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I give this product only 4 stars because I don't actually know if it's doing any good... I bought it after watching 'How To Stay Young' with Angela Rippon who suggested we take inulin to break down internal fats.It is easy to take - just sprinkle 1.5 scoops (scoop supplied) on food. It looks just like coffee whitener and gets sticky, just like coffee whitener. It has a pleasant vanilla taste even though it is said to be unflavoured. I have found that it doesn't dissolve well in cold drinks like smoothies. The best way I have found to take it is on wet food such as stewed fruit, or even in a hot drink.I am intolerant to a lot of foods and, so far, have been able to take inulin without upset.I have ordered another bag so fingers crossed for its fat-busting properties!
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Have been using this for almost a month now and find that bowel function has improved. I am also fairly sure that it has been supporting weight loss, although I cannot say so categorically, as I have been on a low carb diet at the same time. Have definitely found increased flatulence at higher doses, but counter this by taking charcoal capsules at the same time.This product is largely flavourless, with a low level sweetness and readily dissolves in liquid, either hot or cold. I am confident enough that inulin is benefitting me, that I will continue to use it, although will seek a cheaper option for regular use.


Bought following Angela Rippons advice on how inulin decreases internal body fat. It is not possible to gauge the results of this without seeing a doctor or having some kind of scan! But I am going to continue using it for 6 months during my weight loss plan. And listen - start with just a teaspoon full for a week or so. You may get stomach wind and lots of lower wind in the beginning. Several weeks in and these effects have gone. I now have a heaped tablespoon. No idea on what dose you should take.


I thought I'd try this as it helps good bacteria in your intestines. It has no taste so its easy to add to food/ drink. It dissolves well.Overall it does what it says. I've been taking it for a week and I've noticed I'm less bloated and I have lost a bit weight. Delivery was quick and well packaged.


Seems to have settled my somewhat touchy digestive system into something approaching normal! I don't know the technical of details of why it does what it does, but it seems to work for me. As a pensioner, it's rather expensive for me to afford regularly, but I intend to keep taking it when I can.


After watching BBC's how to stay young with Angela Rippon, immediately checked out Inulin on Amazon.If Inulin does what she said on the programme I'll be well pleased!


Love this product. Great for my use in candy making as a sweet bulking agent.


Works ? Not sure but will keep taking to see what happens ?


Product arrived in very good time - as described .


Exactly as ordered - working on my visceral fat !


Liking this its gentle on the digestion


really effective from the start


Thanks for a great product


Excellent product


As advertised
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