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High concentration of protein, low carbs, low fat. It tastes surprisingly good for a protein with such features - it's not like a milk shake, but something like water with a bit of flavour.The description said that chocolate was the only available flavour; received strawberry instead, though. Even better for me, I take it like a bonus.


Great protein with no crap inside. Tastes good with skimmed milk. I have been using it for a few months and getting good gains even at 47. The downside is the price and it just seems to be going up each time so my next order will be another protein Chocolate is usually cheapest on here and tastes good


A bit on the pricey side, but in my opinion, worth it. Best tasting protein powder on the market. Easy to mix, doesn't go clumpy & mixes well with milk & water. Just don't stick it in porridge oats to flavour it, it tastes absolutely rank


Possibly the best tasting chocolate out there, you'll be thinking "when is the nasty after taste gonna come through" but it never does, really tastes like milk chocolate, brilliant & low carb too. Highly Recommended.


Delivery fair - few days. This protein is very good quality - nothing bad. Taste is quite nice, but is quite watery. I use as post workout protein shake - perfect for that.


Outstanding protein powder


Good quality product
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