner, fits in your pocket or bag and easily assembled for use.


Something hard and annoying in the assembly, but then stops tipp topp. Very space-saving


It is a very simple accessory. And it fulfills its function. You can not ask for more.
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