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Excellent quality peanut butter. It contains only one ingredient: roasted peanuts! Try to find a similar product in a supermarket aisle and you might be surprised: salt, sugar, palm oil added and it can go on. I love that its not extremely solid because it makes it easy to use for home made energy bars and bakes. You just need to make sure you will give it a good stir from time to time otherwise you will be left with very dry substance on very bottom of a bucket, but as long as you remember it will be fine.Great price as well through Amazon and their Almond and Cashew butter is delicious too.
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Great tasting peanut butter but I accidentally ordered smooth instead of crunchy. How disappointed am I. I hate how it sticks to the roof of your mouth and clogs up your windpipes.I'm still giving it 5 stars for the flavour and speed of delivery plus you can't beat the price.And actually, even for smooth peanut butter, it still has a bit of texture...Regardless of some of the reviews, I didn't find there was too much oil at all,maybe it had all mixed in during transit.My dog loves it anyway and I will order the crunchy to satisfy my habit.
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I ordered this because I needed to increase my healthy fat intake for training. I've previously used meridian peanut butter which, up until I stumbled across this, had the best nutritional stats i.e. Low/no salt, low/no sugar and high protein. It also had a lovely smooth texture and creamy flavour, not dry like some other brands. However this peanut butter had all the flavour and texture of meridian, but with an even higher protein content, and without having to increase the calorie content.Awesome product, will buy again
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Now my 4th order of the product, fantastic value for money, taste and convenience! Much better than the supermarket varieties.The taste is different to supermarket peanut butters, It is slightly more earthy and natural but tastes delicious. Yes there is oil separation but it only takes a stir to solve and you know it is way more natural than the other butters you might buy.The smooth is still quite crunchy I guess and I think is the best of both worlds. Perfect for using as normal or in porridge,shakes etc.
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Great tasting natural Peanut Butter, spreads easily and is great for anybody looking to cut the added sugars and extras that are found in other nut butters. I would recommend this product to anybody who is looking to add extra protein to their diet, or those who simply love the great taste of Peanut Butter.


This peanut butter has no added sugar or salt, and tastes great. No it is not the same flavour as the standard peanut butter from the shops but it is a healthier version and still manages to be delicious. The texture is great; when it arrived it had some oil separation on top but I stirred this in.


We like the peanut butter with coco butter combo at least as much as My Protein’s regular smooth peanut butter. It’s got an easily spreadable consistency that doesn’t dry out and you can taste a hint of coconut and honey. It’s delicious and a great way to eat healthy coco butter too!


You know you have good peanut butter when the fats separate. It means that it's natural and there are no additives such as coagulants and/or palm oil. This is grade A PB with an awesome taste - I honestly love this stuff and will order the Almond one next! I can't wait!!


I dont know why people complain about the consistency, all 100% pb is the same. The taste is the same as all other GOOD quality pb. I'd eat it by the spoon but I don't want to get fat.I stick my knife in to scoop the thicker bit at the bottom instead of stirring.


I used to buy jars of organic peanut butter but didn't realise all the extra junk they put in it. This peanut butter is as natural as you're going to get! Great texture and keeps in the fridge nicely without going hard. It's also perfect for my dog.
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