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However it is not light and setting it up does require a bit of brute strength. Also there are no instructions but you don't need to be Einstein to figure it out.Just in case here goes a brief explanation.a) assemble the rods. easy peasy. Just make sure that the holes line up.b) insert the assembled rods into the seams along the sides of the canvas materialc) the tough bit is pulling the canvas over the end of the fully inserted assembled rod. I find a strong thin object can give you the necessary leverage. (fork handle for example)d) turn it upside down and then put the 'legs' into the holes in the rods that should be visible (with a bit of jiggling around)in the gaps in the canvas material.My experience so far has been 3 nights on a building site as night guard. Miles better than the self inflating mattress or even 2 of them (one on top of the other for added comfort). The length is good for me (my height is 5'9") and the width is also good considering I am quite broad. Weight wise I am just under its limit and don't feel vulnerable nor do I hit the floor.All in all very happy with the Slumber Plus Camp Bed and would even bring it out for guests if we had run out of rooms.
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This is an updated version of the old military classic. I went for the wider 77cm option and there is plenty of room. It won't let you down and you can probably keep hold of one for life. However, not good if you have to carry it, as it is a little heavy.You will see lots of bad reviews of similar products because some people can't put them together! It is a little fiddly first time but after that easy - it is technique rather than strength. For example, to put the structural sides into the material, you just have to put in one of the legs to use for better grip/leverage to get the material over the end.Likewise popping the free end of the leg in the hole is easy if you put the fixed end on the floor and use your body weight on the loose end to flex it into position.This is a simple and very durable product and a good value option against some of the flimsier and more expensive options out there. The only real down side is weight, but fine if you don't have to carry it.
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I bought this item after doing a lot of research into different brands, how easy to assemble, size, weight etc. I bought this as it was an extra little bit wider than standard cheaper camp bed as i have wide hips.I have never slept on a campbed before so wanted to make the right choice....I was worried i wouldnt be able to put it up on my own but I managed it fine.It was a bit of a squeeze into my small 2 man tent but it went in eventually.I wouldnt like to think i had to carry it any distance with my tents and all my other gear as is a bit on the weighty side. Fab little carry bag though- east o get back into the bag too (unlike my tent!)I found that i was warmer in the tent at night as iwasnt sleeping on a cold floor on a deflating crappy airbed!Overal review:I HAVE NEVER SLELP SO WELL IN A TENT! (in a thunderstorm aswell!)
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The low height and extra width made for a comfy, firm and stable bed.Fairly easy to put together, much easier the second time after understanding how the side rails fit in the material pockets under a bit of tension.The strong legs give good tension across the width keeping the bed firmly sprung. Having 4 Legs makes it so much more stable than 3 as it'snot tippy when you sit on the end.The material looks very strong and well stitched. Overall a very good design.A drawback is the weight, steel being strong and springy but not lightweight. Not suitable for carrying in a rucksack. Car boot required, I think.Another improvement could be a built-in pillow pocket maybe.


Really pleased with this - easy to assemble as well as being nice and wide too. It comes in a handy carry bag and Im now ready to go camping!This was the second product of this type that I had bought through Amazon and wish I had found this one first! I previously ignored the Amazon feedback for the Yellowstone 4 leg camp bed (which was much the same price as this one too) and had to send it back as soon as I had received it, as it was faulty (the legs would not fit in the holes to make it stand up/work) and it was also very mean on the width.


Just got back from a 3-night music festival - and slept soundly each night. It took me 4 minutes to set up from closed bag to ready to lie on. I have no sympathy with those people who moan about how difficult it is...because it can't be simpler to assemble. Get the wider version because it is more comfortable and stronger. Excellent value for money and packs up into an easy tight bundle. Best bit of camping kit I have bought for years, and it will last for years. I have zero complaints about it.


Way too heavy for a walker or motorcyclist, but packs quite small so good for car-camping or (like me) putting a bed in the camper-van awning. This one is wider than most and as a camper in his mid-60's, I can say after a weeks camp, this was as comfortable as sleeping in the van! Better than an airbed, and you can stash stuff underneath it during the day. Assembly tip: Insert side-rods, turn it on it's side and insert the legs from the middle out. Easy.


This is ideal for those who only have a standard tent which you cannot stand up in. Coupled with an air mattress it is just like sleeping in a proper bed. The only thing is you do need some modicum of strength to get the legs in place but once done they are definitely not gong to come out easily. Definitely recommend for those using a vehicle to get to the site. It may fit on a motorbike but definitely not for the hiker or cyclist.


Decent wide enough camp bed. Bought as raised bed for my dogs and they love it. Think it would sag a bit for a person. Did not come with instructions but it was very simple to work out. Brute force needed to get it together as poles and legs are a very tight fit (necessary to get the tension in the canvas) but once together it is light enough to move around and seems sturdy.


I get to camp at allot as a scout leader and my air bed gave me back ache after 2 nights and I've never had a good nights sleep - until this came along. Yes the legs are hard to fit - yes the first one I had nowhere to fit one of the legs (hole had been drilled on the wrong side) but this was very very comfortable.


Good product, nice and wide, easy to put together only takes a few minutes. The material does sag a little in the middle for me but I'm towards the top end of the weight limit, this doesn't affect the comfort of it and I've only used three times but haven't woke up with a bad back as some of the reviews say.


Bought elsewhere but really pleased with this. It's so much better than an air bed and it's not actually that hard to assemble even though I have arthritis in my hands it's just slightly fiddly and requires a minimal amount of strength. The extra width is perfect. I have the narrower one for my son


Easy to put up though a little strength is required. I also had an inflatable mattress, but don't think i really needed it. There was just enough give, but not so much that it felt like a hammock. And considering how sturdy it is, it's fairly light.


Arrived today easy to assemble and looks very sturdy and hard wearing. Have yet to try this over several nights but it feels comfortable and wide enough to turn over without crushing your shoulders. Long enough for tall people.


You will need pliers to help stretch the canvas over the poles. The bed is huge and very strong.....will be using it this weekend for camping as I'm fed up with deflating air beds. Looks good, let's hope it lasts !
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