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I wanted a stove that was compact, light and would rid me of carrying gas canisters.Lo and behold this stove came my way. Small, compact, lightweight and so easy to use. Its a stupidly simple system, pour, light and boil kettle in minutes.To light, simply pour a required amount of (I used) Methylated Spirits (B and Q Diall brand) into the central reservoir. Light the liquid (non explosive but still be wary). My word of warning is vapor is quite strong so make sure area is well ventilated.To extinguish, simply pop the lid over the top of the stove and wait for the flame to die down, leave for a little longer for the stove to cool.As a stand i bought the Trangia Triangle ->https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trangia-Triangle-Lightweight-Camping-Stove/dp/B004LSASOK/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=00H9W10T9X34V61TNNP2 easy to assemble, sturdy for my kettleOverall, very pleased for the price.
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This is an excellent Meths Spirit Stove. It is nicely compact and can quickly produce the desired flame for cooking/boiling water. I find that by using this burner in conjunction with a decent wood-burning Stove (Place the Meths Stove inside the Framework of the wood-burning stove in lieu of twigs), one has a very handy and effective Cooker. The shelter and stability of the wood-burner frame allows one to boil water in minutes - thereby saving on fuel as well.


bought this as a replacement for a trangier meths burner,its a bit smaller,but weighs less,burns just as well as my old one,and after testing you can carry the burner while it's full of meths providing you tighten the screw top well enough,comes with the simmer control/extinguishing cap.the build quality is what you would expect for a made in china product and could be more robust,but for the price £10 its good little burner


I bought this to replace my Trangia burner which has seen better days... and this burner is just as good - and at a better price.The burner arrived very quickly and it was well packaged.It fits my Trangia 27 cooking set, so I am a very happy chappy! A nice long handle on the heat control lid saves burning my fingers.All-in-all a great purchase and I would highly recommend this burner.


I tested it by cooking some rice in a foil tray with a lightweight cooking stand, and it worked well. The water boiled quickly, and then it was easy to reduce the flame for a prolonged simmer.It still lacks the power and controllability of gas, but if you want a small, lightweight, convenient burner that lets you brew a cuppa or boil some pasta, you can't beat this.


Bought this as a cheaper alternative to a proper Trangia, in hindsight I should have spent the extra for a proper one. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with this burner but you can tell the build quality isn't as good. Works well so will see how durable it is. So pros, cheaper and lighter than Trangia. Cons build quality not as good.


A simple, no-nonsense alcohol stove. Blooms quickly using undiluted meth. Best for boiling - the simmer ring on stoves like this are next to useless but the handle on this one makes it an ideal snuffer. A good product at a good price.


This burner works quite well. This type of product needs only a few instructions, however the instructions that are given are too few, eg quantity of fuel - half full, fill to brim.


I found this to be a great little stove.i have used it with a Swedish army stove and a Trangia mini with no problems. And it does not leak meths when the lid is screwed on


Not a product you can really fault... fill with fuel light it and cook. No leaks, flame adjuster is fine, and great price... would recommend to others.


Simple and effective design, hard to go wrong really, no moving parts and will burn most liquid fuels well. almost zero maintenance.


Does what it says on the tin. Great little burner, lots of heat. Used it heat a siphon brewer and it's ideal!


Perfect wee stove works great very light and easy to use takes up almost no room in pack great.


Good burner but tends to leak a little, if you don't move it about its fine.


Great spirit stove, well made and works a treat. Excellent piece of kit
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