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"Where's my Meths Burner" was met with a solid and deafening silence this week and I have a bushcraft meet this weekend and needed another quickly to use with my Honey Stove.I saw the Tatonka, preferred the stainless steel look to the Brass version that I had before and when I saw the price to me as a prime member I had to have it.As usual it it arrived the next day so straight out to the shed to test it with my Bio Ethanol. The Tatonka actually comes with very good safety notice and instructions for use. I never usually read that stuff but for some reason I did and I was soundly impressed. The look and feel of the burner itself is great, it's lightweight and luckily for me fits neatly into my Steel camping cup and the Honey stove burner adapter.The lid screws on nice and tightly and has a good sturdy rubber seal, no lost fuel in my bag is very important. I prefer Bio Ethanol to meths in these burners so I loaded mine up and it took a couple of minutes to soak in and lit first strike using my Ferro Rod.The jets flared into life almost immediately and within a few second I had a very stable burn on the go with very steady flame. I haven't used this outside yet but as it's for use in my Honey Stove I'm more than confident I'll still get an efficient burn out of the Tatonka.Finally I put the using out after about 5 minutes and it was cool to the touch a few minutes later, again another plus for the burner when on the move you don't want to have to wait for ages before it can be re-stowed in your pack.Overall very happy with the Tatonka and will be trying other products from them in the future if they are a s well built as this Ill be very happy.Excellent service as usual from Amazon
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Well, without more technical knowledge I can't say too much about this burner except that it works fine so far. Unlike tranja burners, it doesn't come with a simmer-lid attatchment to drop over and reduce flame temperature, so it can only be used at full power.If, however, you are buying this as a replcement for your stove, check compatability. I bought it to replace a blocked up burner from a cheap non-branded tranja style stove, and found it wider than the origial. I had to file down the aluminium stove fillings in order to allow it to fit in. On the plus side, I also got to use the drop-on simmer attatchment that came with my old burner, on this one.


Bought this because it has a slighly bigger capacity than the Trangia burner. It looks nice & I like the stand too but it does the same job as a brass Trangia burner. In regular use I've found the Tatonka doesn't bloom quite as well as the Trangia because Stainless Steel doesn't conduct heat as well as Brass but the difference is very small.One little con is that the rubber O rings are impossible to find & the Trangia ones are a quarter of a mill too small - doesn't sound much but doesn't truly seal the burner if you're carring it with fuel in & meths is very stinky.Have I mentioned how shiny it is though!!!!


0.5l of water with the burner on the grid of the normal Bushbox in 7min to boiling. This is absolutely fine. The burner is of the outer dimensions as large as the Trangia, but the tank is slightly higher, about 5mm it fits thus more alcohol pure, but the stove fits however usually also everywhere where the trangia also fits. Great advantage for me, the stove is made of stainless steel and not brass. The O-ring in the Denkel gets you with your fingers out to protect it when the flame is burned from the fierce to protect and also clean without problems. The stove is absolutely tight and I transport it also filled.


I disagree with some of the other reviewers but then again I havent tried a mini Triangia. Yes, this does leak slightly but not so much if you a) make sure lid is tight b) store inside a small poly bag! I usually estimate it so that most of the fuel is used by time I end cooking so not much fuel to leak. I have the stand and a small alloy wind screen which I think is a must. Thats maybe where the Triangia wins as its a screen and a stand in one. Anyway this boils water well enough for tea and is good enough for porrige in the morning which are my main two uses of this stove.


Good processing of the stainless steel plate. Something higher than the original, thus longer firing time (approx. 51mm, Trangia approx. 43mm, without lid). The flame ring from the small holes ignites surprisingly fast. This alcohol-burner convinced me fully. Tip 1: Gummiring in the lid easy to treat with silicone grease (thickens better and keeps the ring supple) Tip 2: burns better with 95% bioethanlo than with alcohol (less soot) Tip 3: Order the flame regulator ring or build one from sheet metal.


The burner is well constructed. Upon lighting the priming took around 2-3 minutes (about twice that of the Trangia) but when primed burnt efficiently taking about 15 minutes to boil 400ml of very cold water. I bought it in conjunction with the stand which is excellent both in its quality of material and robustness. Overall i would rate this a decent stove and have added it to my daypack.


prompt delivery tested alchol burner had no alcohol to burn--tried mineralised meths instead found this a sturdy product a lot deeper than the trangia burner i used very little fuel and it burnt steadily for about half an hour i would rate this product very highly as i am a wilderness camper i cant afford to be without hot food and drinks


This spirit burner is better than the original trangia burner, as it's made from stainless steel and has a larger capacity as well.Beautifully made from stainless steel rather than the trangia burner, which is made from brass.Works exactly in the same way as the trangia, and has exactly the same fuel consumption and cooking time.


Bought as a backup to another Tatonka. Works well and does not leak (first thing I tested - filled with 120 ml of fuel, sealed cap shook vigorously and then left on side wrapped in kitchen towel....no sign of seepage. Not sure I like the 'satin' finish though...prefer the 'shiny' one...lol Whatever, excellent value for money.


Great stoves. I have been using a previous Tatonka stove and put it to the test. I've been cooking my meals for over a year now - no cracks, no leakage. I removed the original O - ring (for a Trangia or a Pathfinder Self reliance School) which i strongly recommend. The leakage stopped. Great stoves.


These alcohol burners are great. altogether I now have five,three brass and two of these stainless steel. I have a long biscuit tin with holes punched in the side. I place my burners within after they have been filled. I light them and place my cooking pots over the top to cook my meals.


I was concerned by "the leakage" comments but bought it anyway. The first thing I did was to fill it to the very top and test for any leaks, happy to report not a drop of alcohol came out after some vigorous shaking!The burner performs very well and is well made.


Robust heater that probably suffers from the same faults as all others...1) some twig stoves severely restrict access to the burner2) gets very very hot - can be difficult to put the flame out without a dedicated snufferboils 500ml of water in 8 minutes.


Clean worked part, advantage of stainless steel plate. Unfortunately no "Simmer-Ring" as with the original (Trangia), but otherwise absolutely i.O. If the Simmer-Ring were there, there would be five stars.
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