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This is without doubt the best protein powder on the market right now.I've been training for 25yrs and have used all manner of supplements in that time. And i can categorically say that this is the best protein powder on the market.If you're looking for a high protein content (grams of protein per 100g), then you will not find one better than this. This product is 80% pure protein (80g's of protein per 100g). The next best you'll find will be something like USN Whey, which is roughly 70%. Most other products are in the 60% to 70% range. A huge difference compared to the Reflex Pro here. You need to bear this in mind - the lower the % of protein, the higher the calories/fat etc. This product is 80% protein,so there's only 20% left for things like calories, fat, and whatnot. But if you're buying a powder that's 60%/70% protein, then each of your shakes will be 30%/40% calories/fat, Therefore - the higher the protein content, the better.Because the protein content is so high, and the calorie/fat content is so low, it makes it perfect for people on a diet. I've used this when i've been on a diet (and training too obviously). I'll have breakfast, then rather than snack on crisps or a cereal bar or whatever mid-morning, i'll have a shake instead. So much more healthy, and fills you up even more.It mixes very well too. 2 scoops of protein with about 300ml of water, shake it for 10 seconds, and it's perfectly blended.Because it's such a high protein content, it does taste fairly watery. If you want a thicker shake, then you can either blend it with milk or you'll need to buy another product. Powders with a lower protein content tend to be thicker, as they're usually used for meal replacements.I honestly think the taste is fine. But then i wouldn't care if i didn't like it. Anyone who's given this 1 star because of the taste needs a check up from the neck up. Just because you don't like the taste of something, doesn't make it a bad product. But i buy a powder for the benefits it'll give me, not how it tastes. If you want to thicken it up - add milk. If you want to alter the taste - mix it with fruit juice. There's all sorts of things you can do.But you will not find a better protein powder than this.
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Super fast delivery by the seller i bought from , bought Monday, delivered Wednesday. Packed professionally. The product itself i have used before and i find the taste of this chocolate one very nice. It mixes easily in your shaker and doesn't clump. Aswell as mixing shakes with this i also add it to a cake mix i do for a tasty (sort of healthy treat). You can be too strict with diet all the time or you get bored and binge. I find if you can treat yourself you are more likely to stay on track. There is a similar product 'natural whey' that Reflex do but the % of protein per serving is 10% more with this 'instant whey'. So many brands out there, some with stupid cartoon like tub text and designs.I prefer a clean tidy design with a quality product within. In Relfex you do!
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I'm no expert, however these are my views. Firstly, at only 97cal per serving and virtually no added sugar it's ideal. Whilst some may scoff at 20g of protein per serving, it's of a very high quality and just bear in mind this is taken as part of a healthy diet.The bad news is that is tastes awful when mixed with water. I'm not a fan whatsoever and I'm fairly open minded when it comes to taste. The good news is that when mixed with milk it tastes sublime. Try blending it with ice cubes and you have a wonderful protein milkshake. From a personal perspective I think I'll probably go back to ON after this, only because of the taste with water. That said,any high-end protein supplement like this is will satisfy your supplement needs.
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Choc Mint Perfection is the best description for the flavour that's in this tub. It's like drinking an After Eight, and just feels like a chocolate-y mountain breeze. If you're looking for an alternative to straight chocolate, get this one. My only regret is getting such a large tub - it does get boring after a while, as does everything - but this is a 'lighter' version to normal chocolate.Mixability is unparalleled. I use a Blender Ball in my shaker, so end up with fewer lumps anyway, but this only needs a few shakes before becoming milkshake smooth.Nutrition-wise, I can never fault Reflex for having too many fillers or being carb-heavy. This is my personal Gold Standard,and trumps Optimum Nutrition any day.
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I was looking for a low calorie protein to help me shredd and build lean muscle and Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey Pro turned out to be an excellent choice. I have used One Stop Extreme before and I was very happy with the taste, value, quality and the results it brought so I decided to give this one a try. The taste is lighter than your typical high-calorie drink but it's still tastes great (I've got the chocolate flavour), mixes perfectly and offers a great value for the price. Highly recommended for building lean muscle, when shredding down or on a low calorie diet.


Tried loads of protein powders over 10 years or so and this is the best by quite some margin. For a start the main ingredient is Native whey and it delivers 80% protein in every flavour they make. The flavour is not too sweet and mixes really well. My favourite flavour is vanilla with strawberry second. To be honest there is hard to choose a favourite because they all taste so good. Most importantly though I know it delivers a real 80% protein, many brands are failing tests and Reflex are at the top of their game. Simple choice really if you want the best buy Reflex.


I love this product, I can get all the protein I need without dairy. Chocolate flavour may not taste quite the same as other chocolate shakes but who cares I mix mine with half almond milk and water and I like the taste. The makers could have easily gone with artificial sweeteners and chemicals to make it taste more sickly sweet like others but I am so glad they kept this product totally natural so that the body has no problem absorbing all its nutrients. Will be purchasing this from now on.


Over a period of about 10 years I must have tried every whey protein powder on the market. This is the only one that contains Native whey as the main ingredient and has the highest protein content at 80%, the fact that it also tastes amazing, mixes well and has probiotics in it is a bonus. I think my favourite flavour is Vanilla, keep coming back to it because it's got such a natural flavour to it. Recommended to anyone who simply wants the best.


I used to use this product extensively about 15 years ago, and it was pretty good back then. Now its even better, tastes good, doesn't settle out into layers when mixed, smooth on the palate and best of all is very easy to to mix. 300ml of semi skimmed and 2.5 scoops in a wide mouth bottle, shake to 3 seconds and you are good to go. I use a wide mouth Nalgene bottle . Which can go straight into the dish washer afterwards


This is an excellent whey that has 80% protein content. My husband had been using others but found this one more beneficial and the results more obvious. As a few other reviewers have said this isn't sickly sweet. My husband prefers the vanilla flavour which is actually cheaper than the others although he has tried the chocolate. The best thing for him was that this is suitable for vegetarians.


Wonderfull whey. No bad reaction on the belly in fact the added bacteria does wonders for the stomach. Its the only whey I've taken in a long while that doesn't feel heavy and feels easy on the stomach. Another plus for me is thats its not sickly sweet more like an adult taste and finally its certified Halal and made from native whey. Its quality.


Fabulous product. Not high in carbs like a lot of the protein shakes on the market, especially those for women. Getting used to less sweet taste in a shake takes a while which is why I add mine to my soya simply plain yoghurt and mix it up - lovely creamy chocolate yoghurt. Ideal with berries for breakfast or as a healthy low calorie dessert ?


Have used Reflex protein for about three years, good quality high end product with good results. Mixes well in a shaker and tastes good with either milk or water. Good value for money too with 90 servings per tub, which counts for a lot these days. Enjoy it blended with milk, banana and a bit of peanut butter for breakfast/snack.


I absolutely love this stuff. The nutritional data is remarkable, 20g protein and only 2g carbs per serving. I've only tried vanilla ice cream so far and will probably stick with the same flavour in the future rather than venture into uncharted territory. I have 3 servings a day to help hit my macros. I'm a fan for life.


Perfection, made with the worlds best Native Whey. Tastes superb, mixes brilliantly. Don't understand many of these reviews that slate it, amazing protein content, more than any brand including ON. I want an 80% protein in chocolate flavour and reflex instant whey appears to be the only one in the world to offer this.
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