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Cheap and Gas free ,I have had really good results with this Protein , Whey really doesn't agree with me or anybody I'm near when using itso I had to find an alternative and have found it in Pea protein , Tried using it in a straight Soy milk protein shake to begin with but ...Yikes that is horrible , I mean gagging horrible ,thought I had wasted my money until I tried mixing it and really enjoy it now ,Two ripe Bananas ,1 cup of oats , 1 cup of soy milk ,2 eggs ,2 scoops of protein and blend until smooth ,once it's been in the fridge for a while it sets and I eat with a spoon , actually look forward to eating now .
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got this as other protein powders did not agree with my stomach. its dosent taste like much but as long as it does its job im not fussed. make sure you don't use too much powder in one serving as I made that mistake, use a 6oml scoop ftrom another powder I had, as this does not come with one, and it just tasted awful and bitter! like I was drinking sand mixed with milk! so tried it with a table spoon a full scoop and it was ALLOT better. Great price for the size aswell,bigger than I thought it would be.
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Ok, tbh this isn't for you if your a fussy eater as it does taste of cold pea soup and it's a lot thicker than whey protein.As it's not milk based it suits me better but it's no way as versatile as whey and you'll be limited when you can use it. Personally I don't think it tastes too bad and works relatively well with coconut waterBeware of when little bits dry up and float around in the shake...you'll think it's bits of plastic so don't fill up a slightly damp shaker overnight!!


flavour is ok , not disgusting just bland . After what id read i was sceptical but does actually mix ok i put one scoop in my mixer with about 250ml of water n shook it and it mixed fine . A good 2nd place to whey and without all the addatives


fantastic protein powder, i have tried different types ams and this is the only one that does not upset my tummy. Its has no taste and is a little grainy if not mixed well. I use a hand held blender and add some frozen fruit for taste


mixed it with 1kg of rice protein for a more complete amino acid profile


Maybe better to buy with soy protein powder
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