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Myprotein are consistently one of the better value whey protein brands in the UK, why? Simply because they don't embark on massive advertising programs on tv, in gyms and online like some other brands, so because their costs are a lot lower, the prices are lower. Granted not everything in some more premium brands are in the MyProtein Whey but considering it's half the price and does 95% of the job who's complaining?First thing to say is that unless you're trying a questionable flavour for the first time you might as well pick either the 2.5kg or 5kg bag. The best go-to flavour is Chocolate Smooth in my opinion which can best be described as an authentic milk chocolate taste,using milk rather than water is better but will incur extra calories, personally i stick to using water, yes using the recommended water to powder ratio does make it slightly watery but it's very passable and easy to drink.This powder comes in a resealable bag rather than a tub which not only helps reduce storage space but also keeps cost down. You get a 25g scoop in the bag (pot luck whether it's at the top or bottom when you open the bag so you may have to search for it). 1 level scoop is all you need per serving, simply put 250ml of water into a shaker and add the powder then shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds, drink instantly! Using the official MyProtein shaker and whisking ball blends the powder very easily and there are no bits, certainly with the chocolate smooth version. Just ensure you put the water in the shaker first as the whey will stick to the bottom if you add water to the shaker second!!!!So, who can use whey protein? First thing to note is that there are many different grades and formulae which are aimed at different people. The normal Impact whey protein is NOT designed as a meal replacement, for that you need "Impact diet whey". Whey "isolate" is a higher grade of whey protein in which they refine it more and remove most of the fat and carbohydrates, sadly Isolate is very expensive and provided you have a balanced diet and have a calorie deficit each day, using the normal Whey won't cause you a problem. The standard whey which is what this product is, is predominantly a Protein rich product designed for taking immediately prior to and/or immediately after working out. The reason being is because when your body is in protein deficiency, the protein goes straight to your muscles and both helps build muscle mass and speed up recovery meaning you feel better sooner after working out, not forgetting whey protein is fast absorbing and fast acting.If you intend to lift weights you will especially notice a difference through persistent use. I myself take one 25g/250ml serving after my workout, since i'm not a massive body builder and only want to tone myself up to a reasonable standard taking it twice seems overkill to me. My advise would be for you to work out which product is best suited to you, pick a flavour you like and then work out how much you need to take.Flavour wise having tried a few i would give the thumbs up to: chocolate smooth, chocolate banana, Strawberry, Pineapple and vanilla. I can't comment on others but those i list are decent ones.Verdict: If taken alongside a calorie controlled diet and exercise you will find your muscle mass increasing at a faster rate than if you hadn't used the whey protein in the first place and recovery will also take less time too. A 2.5kg bag will last me over three months, if you intend to take it twice a day then you're looking at around 6 weeks worth of whey in the 2.5kg bag. Consistency is key, so ensure you take this within 5 minutes whenever you exercise, whether you choose to take it before you exercise as well is up to you but unless you're an extreme body builder it's unnecessary.High Quality Whey Protein, ideal for anyone working out and looking to speed up their muscle development!
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This was the first time I had purchased a protein powder and so I was a little unsure about what I needed. I have started some low level weights training, just to build a little more muscle and tone up. Friends had advised me that MyProtein was a reputable source of protein powders, so that's where I started my search. I was convinced that, like anything that is supposed to be good for you, this would taste disgusting and so I chose something that I hoped would be at least palatable.... 'cookies and cream' flavour. (There was something about ending my workout with a helping of "cookies and cream" that just seemed ironic enough to be perfect!) I purchased the 1kg bag,which was the smallest option available at the time, just in case it didn't taste great.My first taste was with 250ml of water and a level scoop of the powder. The plastic scoop is provided inside the bag...but you may have to play 'hunt the scoop' to find it. (It reminded me of my childhood breakfasts; trying to find the toy inside the cereal bag.) I used an electric whisk to mix it up, which worked fine. I've also tried using a regular drink shaker/mixer with the mixing ball and it also works fine for eliminating lumps in the mix. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and it is naturally quite sweet without adding anything else, but I decided that it would be even nicer with milk instead of water, despite the extra calories. With 250ml of milk, this makes a really tasty drink and now even my wife and kids try and steal a sip when they can. I've further experimented by including blended fruit, particularly blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, along with blended oats and even... dare I confess... honey just for fun (I know, I know! Wasted calories!).As I have no prior experience with whey protein drinks, I can't compare to other options, but this has been a pleasant addition to my workout routine. As recommended, I try to drink this immediately after using the weights. I'll leave it to other people to explain the science and biology behind it, but it's believed that consuming protein after working-out assists in muscle gain and recovery, so this is ideal (paired with a healthy diet and exercise) for someone looking to develop more muscle. It's also a reasonable protein supplement for someone recovering from an injury, or even for someone simply looking for another source of protein, but let's face it, lots of good proteins are found naturally in meat, fish, poultry and eggs, so don't give up on a good diet for the sake of protein supplements.As for me, I'm going to try a few more flavours. I'm noticing some muscle gain after just a couple of months, which is encouraging. I can't say whether it's the exercise or the protein that has helped most, but this is one thing in my life that is good for me AND tasty, so I'm happy to keep it in my routine!
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I’ve been recommended ‘MYPROTEIN’ powder by a couple of friends who are gym instroctors.Being active person and busy with work and university I am unable to get recommended amount of protein from food nor I can eat that much, thus I found this protein powder to be a great supplement and do a job well.I have tried Cookie cream which I absolutely loved and it tasted like a chocolate & vanilla.The review below will be on my recent purchase on Chocolate Caramel that I use with water (to keep calories down) and a banana.- PRESENTATION- it comes in a nice pack, great saving space on my shelve! :)- SMELL - when I opened the bag I could smell as I’d be in a chocolate factory! Mixture of chocolate/nuts and Carmel. Overall for the smell I’d give 9/10 – very nice and encouraging to drink it! After mixing the powder with water, lovely chocolate smell is still present but not as strong as when you open the bag.- TASTE – YUMMY TASTE and it is way better compared to other brands I’ve tried!! Although it does not taste like a hot chocolate from Costa, it is still delicious! Maybe using milk instead of water would make it close to the hot chocolate. Because I preferred Cookie cream, overall I’d give it 7/10.- Texture – I didn’t have any problems with mixing it nor I had any lumps in it. Using water instead of milk makes it more watery in its consistency but I do not mind that. If you don’t prefer this, then I’d recommend blending some oats and adding to it.- COOKING & BAKING - Cookie and cream flavour went well in baking and cooking such as cupcakes and pancakes... but to all other users please BE AWARE - if you bake something with this protein powder which contains SUCRALOSE to not use any glycerol!!! Sucralose + glycerol + heating = harmful substances (chloropropanols) are produced, raising the risk of cancer. Thus 1 star lost.To conclude- any gym lover or active person would love this protein powder! Great taste and quality for the good value of money. Recommended.
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I have been starting to get into fitness and decided to include a protein for my post workouts, as well as meal replacements. For awhile, I was using the BSN Syntha-6 protein which was absolutely amazing. The taste was incredible, and it would do it's job of filling me up for meals. However, I recently came across Labdoor.com where I was able to see the actual rankings of the proteins. Given the extremely high ranking of this protein, as well as how affordable it is, I decided to give it a shot with 3 separate flavors. I should note that I only mixed these with ice and water.Details below...- Chocolate Smooth - 4 StarsThis definitely tastes the best out of the bunch.It still doesn't taste nearly as good as the BSN Syntha-6 Chocolate Peanut Butter protein I was originally using, but it's still not horrendous. I would imagine adding chocolate milk or some cocoa would make this taste amazing.- Rocky Road - 3 StarsThis is somewhat comparable to Chocolate Smooth, but it still has a weird, lingering taste afterwards that I can only compare to the taste of artificial medicine flavoring. I got pretty sick of the flavor after a 2.2lb bag.- Vanilla - 3 StarsVanilla grew on me a bit after I tried it a couple more times. The first time it tasted extremely artificial and gross, maybe because I wasn't used to the taste. After trying it a couple more times, it wasn't nearly as bad as the first. Still rating this as 3 stars as the taste isn't anything to write home about.I am really trusting Labdoor.com for their analysis on these proteins, but I would strongly encourage everyone to avoid anything other than Chocolate Smooth. I'll continue to try other flavors and update this review, but for now, Chocolate Smooth is the clear winner.
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I've tried many different proteins over the years and this is the first product I've rated 5 stars. Price is always a factor for me, so I've usually gone for mid - budget range products, but since finding out about the "amino spike" scam (read up on it if you don't know) I decided it was time for me to move on to top range protein. I shopped around and nearly bought some optimum, but then I spotted impact and thought, no way, too good to be true at that price.At £14/kg which is a lower mid range price, I expected the usual BS you normally get such as it being 40% whey and the rest made up by inferior proteins (whey is the best and the one you want to look out for) and amino spike ingredients.None of that with impact. No amino spike scam additives and it's all whey protein. Granted it's the 2nd best whey you can get, concentrate (isolate is the best) but that's the only protein used, which is amazing considering how cheap it is. 82% protein content is pretty good, anything over 75% I consider to be a good amount whilst 90-95% is what you get with the most expensive brands. It drops down to as much as 74% with certain flavours (chocolate is the worst for this), so be aware that only unflavoured will deliver the amount advertised.For once, I've found a product that isn't too good to be true and is a much higher quality than the price suggests. Maybe the understated pouch packaging is keeping the price low and if it is, happy days.After using impact, there's no going back for me. The only ones left to try are the top levels like optimum, gdz or dymatize, but they are much more expensive and when compared to impact, they look a bit of a rip off to me right now. Impact is no doubt the best value protein out there
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Really love this protein. It's got an impressive 20g of protein per 25g serving!The old brand I used to get was Optimum Nutrition Gold which was 24g each scoop and a 2.7kg tub (74 servings). After doing the math per 25g serving the MyProtein costs 38p and the Optimum costs 56p. I've also seen no loss in growth since switching or any loss of any performance and have only improved, so it was worth the time and effort to double check my protein! I would rather that extra money go on a good diet!Taste:When I first tried the product I just mixed it with water, and it was completely drinkable but still you could taste the whey. Now I like to add it to smoothies with a banana,and apple and lots of water for hydration and it tastes great!Mixing:It mixes very well, just shake it. It doesn't require a blender ball.Results:I got the same results when taking this as when taking Optimum Gold. My strength has improved a lot (I'm not telling you my bench)! I've also seen a lot of visible muscle growth on my arms and back.When to take:I have one scoop with my bottle of water in the morning with my cod liver oil, multivitamins and Glucosamine, MSM + Chondroitin for joints. I also have one after workouts of course and during the day if I fancy a smoothie. As it's so low calorie I don't worry too much about the extra calories in my diet.Negatives:The only negative really was that it doesn't taste amazing with water but even that I've gotten used to especially with some squash in the bottle. I also would like if it came in a tub but that's one of the reasons it's cheaper.Verdict:Highly Recommend!
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What is Impact Whey Protein? Impact Whey Protein is made-up of 100% premium grade whey protein concentrate and has over 20g of protein per serving (A massive 82%). This has a comprehensive amino acid profile providing all the essential amino acids (EAA’s) and contains over 2g of Leucine per serving. If you’re looking for a premium quality whey protein powder which delivers exceptional value for money and incredible taste, look no further than Impact Whey Protein.It mixes incredibly well and can be taken with either milk or water. Unlike some other whey proteins this doesn’t contain much else other than protein and so this is an ideal supplement for all types of gym goers.It comes in a multitude of flavours and no surprise that my personal choice is that of cookies and cream.It is incredibly tasty and one I recommend. Also this is one of the cheaper whey proteins but it certainly doesn’t skimp on quality.If you are wondering about it’s nutritional information here you go;Per 25g (Unflavoured):Energy: 98.3KcalProtein (dry basis): 20.5g Protein (as-is): 19.6gFat: 1.7gCarbohydrates: 1.5gNow the above is from the unflavoured option just so you have an idea as ingredients may increase or lower certain macro nutrients.Would I recommend the Myprotein Impact Whey Protein? Of course.This is a cheap but effective protein source that won’t break the bank and is great for those just beginning or those far down the line.
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Myprotein is my go to brand for whey protein. I've been using it for quite a while. It's far cheaper than most other brands but the most most important thing to me is the list of ingredients, myprotein contains just the whey itself, flavoring, sweeter, coloring and emulsifier. Many brands contain long lists of ingredients with chemical sounding names.It's important to note that whey protein it not a magic muscle builder, it's just a cheap and convenient way to get the required amount of protein in your diet. If your looking to build muscle your going to need approximately 0.5g to 1g of protein per gram of body weight per day. This can be tough for a lot of people especially those on a budget.One scoop of whey protein powder gives you 20g of protein and has around 100 calories.I use 1 scoop of protein in 200ml of skimmed milk or water with 1 scoop of creatine and a frozen banana (this makes creamy.) Occasionally I add a few frozen blueberries. I take it after my workout as I want to keep my protein intake high but don't really feel like eating right after a workout. It mixes pretty well in a shaker, but I usually use a hand stick blender to get it really smooth.You can take it more often for a cheap protein source of course.My favorite flavour is the cookies and cream, tastes like oreos, I'm not too keen on the banana though, it's too sweet for me.Overall a product that does exactly what it's meant to.
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Not a massive protein user, but decided to go for Myprotein impast whey - latte 1 kg, firstly because of the price (at least i'm honest). Being a vegetarian who's trying to build mass this protein powder seemed to be the best choice for me. as i mentioned before i'm not a massive protein powder user, however i have tried a few different brands (PhD protein, holland and barrett own label) and although i might not be as protein packed as some of the more athlete orientated protein powders, it still packs a pretty decent percentage. The package it'self it made of pretty tough material and the seal was intact when it arrived. it comes with a decent zip lock,so you can keep it fresh and avoid any spillages.As far as the latte flavouring goes, i found it pretty mild, tasting more like latte watered down with a liter of milk, however there is a nice tasting taste still. i've tried the powder with both milk, water and milk substitutes and although it tastes far better with milk, it still tastes really nice with milk substitutes (soy) and not too bad with water in a pinch. Overall, very pleased with this protein powder and MyProtein power will be my go to protein powder when i need some more. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and if you liked my review please like it! thanks for reading
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For somebody living on a budget or who is just beginning to go to the gym this product is ideal. Although the taste of unflavoured is not the most enjoyable, MyProtein offer a large range of flavouring alternatives which do taste great, however the flavourings do affect the amounts of protein per scoop etc. I used this product over 5 months as a meal replacement as well as a source of protein when I personally felt my daily consumption was lacking. Using it for meal replacement was beneficial as I felt satisfied for an extended period of time which helped me to burn fat whilst also building some muscle mass although this was not my specific aim. However in comparison to other more premium protein such as MyProtein true whey,I would personally purchase the more expensive as it is filtered more and is therefore a more pure healthier form of whey protein. Other brands do mixes with creatine and other BCA specs to promote growth further, which may be a better option if you are specifically looking to build muscle mass. Overall I think MyProtein is a great brand and Impact whey is a good product if you are seeking to use it as a meal replacement, however if you are looking to promote muscle growth to the max potential, purchase a highly quality product or brand.
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I would argue that any protein powder flavour is never going to be a culenary delight. My personal choice is to stump for vanilla and would say that it is not too sweet or outrageously fake; both of which are really common in other brands and make drinking them a chore.I had an amazon logisitics faff with this order, no fault of supplier, all previous purchases have arrived with no issue at all. The reason i mention it is that i tried to find an alternative when i had run out to tide me over and it reminded me why once you have found the right brand for you, it's best to stick with them in this arean. For me this is one of the few powders that mixes easily.i use one of them metal mixer ball dodads but even with that other brands seem insistent on clumping and resist proper mixing without use of an industrial shaker. This stuff just mixes, a couple of shakes and it is done.My personal preference is to mix in some flax seed to aid digestion, and then when prepping my shake add half a teaspoon of decaf coffee granules and a splash of milk with the water.Have used this stuff for a number of years, and have just bought 5kg more, as i am smashing through it with all the training that COVID has allowed me!
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For around 20g of protein in a 25g serving, I doubt this can be beat for the price. I've read reviews about how it can taste bad, but I've not found this to be the case, but I do add things like mango and raspberries to my smoothies, which take away the malty taste of the unflavoured whey.On it's own, I find it too creamy for my taste, but with addition of fruit, it's perfect for me. I use skimmed milk or coconut alternative to my smoothies as I don't particularly like them with water, and I won't consume calories for the sake of them, unless I can get it to be nice to my tastebuds. I've also added avocado with mine for some healthy fats too. I doubt I will be without some of this going forward,forever more, now that I've found my ideal brand. Fingers crossed that it stays alive and kicking for the future.EgBreakfast: Not for the fainthearted or very low carb diets though, unless they want to use up all their carb count in one sitting.200ml Skimmed Milk50g Raspberries - I use frozen.50g Mango - I use frozen.72g Banana - sometimes freeze it too.13g Unflavoured Whey= a total of approximately 246 calories, 2g Fat, 19g Protein, 36g Healthy Carbs.
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I wouldn't ever buy this from Amazon but I have bought it from the MyProtein site and ordered the Chocolate Mint diet protein. I have recently got into working out and have genuinely lost weight already. I use this after my workout at the gym, it is so delicious.It took me a couple of days to work out the best way to drink this shake, mixing it with water was a definite no. I tried several combinations but found that using a pint of almond milk, a scoop of protein and a couple of drops of mint essence. It works so so well! I blend it with a blender and it tastes like a thick, mint choc chip milkshake. It will also keep you full for a good couple of hours. The mint essence has really lifted the flavour because not going to lie,the protein alone with water was not nice at all.Personally wouldn't use it as a food supplement, but it is great for an afternoon snack especially as I work out after lunch and get pretty hungry afterwards. I haven't found any issues with lumps or bits, probably because I use a blender. I really like this product and after just two weeks of exercising 5 times a week and drinking this shake after, I have lost weight.
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This stuff is a MUST for anyone going to the gym and doing heavy workout sessions.I'll give you my exact experience.I started going to the gym, done a 1.5 hour workout session (quite typical I guess, maybe even a little short).My recovery on my chest, shoulders and biceps took about 5 days of pain.That was a bad idea without protein.When I finally could lift more than a glass of water, I went back to the gym, this time prepared with a bag of MyProtein at home, I did a 2 hour session, drank 1 scoop+200mls of water and you know what, next day I had no pain and no major stiffness.My fiance who obviously has different workout routines as a female,has had similar experiences when doing leg,bum and core workouts.Also it gives a noticable muscle growth boost since you recover much faster and are giving you muscles enough building blocks to repair.Highly recommended!Just FYI, the flavour is ok-ish.As long as you don't dilute it in too much water.Mixes in nicely with no bits.There are several flavours to chose from on Amazon so try them out to see which is your favourite, I'm getting Raspberry next time!
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When purchasing a protein supplement, it's often desired that we go for the cheapest price, but then arises a problem that the protein quality isn't as good. Well, this is where MyProtein gives an advantage to the budget bodybuilders who are looking for a good quality protein for a cheap price! This product was well sealed and came in good condition which was nice to see, though finding the scoop took a bit of a dig haha! The taste for this vanilla flavor was not bad, not too sweet, not too powdery. Hence, it allowed me to use this powder, not just when making a shake, but also in porridge and other foods. With a combination of a good diet and exercise plan,I did see some good results with the use of this product and so it definitely gives the results that people are looking for. However, I would suggest that you base the amount of protein powder intake on how much deficiency you have, and how much protein your body really needs in a day otherwise it'll just be a waste drinking it. The price of this product was justified, given that it provided a good quality product, hence I would strongly recommend this product!
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