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Trekkinn has 3 customer reviews and the average score is 5. Go to this seller.

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Very handy to rip off the top and sit these in a rear jersey pocket, so much easier than trying to squeeze out the contents of a gel. Great to just snack on one as and when needed. They can take a bit of chewing to get it down but the flavour (cola in my case) is good and it tastes like you're eating sweets, no need to take a drink like lots of gels. Definitely my preferred method of an energy hit


These are great for cycling - tasty too! - they give you that quick energy boost without all the potential sticky-finger / glove / handlebar mess of traditional energy gels.


Super useful for cycling. Tastes pretty much like all cola flavoured sweets. Texture pretty much like Haribo. Gives good energy boost.


A good source of energy for long days in the mountains and they remained palatable for the entire trip.


Great flavor and easy to eat when running or cycling. Easy on the stomach compared to liquid gels


Great product, supply the necessary boost when tired mess kicks in. Taste great as well ?


Delicious and safe on the stomach. Excellent for skippes lunches or long training runs.


Tastes good and gives energy. Practical to take along during training and competition.


go down well in the stomach, do not stick and it works without liquid


we love this. So far, mostly with cola flavor, these are also great


Tastes very good, easy to eat and take in training and competition.


An easy little snack on the wheel to eat if the gels are gummy.


Excellent taste, good boost when needed climbing Kilimanjaro


Great product used on my Ironman training


Nyommy Nyommy Nyommy! Very effective!
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