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Online this brand got a great score on quality and % of accuracy to there claims to the content of protein. That was my first draw to this product. My second draw was the price.Add to Cart! // Order // 2Day Amazon Prime and BAM!So ill cut to the short of it.Pros:1. The product has a great taste and does not have a super intense sweet taste like some other brands do. Its still sweet but not as strong as others I have had before.2. Mixes well in the blender. Sometimes blend with Almond milk , banana, peanut butter and whatever else I feel I want to add.3. The bag size = what you get. You know when you get a tub from some other brands its only like 1/2 full and at best 2/3 full (AHH fractions!)4.Easily resealable , uses a Velcro strip that's easy to push and know its closed.Cons.1. It does not act like a powder , or flow like for example a cup of sugar. Its a bit clumpy (Still dissolves well) and when I try to put it in a bottle with some watcher (1.5 inch opening of a bottle that's glass) i have trouble getting it to slide in.2. The pro of a Velcro strip is that it closes well for when you are putting it in a cabinet but when I put it in my gym bag and throw it around sometimes I can see some that came out but I guess that's expected
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What I came here to write about was how this powder induces nuclear room clearing farts. Maybe I'm lactose intolerant or my physiology just doesn't jive with protein shakes. I still use it because I think it helps speed workout recovery, and conventional wisdom says it helps build muscle. But damn. My wife says I smell worse than the dog, and she's right. I can hardly stand myself. Also, I had to buy a fan for my office and run it all the time to stir the air around in case someone dropped by unexpectedly. People I work with think I'm hot natured. Nope, I just have WW2 mustard gas eminating from my butt.


This protein is high quality, it's whey isolate which is more pure than whey concentrate, and it has less than a gram of sugar which is excellent. My only disappointment is that the flavor is not great despite people raving over how good the chocolate tasted. I guess it's subjective but I think Optimum Nutrition has a much better tasting chocolate flavor. This powder mixes very well even with just water and a spoon instead of a blender/shaker. I will be purchasing again but probably the banana flavor instead of the chocolate.


I was quite wary of how good this would taste for how how lean this powder is but I'm actually quite happy with it. The taste isn't too overly sweet in an artificial way it just sorta taste like a naural sweetener that you would get from something with sugar. The one negative I see is the fact that protein to weight ratio according to the nutrition label on my package versus the website picture is 80% instead of 84% I don't know where they got 90% from that they advertise in the text description.


The best protein powder i have tried so far. Others didn't always agree with me! This stuff mixes into milk so easily with a shaker and wire ball mixer. With a few shakes there is not the slightest grittiness like others. Chocolate brownie tastes really good. No ill effects! As with all you have to trust the science so time will tell if i am just drinking expensive chocolate milk!!


So far so good! I have only been using this protein for the last week and a half but, the flavor nice (I mixed it with almond milk) and it feels like my muscles are able to recover better after my workouts. I even have tried it in my overnight oatmeal and it is spot on with a chocolate flavor and a little extra protein to start my morning.


I didn't have any of the issues described by the other reviewers - the powder does mix very well and I don't taste anything remotely chemical-like. The only reason for the 4 stars review is the fact that the scoop that comes with the package is in fact 30g when full and not, as I assumed, 25g, which is also the recommended serving.


Chocolate smooth taste really good. It mixed well and did not have an aftertaste that makes you gag like some other protein powders. I’m disappointed that it only has has 20g per scoop, so that is why I gave it 4 stars. It settled well on my stomach. No cramps or indigestion. It is up there in taste with ON’s gold standard whey.


I read about this product on Labdoor and decided to give it a try. This protein dissolves better than any of the many types of protein I've tried in past years. It also tastes very good. Knowing that it's top quality (labdoor.com), it dissolves very well, and is listed at a fair price makes it an easy sell in my book.


I love this protein. It is great when mixed with fruit in a smoothie, and just plain on its own. You don't get the strong chemical taste that is often found with other protein powders. I find that if I drink this for breakfast, I'm full until it's time for lunch.


I did a lot of research and have tried a lot of protein powders before sticking with this. Dissolves more quickly and thoroughly than anything else and the taste is quite good. I normally stick with chocolate. This is the only protein powder that I use now.


These got great reviews on Labdoor.com as one of the top-ranked whey proteins, and hope it stays that way. While the flavor is poor and doesn't taste like much, that's not the point of whey protein. This gets the job done after a long gym session!


Got unflavored. Doesn't taste bad, doesn't taste good either. I was putting 35g in 20 oz of water since im loading my muscles. Worked for me. Bag is really to big for the 2.2 lbs i got. Scoop was buried but meh, it does what it is to do.


This protein is the most fire taste I’ve ever had in a powder ?? it mixes so well and doesn’t froth up or clump. I mix it in liquids with a fork! The bag uses velcro for the seal... that’s kinda weird. But damn dog choose up to this one


According to labdoor, this is one of the top quality whey protein powders you can buy. Best part is, it's extremely affordable right at about $.60/serving for some flavors. Mixes well with no clumping. And it pasts the taste test.
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