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An excellent formulation and actually tastes good. BUT the price ricochets all over the place. £27 yes. £36, no way.Nutrient list across products varies greatly. Even if you get the exact same range (they can look rather similar) then you find fat content and salt content varies. Having bought the cookies and cream for a couple of months have switched to the mint (nutritionally not quite as hot but close enough for nearly £10 difference). Stray out of the range and ones with a similar label have vastly different amounts of protein, so look closely at what you are getting and compare the labels on the information page carefully.


So far so good - i've gone through nearly a whole box - and they taste good without any upset stomach or related conditions. Reasonably well priced also so I will buy again.Only complaint is they're a little smaller than other bars meaning I get an urge to have two at a time, but that's also an indication of how good they taste.


Cookies and Cream Powerbars are by far the best protein snacks I ever tried. They are great for post-workout energy


Taste is not too bad, price when on discount is really good considering the amount of protein per bar.


Perfect complement for after the sport if you want sugar-free bars that are good.


Best protein bars I've found so far, I recommend.


Nice with a cuppa, very good amount of protein


Easy to digest, appetizing and low fat, ideal


Not my favourite flavour but ok.


The whole family enjoys them.
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