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I have an 18" paella pan that I have always struggled with on our gas stove top. While I could get our paellas done, it always took a very long time on the stove top, with lots of turning (and finger-burning!). A fair amount of creative language came along with making my paellas - and I was planning on branching out to learn Spanish expletives to make my paella cooking even more "authentic".Instead, I decided to take a different route to authenticity: I make enough paellas in a year to justify this purchase, and boy, does this burner get the job done! The old adage of having the right tool for the job definitely applies here.This cooks the paella quickly and evenly,though you have to fool around a bit to balance the two flames optimally on larger pans. It comes with a short (but sufficient length) hose with a propane tank adapter for connecting the burner to your tank.I originally subtracted one star for missing instructions on how to put the legs together and the somewhat cheap metal leg construction / arrangement, but this quemador works so well, I changed my review to 5 stars.Keep in mind that the legs work just fine, but you may need to bend the metal tabs a little to get everything to line up. On my burner, I screwed the wingnuts / leg braces into the holes closest to the legs. YMMV.The burner packs up fine in a sturdy yard grass bag when not in use, and taking care not to let the bag rip from sharp edges. I used some twist-ties to hold the parts together.*** UPDATE ***I've owned this quemador for about 9 months now. It still works great, and my 18" paella finishes in less than half the time it used to take on the stove top.I just wanted to add a few more notes, since I've had more "quality time" to spend with this great device.1) Our carbon steel 18" paella pan gets *very* hot very fast. You don't need to crank the burner control knobs very much to get a lot of heat on the pan. I basically turn our propane tank full-on, turn the burner control knobs half-way, and then light each of the quemador burners (light the inside one first, so you don't have to reach over the flames of the outside burner). I then slowly turn the gas level down on each burner until I start to hear the "popping" noise when the some of the burner flames are just about to go out - and then turn it back up just a little to get a solidly on, but low-level flame.2) To get the best results, I would *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* getting a good quality IR thermometer (I purchased the "Raytek MT6 Non-contact MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer", available here on Amazon for about $55 - My wife and I absolutely *love* it!). You can use the IR thermometer to help you adjust the flame levels so that you have a consistent average temperature across your paella pan. I have found a surface temperature of around 300 degF to be a good paella cooking temperature.NOTE: There will always be some small "hot spots" on the pan, it's unavoidable with a ring gas burner.On a side note ... Once you get an IR thermometer, you may be surprised on how often you use it! We have used ours for a lot of stuff: Adjusting our refrigerator/freezer temperatures, setting our gas water heater hot water temperature (which should be around 125 degF for proper dishwasher operation), door trim leaks, air conditioning system checks, room thermostat adjusting, cooking caramel, tempering chocolate, cooking custards, bath water temperature ... the list goes on. When I first got the IR thermometer, my wife gave me a "What are you going to use *that* for?" comment. A few months ago, while she was making a tiramisu and measuring the egg mixture temperature, she made an "I love this thing!" comment. :-)3) Once I figured out where the 300 degF settings were for each burner control dial, I used a dab of white-out to mark a thin line on each knob and on the metal plate in front. This really helped with setting the temperature on future paellas.4) Using this quemador, I finally was able to get a good seasoning on my paella pan. I gave up seasoning my 18" pan on the stove top. It just was impossible for me to get an even finish. Our 18" pan was also too large to fit into our convection oven. I spent about a half hour with the temperature around 350 deg and a small amount of evenly spread peanut oil to get a golden brown seasoning on the surface. Some turning of the paella pan was still required, since there were small hot spots.Cheers!
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Excellent for a 12-15 person paella pan (60cm) . What isn't obvious is that the three spurs inside the inner ring also are gas jets, so the pan is heated right to the very middle, which is excellent, and having a separate control for inner and outer rings is incredibly useful too.The only thing to watch out for; the nozzle is for a 12mm internal diameter hose, but most regulator and hose kits for Calor Gas cylinders, propane and butane, come with 8mm internal diameter hose nozzle and hose. This means that you need a 8mm to 12mm coupler and a short 4" or so length of 12mm hose with 2 jubilee clips to make the connection. Unfortunately you'll need to buy a length of hose which isn't cheap,so if you can get a standard 21mm regulator with a 12mm hose kit, you would be far better off, but I've never seen one.
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We purchased this paella burner for my husband's birthday party. My father-in-law was visiting and he is from Valencia (the place where paella is from) and he is a pro making paellas, so we decided it was time for us to have our own paella burner in the US. The paellas were a complete success. Yes, we are paying 3 times more for a burner we could find in Spain cheaper, but how confortable is that you purchase it on Amazon and have it in your home 2 days later...We recommend this product!!


Does exactly what it is designed to do and more, cooks paella in my 40cm diameter pan. Used indoors or outdoors. Also used it with a huge frying pan on it fora breakfast feast for 6 .. it is a portable gas ring. Very well manufactured, you get what you pay for. There are more expensive burners out there, with safety devices built in, as with any gas appliance use common sense when operating ..... so why buy the more expensive product, the Garcima Duel ring is a very good product.


Went to a paella cooking class last month in Spain and wanted to get this to make our own. Just make sure you buy a regulator hose to hook it up top a LP tank that has an adjustable pressure valve, one you would buy for a bbq grill only has a set pressure and you need to be able turn it up to get a good high flame. Made well and has worked out great!


The fact that there is a double ring burner in the market is awesome and finally I can cook my paella evenly that all rice grains are basically with the same consistency. But, my paella pan was slipping at times when on the burner specially at the first steps of cooking it. So with children or pets around it can become an safety issue.


This is the best tool you can have in a garden.You can cook ? Valencian paellas with this like a professional cookThis tool is original from Valencia, I can prepare paellas in the UK like the ones I normally cook in Valencia with itVery happy with this item


Absolutely chuffed to bits with this item. I built my own outdoor kitchen and needed a burner. For the money and the power this is superb.Ideal for making an outdoor full English on a weekend and of course Paella.


Works great, the burner is great for flat pans like Paella, very hot flame, so be careful you do not burn your dish. Needs some cleaning after use so it does not clog the burner holes for flames from spilled foods.


Paella burner worked great and was a real attraction at my Spanish themed dinner party. The Paella was also sensational


it's what it says on the tin, used only once so far, working nicely, paella was great, bigger than I thought


We are from Spain and we wanted to make a paella for some friends. It worked fine, no issues.


Worked great. I have a 22in pan and this will heat center and rim very well. Love it.


Proper Valencia Paella gas ring from Valencia and made in Valencia


The original one. Excellent for cooking Paella for 7-10 people.
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