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If your reading this review for a Trangia Gas Burner the chances are you'll know what a Trangia stove is. If not briefly Trangia produce a stove set that comprises a burner which runs on methylated spirit in a highly effective and stable windshield with cooking pans and perhaps a kettle thrown in. Trangias come in two basic sizes Model 25 is the 'big one' and Model 27 which is smaller and designed for solo use or a couple of folk.The Gas Burner replaces the standard Methalyted Spriits burner.This model of gas burner is manufactured for Trangia By Primus.The burner is an adaption of Primus's Himalaya Easy Fuel gas stove burner. It's very well constructed using Stainless Steel Brass and Aluminium. The gas supply hose uses a SS outer sheath for abrasion protection. The gas valve uses the standard EN417 connection and the connection threads are brass which will provide for greater wear then the alloy threads used on some chinese stoves.The gas valve allows for a wide range of control on the flame. The whole assembly fits into the lower windshield on the Trangia. Older models of trangia without the cut out in the windshield for the gas burner will need to be modified to accept the burner.Ok in use the gas burner transforms the Trangia gone is the ritual of filling the Meths's burner and that comforting but slightly fume ridden wait while water boils. The gas burner is clinically clean and efficient nada real power house. The wind shield means the burner developers its full potential and the heat is effectively captured in the stove. boil times are MUCH MUCH quicker than the Meths's burner will ever produce. Flame control is simple and it's easy to get foods simmering.I'm running my gas burner in a model 27 duossal and it's transformed the stove into a high performance clean burning cooking set. With of course more flexibility than say a Jetboil PCS and far better windshielding than a SOTO Stove or MSR windpro.All up a superbly made bit of kit which transforms the Trangia....
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I have a Trangia 25-2 set for family camping that we use in our Robens Klondike - this used over other stoves due to it's relative safety whilst cooking inside the tent so I was eager to see how this gas burner fit in with that. using the meth's burner is simplicity itself and you can see how much fuel you have used which is useful but in almost every other way this gas burner beats it hand down!It's quicker for a start - much quicker, and roars away like a jet engine on full whack - suddenly cooking methods like frying are much easier,simmering is much easier with gas burner too and easier to adjust whilst on the go and with no burnt fingers, if you run out of gas whilst cooking you can just unscrew the old canister and attach a new one - no waiting for anything to cool down first.Tip;- Gas canister stoves are known for poor performance in the cold but due to the remote feed on this burner you can turn the canister upside down effectively liquid fueling your stove and greatly increase it's performance in deep cold.
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I bought the Trangia Gas Burner as a back up to the spirit burner in the event that if I ran out of meths I would have another source of fuel to use. Having used the gas burner it has now become the main source for cooking and the meths burner is now the back up. The gas burner is easy to use, easy to install in the cooker base and is much better for simmer control over the spirit burner. It boils a kettle of water very quickly and if you shop around the gas canisters can be bought at a resonable cost.Using the gas burner also means that you don't cover the bottom of the pans and kettles in soot either. When cooking on a very low light its a good idea to stir the food regularly to prevent it burning and sticking to the bottom of the pan because the head of the burner concentrates the flames in a small central spot. I like the simplicity of the spirit burner and the availability in most places to obtain the fuel. In my opinion the addition of the gas burner makes a good stove even better.
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I have a Trangia 25 series camping kit, and a Trangia 27 series camping kit, both using methylated spirits. The problem that I have had in the past, is that when you are cooking a larger meal, say using a 2.5L billy can, then I do find it can take a while for the Trangia to heat up the water / stock, hence why I have decided to purchase this gas burner as an alternative. I would say that there are some cheaper gas burner alternatives that you can use with your Trangia - available for around £30,but for me, brand and quality is important. I have yet to try this out but I already know from reviews that this will be a great addition to my camping kit. Built solidly and it comes with a handy bag to keep it clean. I was able to get a 230g Primus power gas cylinder cartridge on the internet for less than £5. that should give me around 2hrs burning. Overall, I am delighted with this and I would highly recommend it.
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Have used this on one 6 day trip so far and first impressions are very favourable. It is capable of boiling water quickly for a brew and will turn down far enough to simmer food without burning to the bottom of the pan ( I use a basic aluminium trangia U27 set up). Cooking 2 meals and an morning brew a day, it seems a 250g cylinder should last 4/5 days if you shepherd the gas and don't try to boil water in a couple of minutes.One criticism is that the clips that secure it in place came with very sharp edges and since I use a flint for lighting resulted in a couple of nasty nicks to the knuckles before I sussed the cause. I have since rounded them off with a file so hopefully that's now sorted. Overall I was very impressed with the performance and usability and after many years as a spirit burner devotee may well have been converted.
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Having tested this out with both my Trangia 27 windshield and the Trangia Triangle I am totally blown away by this burner. Weight-wise, it's pretty close to the spirit burner and the 100ml mini bottle full of meths I have been carrying. Beyond that, there is little else to compare - the gas burner is to the spirit burner what a match is to a blowtorch. It has the capability to burn like a fighter jet's engines, but with the precision of control to allow you to bring the heat down to a gentle simmer.As has been mentioned, the gas flame keeps the outside of your pots cleaner than meths too. For brewing a cup of tea or two on a walk I'll keep it simple and take a pre-filled meths burner, but for everything else I'll be picking the gas system every time. Truly a magnificent piece of engineering, as I've come to expect from Trangia.
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I have used various trekking cookers and the Trangia is overall my best combination for ease of use and general 'idiotproofness', spirit fuel is never a problem and the weight isn't a real issue with me. Recently I bought the gas burner and I'm really pleased with it, easy to set up, great Trangis windproofing and now we Trangia fans can have a real accurate simmer! I'm using a Coleman Fuel C250 and I havent used it up yet. I think depending on how you use it a C250 could last a good 5 days of trekking.The benefit of the Trangia is the windshield which makes gas a lot more efficient. If I was a weight fiend I might go Jetboil but they're not that stable, Trangias are.
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This may look a little pricey but trust me its worth its weight in gold. I have had this burner for my trangia/s for about 3-4 months now and i have found it is absolutley great and it works well whether you are frying, boiling water, cooking soups and stews ect. this burner is quite fierce though as once when i was boiling some water on the kettle it melted the rubber handle so to combat that when boiling with the kettle dont turn it up all the way.so if you are looking for a gas stove get this to fit in your trangia.
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Bought to convert an old Trangia that has been used on meths fuel for all its life. Installed today and impressed. Firstly, the gas canisters were found in my local hardware shop which says they can probably be found in most hardware stores, and much lighter than expected. Also burns totally clean which is a huge improvement the old meths burner. And combined with the Trangia, gives a nice stable platform compared to most tent camping stoves, and still all packs (frypan, two pots and burner)into one package.
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Great accessory for my stove, although I had to modify my lower cover to get the gas tap and pipe through (an old and trusty stove), which basically meant drilling a large opening for it to pass. There is a large unsightly gas safety tag which is attached to the tap which is not shown in any of the pictures or even the original box. You can cut it off of course but it will void any warranty issue.Apart from that a great bit of kit. Stops the blackening of the pans and the stink of meths tea.
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