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Update: I purchased a second spoon and it folds and ubfolds smoothly every time. I think my first one was a lemon, therefore I changed my rating from a 3 to a 5.Squeeze-to-fold mechanism didn't work. I couldsee the opening widening, but it wasn't enough to prevent a piece of plastic from breaking off upon applying pressure.I haven't even used it yet and it's broken yet "fixed" (now that it moves from extended mode to fold mode). I'm hoping it won't collapse when I actually go to use it.


Not sure about this but I've been using the older model EVERYDAY for the last 5 years. No kidding. Brought this as a backup but th eold one is still going strong. All I can say is that I prefer the old design mechanically.


The spoon fully fulfills its purpose. The folding mechanism is somewhat susceptible, but it has been functioning so far so far and prevents unwanted folding of the spoon. I still prefer other cutlery.


This thing is awesome! I've already bought more and told the guys! Lightweight, doesn't transfer heat and is long enough to eat those packet meals without singeing the hair off your knuckles!


Lighter and longer than the camping sporks I was using before. Better for getting into dried food backpacking bags. Could be a touch longer but it'll do.


Pretty light but with that being said and being plastic it is kinda flimsy especially when your mixing mashed potatoes.


Very light, very sturdy, great locking mechanism and comes apart for cleaning. Highly recommended.


Lightweight, and while not as strong the titanium spoon it's light and small


Great for eating freeze dried food out of a bag bit it’s a little flimsy.


very light plastic. It does the job and compact.
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