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I did not expect so much product in this container in comparison to how much you are expected to use daily. I may not need to purchase it again for a number of months.I have used the old discontinued Maximuscle Creatine or Cretamax before. That came in a nice orange flavoured powder and I saw results from it immediately and other people noticed it as well. I only bought it once and stopped training a few months later.Fast forward 3 years and I am trying to take it all seriously again. I have done as much research as I could and this Creatine seems to fit my requirements. I have had this product for over a week now.The powder alone doesn't really taste of anything so mixing and consuming it with some juice isn't an issue.I haven't followed the loading process religiously but I will maintain the one a day requirements. So far, I haven't noticed a significance in looks or performance that I would credit to the product. Rather my body reacts very well and quickly to weight training, but if this product helps in the process it will still be worth it.I have noticed the tingling feeling across my body a few times 30 minutes into my work out.I am aware of the links between creatine and hair loss/thinning so I will be keeping an eye on this as the months pass.
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I have been weightlifting for two and a half years. Since i am quite young i would comparitavely hold this a quite a while. I never used creatine before, just whey protein, since i feared potential adverse side effects. After researching it very thoroughly and over a long time, i decided i would give it a go. I can honestly say it has alread made a significant difference despite only using it for three weeks. I feel i can lift more for longer and feel much more powerful in the gym. Perhaps this is largely placebo, however, scientifically speaking creatine has been proven in a large amount of studies. With my mum been a scientist she agrees it should significantly work, not just placebo.At any rate this is a fantastic product.I would recommend buying the powder rather than the tablets. You get a lot more serving for a MUCH lower price. The tablets are more compact and easier to take, however, they are perhaps overpriced in comparison to the powder.Get lifting!
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I've been using this product for 3 weeks now and I'm really feeling the benefits. I have used creatine sparodically over the 20 odd years of training and I decided as I had reached the end of my current periodization of heavy training, whether I could push beyond it. Well, it works! In my own experience it has helped with both an increase in size and poundages and I expect that to continue. It has also helped me recover quicker from my workouts (at the age of 46, it doesn't get any easier!)Now to be fair, I have used it in conjunction with Nutrisport protein powder (chocolate, see my other review)so I would suggest my increases are due to the combination of both. However,I really did my homework and found this to be the purest form of creatine available (creapure is only made in Germany but branded under various lables)with no gimmicks. Mix it up in your favourite protein drink and down the hatch.
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The effects of creatine have been studied and researched in depth over the years with a wealth of information available on it. So for that reason I won't go into the inner workings of creatine in this review.This particular supplement made by Reflex is a great one. The powder is very fine and dissolves easily, much better than some other manufacturers I've used in the past and after just 4 days of loading on it I could really feel the added endurance in the gym when lifting weights.The benefits of protein supplementation in my mind are debatable particularly with our protein rich diets in the western world but this stuff really makes the difference.The quality you get for the money spent here is the real clincher.Extremely affordable and cost effective compared to other manufacturers creatine. Highly recommend this to all gym goers.
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Works very good. Works even better with high amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. If your eating every 3 - 4 hrs you will see tremendous gains in strength and body composition. The flavor makes it go down quick and easy after a hard workout, the creatine is of top quality and the results are similar of not better to what is claimed on the web site. One tip is to add some Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine into your creatine, Primaforce Citrulline Malate 200 Grams + FREE Beta Alanine 250 Grams Powder. Helps keep the gains you get from the creatine after your cycle is completed and recovery time is ridiculous with these three combined. Bottom-line, this creatine really works.Made strength gains across the board and made really impressive gains in my bench. The tricky part is keeping them after the bottle is empty!
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Creatine in general is a very good product to take if you are looking to train and build muscle naturally. In fact, all strength training athletes I know use creatine. As for this product, I have used it twice and I have nothing but praise. The granuals are small allowing for easy mixing (some creatines are a nightmare to mix) and it is not flavoured so does not have the added sugary effect. Typically, when I use this product I normally add between 10 - 20 kg to my bench (22-44 lbs for our American friends. It also gives good muscle volumising effects although some of this is lost when you come off (water retention). The price is also very good.Sometimes reflex products can be pricey but I think this represents very good value for money.
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I've almost gone through my 2nd 500g tub, using it on a 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off cycle, loading 10g/day in the first week of each cycle. I go the gym 3/4 times a week, do a lot of weight lifting and I reckon this product helps to speed up muscle repair and perhaps make you look a bit bigger (at least, while your cycling on). It's hard say exactly how much this product does but most reviews you read online will point you towards "creapure creatine monohydrate," the purest & most tested form of creatine. At this price, you can't complain, but you have to remember that the product alone won't do anything unless you push yourself at the gym as well.


Creatine is amazing!I'm not going to go into much detail, but everything has gone up strength wise (bench, squat, shoulder press) whilst still staying at the same weight.I'm 5ft9" and around 78kg. My dumbbell bench was around 28kg on each arm, not its 32kg, going on 34. Just a small little example of how it will affect your body.It will take around 3-4 weeks to kick in with taking 5mg a day.Brilliant product, though I would say that Maximuscle Promax Extreme has creatine already inside and works out cheaper when buying whey protein and creatine. Also it tastes a lot better than Reflex Whey + creatine.Creatine = 5*Reflex creatine = 4*


Reflex make good quality products. This is the only creatine I buy because it does the job. I tend to load 20g per day for 5 days then go to maintenance of 5g per day. Your requirements maybe lower or higher dependant on your goals. I am a training athlete so use on the higher side of dosing recommendations. The product dissolves easily in water but I recommend putting the creatine in with your protein and shaking it up with that. You won't even know it's there. Overall you can't get much better.


first time buying creatine and i'm happy with this one. easy to take and is pretty much tastless i found so taking with water was fine for me, dosen't dissolve all that well but it didn't bother me too much... as far as water retention goes i'm not all that sure i did get much bigger as i haven't really been paying as much attention to accurate size as i should.. from what i here some people do and in others is less noticeable.


Works very good. Works even better with high amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. If your eating every 3 - 4 hrs you will see tremendous gains in strength and body composition. The flavor makes it go down quick and easy after a hard workout, the creatine is of top quality and the results are similar of not better to what is claimed on the web site. One tip is to add some Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine into your creatine,


Compared to other creatine powders, this one is really good quality. The powder is finer than non-creapure products and easier to mix.With other powders, I found I would always get some bits at the bottom that would never mix, even with warm water. However, the creapure mixes perfectly and there is no chemically taste, so it worries me what other impurities are in the other powders.Definitely worth the premium.


Creapure works, full stop!Instant result once the loading phase is complete. Free from any hype, this creatine simply does the job. I tend to take 10mg per day, on the premise that the body naturally loses some of it during the digestive process, and always notice an increase in size and strength in the gym. I then take it for a month and then have a few weeks off and repeat.


Me and me brother use it, and we are biger faster stronger.Only problem I am having is that I swet more, but you need to dring lot of water with it so you odd to swet more, which is good. Water is great for you. I am not saing that I am wet all the time but on gym I look like hardest working man in there. Like big strong hairy Grizzly Bear :)


I'm training for the London Marathon, so used this to increase endurance as opposed to bulking and strength like some other people have reviewed already.I noticed less fatigue straight way, I can run 15k two days in a row with this product. I plan to use this product more often.Downside I did feel some water retention, but no other issues.
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