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Just as I remember, easy and up in no time with a good night in store.This is a revisit to my past with this purchase. Great for the weekend camping and no ground sheet needed if you are out in the wilds or with a tarp.A soft matt will keep the warmth up to snuff and it does not get easier than this for a good night on a sprung bed when out and about.Get the side rods with the holes and pre fit them together and check that there are no metal welding pips that will snag or rub holes in the stretched fabric.Check the holes in the tubular rod run against the bed fabric to see which way they load into the fabric pipe.Load the wiggly rod into the bed stitched pipe first and follow with the others.Place all the holes at roughly the correct angle first then tighten the stretch of the bed into its final sitting position.Load all the feet rods on one side, nearest is best; so you are pulling the rod to the hole with a greater control; (Pushing them into position is an inaccurate way to achieve this) move the hole both sides into a roughly good aiming position with the last foot rod.Set and load the central feet first, they share the same pole and position, finish with the ends.JOB DONE !3kg is a best weight I have found for this type of bed and does me for the car to carry. Do not be tempted to leave the tubular poles inside the fabric pipe it shortens the life of the fabric with wear and breaks over time.Your purchase of what could well become a much loved sleeping arrangement is worth the small time and effort to pack back in its decent carry case.Great price at £15 delivered and all in.Very Recommended.* * * * *Sleep matt deals with the issue of the width and any pressure from the poles for the wider shoulders and souls of the population.Label has instructions for assembly but the "knack" is as above.
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Every camping trip that wasn't a backpacking trip seemed to involve this type of bed. Cubs, Scouts, School or Family, it didn't matter. We slept on these. For backpacking, cycling or motorcycle touring, I switched to a foam mat. I've tried self-inflating mattresses, and have never found one worthy of the term mattress, always preferring my foam mat. Now, as middle age hits me with both its spread and its scatter gun of aches and pains, I find myself wanting some comfort of a night.My needs are simple. It must fit onto the bike and it must be comfy. Self-inflating mattresses may fall into the first category, but they fail at the second. Air beds require a pump.Can I be bothered with all that pumping when I've never that happy with them anyway?. No.Enter the camp bed. There are many on Amazon, and they all seem to be much of a muchness, so I went for the lowest overall cost including shipping. It arrived, it took me all of five minutes to assemble, and instant comfort. It packs to a reasonable size, and once packed, lays flat, so will be easy to bungee across the back of the bike and it isn't so wide as to preclude filtering.I will have to knock some pucks up for the legs to stop them damaging the groundsheet on soft or sodden ground as the profile of the legs is rather thin. Nothing five minutes with some 5mm high density polypropylene and a jigsaw won't see to.Inexpensive, easy to assemble, seems quite well made and comfy. Won't deflate, compress or give the feeling the Earth has been transformed to jelly unless much beer is consumed. Comfy camping again.
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A struggle to assemble the first time, the webbing loops on the illustration I correctly assumed where for tugging the "canvas" over the end of the rails, however, the loops on mine were only large enough for one finger so I could not get enough "wrench" to heave into position and I'm quite strong, a cadet at 14 years old would have had no chance...I think in time it will "give" and become easier so this is the reason it is not 5 stars,,other than the sweat involved in assembly make sure the poles have the 4 holes in the correct places in "canvas" before stringing your bow and installing the legs...kneel on the upside down bed with the first end in place by your feet,,using your strong handto pull with control the other end into place.It is slightly "narrow "for a 15 stone 5'8" lump like me with the rails at my shoulder blades but extra cissy padding like an old sleeping bag blurs out the discomfort . It coped with my weight admirably so if you need a "bung in the car" camp bed for an adult it should be fine, but for DoE cadets/scouts etc..you'll need Akela/Officer to help assemble..either way the loops need to be hand sized!
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I've had one of these beds for years and it is by far the most comfortable bed I've used for camping. It's only down fall is that it is a bit fiddly and time consuming to set up, so in recent years I have switched to and fro from air beds and the collapsable type canvas bed in the search for a simpler bed, only to return to this one.The big down side with air beds is that they will always succumb to a puncture, despite how much you spend on it. I've come to the conclusion that inflatables and camping in a tent just doesn't mix.The trouble I experienced with a collapsable canvas bed is that it gave me a bad back as it doesn't keep any tension. This bed however,maintains it's tension by the slightly sprung 4 legs (these can be a bit fiddly to insert into position).I can imagine if you have a bit of a larger frame then this bed might not be the best suited to you but for my 11 1/2 stone frame this is perfect, and I have never suffered a bad back or got a puncture with one of these.
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I used to use the old version of these many years ago, they were wire frame construction with tight insert T pieces for each leg. I think the old ones were slightly more reassuring in their tight tolerances. They didn't rock so much. That said, this bed is very serviceable. It's a practical small storage space bed that will enable you to have a comfortable night. It's a basic bit of kit, you will need a sleeping bag, you might even want a bed mat on top of it. However, it will get you off the ground. I like it.The build process is fiddly, there is a trick to it. Slide the poles in as instructed, then use the legs themselves to twist the poles into alignment by inserting them in the hole and using them a bit like a lever to rotate the pole in the bed.There is a requirement for some strength in compressing the legs to locate them in the holes. I find inserting the lower end first and using my weight to compress the leg against the floor and pop it in the other pole works well.
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After scouring the reviews I was a bit sceptical about how easy this may be to assemble as others had issues with it, so I bought one initially to see whether that was true. I had none of those issues; the instructions are on the tag that is attached to the canvas carry bag and are very straight forward. There is nothing complex here.Also, a little grunt work is required to apply the final pole on each side but that is necessary to keep it taut and wasn't exactly strenuous. Assembly must have taken all of two minutes.Comfort-wise this is great to sleep in, albeit a bit narrow, and as I weigh 91kg, which this bed copes with easily, all of the rest of my family will have no problems with.Just add a pillow and some covers or a sleeping bag and all is well for a great price.It puts away flat into an easy to carry bag and is extra portable. I will now order further ones for my family as these are a bargain.
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I bought 3 of these despite the mixed reviews which focus on how hard they are to put up. The quality of all 3 were fine and certainly well worth the price. They are hard to put up but after 20 mins I figured out how to do it in 2 minutes. 1) Connect the side poles and thread them through their appropriate seams. The difficulty will be in 'nesting the remaining ends of the side poles into the seams. If you cannot do it then leave it for now. 2) Fit all the leg bars, starting at the end where the side poles are nested, except the last leg bar near the protruding side poles. 3) Pull the back tab near the protruding side poles (helps to thread through something to aid grip)while pushing against the nearest leg bar with your foot. In this way you can easily pull the canvas over the end of the side pole and nest it. Done.
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Its a good price bed if your just starting & don't want to spend ££ , no instructions ,but this is how too , take out of box remove from bag unroll & leave at room temp for an hour or so , attach some strong cord or boot lace threw small loops for extra leverage ,3 poles per side make sure all holes face out ,insert poles on 1 side ,slightly turn your corner inside out push the end of pole in while pulling on the cord at same time & repeat other side Easy .turn frame on side attach leg at bottom 1st then a slight press down to attach at top. Leave assembled overnight & this should stretch material nicely ,reverse to dismantle . & practice a few times before going camping as it makes life easy in te feild .comfy enough ,.2ft wide 5.11ft long . just as good as a brand names I've had , Happy buyer .
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Some people say there isn't any instruction- see attached pictures.Follow the instructions and you will sweat, grunt and probably swear as well. I did. If you need a visual aid then go on YouTube type "Quechua- Lit de camp Camp Bed - Set up & Fold up" and do as the nice lady does. The order is important. The legs are the last bit you do. No brute strength, tools or anything. Should not take longer than 5 minutes even if you are as manually challenged as I am. Dismantling is easy: legs first etc.Haven't tested it yet, but going to use it on my fishing and motorcycle trips.Good: easy to assemble, light, comes with a bag.Bad: the bag is a bit too short, an inch longer would be perfect.


The end result is a fantastic little camp bed, suitable for indoors as a simple spare bed which takes up little space whilst being stored, but perfect for outdoor use. Note that being a cheap Chinese product don't expect M&S overall quality but that said there is nothing wrong at all with this sturdy (what will be long lasting) product - yet yes some sweat shop kid over stitches a slot (hiding it) but any half intelligent person can use a knife to pop open the stitches (which does not affect product) - forget the other idiots who slag this product off , it only costs £20. I suggest you assemble dismantle and practise this 2 or 3 times before you think you can't do it easily. 10/10 x x x


Brilliant product for the price, no deflating signed for my daughter, more room in the tent, she kept her phone torch & book underneath. I had a sleep on it when my air bed deflated under my weight! ? okay it is narrow compared to a double air bed, but what a revelation not feeling the cold ground at night & much easier to keep clean, very light but incredibly sturdy. You need a bit of welly to get the canvas over the ends, make sure you line up the feet holes first & worth it, Oh & a joy to pack away, comes with its own carry bag, less space in car than a folded away camp chair. Excellent, about to order one for me. ?


Having read previous reviews I was in two minds over purchasing this camp bed. In the end I went for it and bought 2 for my children. I was expecting the assembly to be difficult, but if the instructions are followed then it was simple and did not require the kind of effort that many of the reviews suggested. You just have to make sure you put the side poles in correctly to begin with. Once I had assembled the first, the second was a piece of cake. Can't go wrong for value for money, will suit the kids perfectly and very light to carry. No more ongoing inflatable mattress maintenance on our camping trips from now on!!


To get the gripe out of the way first - one of the sewn tubes that holds the poles on one of the beds is a bit tight so the pole does not slide through with the end cap on. Not a major problem as it just means putting the pole in through a different hole.Apart from that minor gripe these are pretty good beds (although if you are of 'generous' proportions you may find them a little narrow). They are comfy, solid enough and cheap as chips.When we get round to replacing them we might look for something a little taller as we are both getting creaky and getting up from that level is not as easy as it used to be


There's a lot of complaining around how hard the bed is to put together, but its honestly not that difficult and especially so with the help of a friend. The bed seems solid and comfortable and after use at a festival, I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed despite imbibing quantities of alcohol every night before. I would recommend it to anyone, just be aware that the bed is a bit harder to put together.Pros:-weight & size; overall its smaller than a folding chair and not very heavy.-solidly built-cheap priceCons:-a bit narrow.-a bit harder to put together for some.


this is doing well so far - currently on its fourth extended stay at a music festival (bought for daughter who works at them) - it was the off-the-floor bed she needed that has helped her bad back enormously - it IS a little heavy - but I can't see how you could provide safe, reliable support with lighter poles - anyway, she manages to carry this plus tent and other gear mostly via public transport / foot power, so it is obviously worth the extra weight for a good and supported sleep. very easy to assemble/disassemble and packs into a good sturdy carry case.
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