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Tried it with warm and cold milk and cold water but no combination seem to mix it well enough to prevent the virtually gap inducing powdery effect that you are left with. I've also tried it with more liquid but it's hard to drink as it is so the less there is of it the better. It may not be so bad if you add fruit or other flavourings but on it's own with milk or water it's nearly undrinkable. I certainly won't be buying this again and will return to the 100% whey that I've had previously.


I mean if you're concious about consuming animal proteins then yes, it's not bad if however you can get over the god awful taste. I thought i would be able to ignore the flavour but nope ! It is vile, 2 days after receiving it i threw it away.


This is just disgusting. Never before have I tried a protein powder that tasted this bad (and I've tried many of them). Like drinking sand.DO NOT BUY.
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