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I have been an avid cyclist for a number of yeats now. I have done my share of club and century rides. I dont consider myself a pro by ANY stretch of the imagination, yet I am no slowpoke either. That being said, I have used a number of liquid and semi-solid (gel type) inter-workout fuels. I was a long time user of Cytomax, yet they have weakened their formula, over the years. I was looking for a new mix, when I can accross a writeup on Powerbar Isomax. This product is a winner!!! I have, in the past 3 years, I have lost 35 pounds, and subsequently lost alot of my nutritional reserves. Powerbar Isomax gives me all the electrolytes and calories I need for the long haul.The shot of caffine is great for a little boost on the bumps, also. Great product!!! Thanks Powerbar and BikeINN!!
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First time I've tried an energy drink as I suffer with a sensitive stomach. I knew I needed something to keep my energy levels up whilst running and after reading good reviews of PowerBar IsoMax I thought I would give it a try.Taste is a bit like those Swizzler powder drinks you used to buy as a kid. Nothing offensive but not something you'd automatically choose to drink either. It's not thirst quencher either compared to water and leaves the mouth a bit claggy. The energy replenishment is evident as is the isotonic properties giving you a boost whilst preventing cramps.It's easy on the stomach too and I've had no worries using this drink.


This is only the second energy drink I've tried and think it is better. To try it out I went for a short 30 mile bike ride. Had the recommended 50g to 500ml before starting and carried an extra 50g to 750ml for the ride. I started and finished will a lot of energy and I did not need to use the 750ml bottle until the 25 mile mark. Last weekend did a 50 mile ride with similar results. Mixes well for a powder drink and easy on the palate


Of all the sports drinks to take on a bike, this PowerBar Blood orange tastes the best which is a good start. Frankly whether it's claims are verifiable or not, I don't know, but having in my bidons certainly makes me feel better on long rides.


Important: Stir the powder thoroughly, so that it foams properly. Tastes super good and takes the thirst. Also my wife who is very skeptical in such things did it taste well. Tip of me: On the trip smaller pack and take with you.


I usually use the powerbar products as both post and intraworkout, they are particularly good both as a taste and as a digestibility. They give a good contribution of electrolity useful in situations of "emergency" energy.


This is the caffinated energy drink, The taste is a bit chemical due to the caffine but you get used to it. I have used this for 3 ironman triathlons and it seems to work for me


I’m using Powerbar products in training and racing all the year because it’s bring me all the salt and minerals that I lost in the activity, also very tasty!!


I use it during my long rides, when I don't use it and take only water with me I feel that I am running out or power. So I do feel it works.


Refreshing and not sweet, but the taste is getting used to. Does not really work well, this could go better


Isotonic of excellent quality and very pleasant taste. Ideal for endurance activities.


Ideal for making a training drink to your own requirement.


compliant product, fast delivery. very satisfied


good staff,giving you energy and power


Yummy! Does not stick in the mouth
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