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Its a good solid sturdy mug that does not feel like its going to break too easily.The handles are good and easy to hold the cup by even when full.It has very useful markers inscribed inside to show quantity in Ml (marked inside..not outside like in the picture but i prefere it that way).My coleman 100 size gas canisters fit perfectly inside.As its a single wall steel cup it gets quite hot with boiling water inside but you can use the handles until it cools a little then it can be used to warm your hands on a cold day.Some reviews have said that the cup tips when EMPTY with the handles open, mine does not fall over unless it were knocked but thats not a problem as its empty!If it bothers you then fold the handles in a bit. When there is a little liquid inside it ibecomes perfectly stable.As its a metal cup you can also use it directly on your stove.The cup is a good size with wide and short dimensions holding 350-400ml comfortably and about 500ml if filled to the brim.Overall its a good quality product, very useful and feels very authentic and rustic when brewing up in the wilds.
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I use this cup as part of a stainless steel nesting brew and cook kit inside a Condor h2o pouch. This nesting set is used in or near a fire as well as with gas. It is a great, robust cup and a bargain for the money. The tatonka at the bottom end then a Stanley Cook pot inside it and a nalgene stainless steel bottle inside the Stanley with the Stanley pot lid also fitting the tatonka cup. THE STANLEY handle needs to be removed to facilitate this and I store it inside the Nalgene bottle along with a fish mouth spreader that I use to suspend the nalgene over a fire. A fire steel, spoon and other items can also be stored inside the Nalgene.I carry a 100g gas canister in the lid of the Condor underneath the Stanley pot lid and a small gas burner in the Condors front zip pouch along with coffee satchels. To slide the nested items in and out of the Condor pouch just place them all in their own plastic bags to keep each item clean and then put them all in one bag and slide all items inside the pouch. This way they easily slide in and out of the pouch :)
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Have used two of these for a month now. One of them had a very small splinter of steel jutting out from the bracket (that is welded to the mug that holds the handles)and this managed to stab my hand. This problem was easily solved using a Leatherman to pinch it off but does not say much for Tatonkas manufacturing or quality control!Most of my friends have found the foldable handles awkward to use, but this is in the nature of the beast (there is no way I can see that this could be improved) and the folding handles do save space in the rucksack and avoid snagging.Easy to keep clean and a good size. In my opinion they will last well. They are sufficiently robust for the job without being too heavy.As I said before,the handles do take so getting used to. One of our group did not take to it at all whereas I found I was able to manage and got used to it.So, try before you buy! If you can take to the handles you will be very pleased with every other aspect.
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Having now been using my Tatonka mug for over 6 months for making a quick brew in the shed, overnight & weekend lightweight camping trips, etc, I can definitely say it was and is worth every penny. In spite of my reservations about the internal measurement markings, I can confirm that they are unchanged - as far as I can tell - after many scrubbings with a standard green scourer like those found in most kitchens. The handle does an excellent job being long enough to stay cool (hint - keep it on the upwind side of the flames) as well as being stable and controllable so that you don't dump your eagerly-awaited brew on the ground. This is now my standard small cooking pot/brewing up 'kettle',it cooks two sachets of instant porridge at a time for a quick and easy camping breakfast; ground coffee + cold water + heat = an excellent cuppa.I can't imagine another piece of kit replacing it, it's that good at what it does.
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A brilliant bit of kit, especially if your bottle of choice is a 1l Nalgene bottle (or similar), which it fits over nicely.I was a bit worried about the handles for extended use as they looked a bit awkward, but you can hold them like a spoon in a number of ways, they have the added benefit that you can jam them together over a washing line or guy line to dry the cup off the ground and at eye level so you don't lose it. Slightly unstable with the handles extended when empty but as soon as you have an inch of liquid in it its fine.500ml is (just) enough (or just not enough) to cook with for one person, the long handle and steel construction make it simple to use over a stove,its a bit trickier over a fire but doable. Some sort of detachable mouthguard would be a good addition for this purpose.Good with whisky... Highly recommended!
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Had my eye on one of these for a while. It's a great looking bit of kit and is well built, and feels like it should last a lifetime. The handle is well attached and holds it firm unlike some cheaper mugs I have used, and fold tight to the mug and stay there being nice unobtrusive.It's a nice size, and being good single walled stainless steel you could use this to cook and sterilise water with as well, which is a bonus. I bought this with the aim of getting a Nalgene stainless bottle, as it nestles inside of this creating a nice compact cooking solution.Over all I am very happy with this product, buying good quality like this means an item that should last a very long time, thanks Tatonka!


So far so good. Got this camping/backpacking mug as I'd heard that it 'nested' well with the Stanley cook set (as you can see in the image). The Stanley cook set lid also fits the cup so could work well for extra light pack (could put the cup direct onto a stove/fire with it being stainless steel).Seems pretty solid, and a good size too. Could be used as a small bowl to eat out of if needed.I'm happy with the weight personally but obviously if you're serious about keeping weight to a minimum then probably worth remembering that there will be lighter alternatives (no doubt at a noticeable cost).Ideal for me. Would recommend for sure.


The standard Tatonka mug is 500ml, this mug is 600ml - both mugs are the same width, this 600ml version is just slightly taller in height. My Stanley Adventure cook pot (the one with the two green cups inside) fits into this mug perfectly (see photo). I usually wrap the Stanley in a hanky before pushing it into the cup - this keeps it from rattling while I walk, and also keeps it a snug fit, so you can pick up the Stanley and the mug doesn't fall off (handy for when packing it away). The lid from the Stanley fits the mug perfectly (see photo). I use the mug and lid for solo days out and the Stanley/mug combo for when there is two of us.


Fits over my 32oz Nalgene perfectly. Sits inside my Condor 10x4 water carrier fine. If you put it at the bottom it's a bit of a wiggle to get it back out, so I put it over the top of the bottle instead.The mug holds half a litre (just over a pint), meaning it's big enough for a brew or a meal. It has the fluid level markings inside which are useful, and the handles are much sturdier than the reviews gave me to think. You will probably find that they get a bit hot if you are heating the mug direct on the fire, but that's what gloves are for.All in all I am very happy with this mug. I am going to buy one for my my young son too.


I could do my cooking in this thing XDIt really is huge, they aren't lying when they say it is 500ml, I easily got a whole bottle of coke in it without it spilling over the edges.It also fits around the Nalgene 1L bottle perfectly, so if you have one or if you plan on getting a bottle, get one of those to accompany this product (Perfect for hiking/ camping).The steel construction allows you to stick it on a fire and works well for making a quick brew for yourself.My only complaint is that the handles are a bit awkward, if they were a bit larger in terms of where you can get your hands in, it would be perfect.


OK, well that's a bit silly. Only 5 stars to choose from. This is a 5 star piece of kit. If you don't like the look of the handle then don't buy it. If you can deal with that then buy it , wash it and use it to max effect. I've drunk Rum n coke, tea and coffee out of this and it don't make any difference. It is a really good mug that can be used for a variety of different drinks or possibly soups, etc. Try it, and, in my opinion, like it. I cannot see how it can let you down unless you try to use it under the wheel of a T***X loading shovel. But don't blame the mug if you can't work under pressure.


I recently bought a Stanley stainless steel cooking pot and found that besides a little butane gas canister turned upside down fits in just perfectly, along with a little BRS T3000 burner that I bought, plus a little scowing pad cut in half and a couple of lighters, and a tiny make shift washing up liquid bottle. What does also fit perfectly underneath the cooking pot this stainless steel Tatonka cup that I also bought. On the whole this is a GREAT bit of kit for over night wild camping, and it packs down nice and snug into a side pocket of my Bergen along with my rations


Decent quality and thickness but still fairly light and just wide enough to sit on a standard outdoor gas cooker. Four stars not five because the handle could be more useable, it's not great to hold or to prop it up over a fire, also there's no lid which obviously isn't in the description but every good camping mug should have one and this doesn't which means you end up wasting heat energy and taking longer to heat everything. Also you get bits of the outside in your mug.Side note - regular litre thermos flasks slot inside quite nicely too which is often useful.


I purchased some time ago. It arrived well packaged and quite quickly.Having used this a fair bit, I have found it be a very good bit of kit. The graduation marks inside are handy!It fits onto the base of a 1 litre Nalgene bottle. It is easy to clean. The handles have not been a problem, as I thought they might. You can easily make a lid for this out of a foil BBQ tray.If you are in the market for an inexpensive, handy-sized metal mug to boil water/cook in and need it to fit on a Nalgene bottle - you won't go wrong with one of these!


I bought two of these Tatonka stainless steel mugs elsewhere. They where the same price as Amazon, but post and packing was free. Fairly lightweight, sturdy with fold out handles to enable you to use the mug as a pan for cooking, which is handy. Using them to drink from is not as awkward as some suggest, it's just a bit different, you soon get used to it. The one litre Nalgene water bottle won't sit inside it, but my one litre Highlander stainless steel water bottle will as it's slightly slimmer than the Nalgene. Overall, recommended.
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