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For PowerBar Isoactive 1320g, 28 customer reviews collected from 3 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 4.4.

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Amazon has 16 customer reviews and the average score is 4. Go to this seller.
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Trekkinn has 7 customer reviews and the average score is 4.9. Go to this seller.

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After having tested quite a lot of powder, it's for me the ideal drink. After that it's a very personal question I agree. The aroma of lemon is not marked and even after drinking 2 liters (on long efforts) I did not have the pasty mouth as I could have it with other products. I use it before the effort to hydrate and during.


I buy this for my son who has a medical condition that causes daily dehydration. I use it now in place of dioralyte sachets as it does the job and tastes great. I cannot give medical advice but i have not had to use the prescription sachets since buying this.


Tastes pretty good and comes with a measuring spoon.I removed a star because if you use the given dosage (1.5 spoon for 500mL), it never dissolves entirely, even after some furious mixing. Drinking clumps of sugar is not great.


My taste in Red fruit is really tasty. The drink is well absorbed works in long thighs. The drink does not cause "stomach cramps" or the annoying need to pee even with a larger amount of drinking.


The taste is not like what I use to have but it’s ok and I do feel the difference after/during workout. I normally get tried but this keeps me going by supplementing my glucose loss.


Excellent product, I use it to prepare for long workouts and also for rehydration.It has a good balance of salt to aid rehydration. I could not be more satisfied.


I have been buying bigger and bigger packs and use them on every bike ride , spin class and gym work.


Absolutely favorite taste. Fits perfectly with things containing chocolate.


Sehr gut für lange Radtouren und vor allem während langen Zwiftsessionen


It works very well, connect it and work without problems


Great product, has a good taste to. Helps to hydrate!!!


Use this product for years, top. Good correct delivery.


Bon gust, bon rendiment, format gran i xulo.


Very good product very nice flavour


Great flavour. Thirst quenching.
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